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  1. NOPEster

    Tammy is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Yay Tammy. Keep it going girl. Thank s a LOT of work. Huge congratulations!
  2. NOPEster

    Wednesday 22nd August 2018

    Nopester say Nope!
  3. No more: chained to an ashtray anxious, nervous feeling in non smoking arenas of life breathing problems. I CAN BREATHE like a child now! Woo hoo!
  4. NOPEster

    Tuesday 21st August 2018

    Nope. Ain’t fittin’.
  5. NOPEster

    Friday 17th August 2018

    NO PE
  6. NOPEster

    Jackie and Linda.!!!

    Well said. Ditto here.
  7. NOPEster

    Quitting again

    Hey Gatisone, Sorry about your relapse, I really am. Chantix got me off cigs, perhaps it can help you too. I smoked 38 years, two weeks on Chantix I didn't want cigs anymore. I quit Feb 2017 and have saved my quit so far by keeping myself aware of the nicco demon's claw. I learned defense tactics by reading all I could on this and another quit site. So, read all you can here, look into Chantix or other types of nicco cessation tools, "Nope" on this site everyday (it really does help) and get yourself quit again. The sooner the better and probably easier on you too. Try not to come down on yourself too hard; put that energy into quitting instead. For cutting down on alcohol, I asked my Dr for an Rx of Anabuse (disulfiram). I was a heavy drinker and I needed it to help me loose weight. I took it for 2 months and successfully lost 15 pounds. It made me feel much better too, no more hangovers. I quit taking it prior to a trip to visit my sister. I'll get back on it if I start gaining weight or drinking too much again. Gatisone all this is my two cents worth so take what you need and leave the rest. You'll know when you're ready to quit again. And when you do I hope it goes quickly for you. Please know there are fantastic people on this site who will support you along your quit journey. You'll see! All my best wishes to you, Nopester
  8. NOPEster

    Monday 13th August 2018

    Nope. That's right. Nope.
  9. I denied it for 38 years.
  10. NOPEster

    WOW !!! 5 years smoke free !!!!

    You are truly amazing Doreen. Not just for staying quit for five years but also for the kind, inspiring words you wrote. I’ll guess you touched a few folks to consider their own quit journey.
  11. NOPEster

    I still own an ashtray

    The day I quit I chucked out all my ashtrays. Sure felt weird doing it cause I paused, only momentarily, thinking in some way I still needed them. Then I carefully chucked them in the trash, like saying goodbye to an old friend. Weird huh.
  12. NOPEster

    Thursday 9th august 2018

    NOPE for me for today for ever.
  13. NOPEster

    Motivations To Quit/Stay Quit

    I was 55 a year and a half ago getting annual physical. Doc asked me if I was ever going to quit. I said I knew I should or at least cut down, but not anytime soon because I wasn’t ready to. So she said she wanted to send me in for a lung xray to see where I was (baseline thingy) for possible future medical treatment. That hit me hard; I realized I was playing around with my health, I wasn’t getting any younger and I was heading for a horrible sickly lifestyle in my older years. I quit a month later using Chantix.
  14. NOPEster

    im addictedbassman from qsmb

    Hey AB. Good to hear from you!
  15. NOPEster

    Talking things through

    Hey Gives, Nice rant. I listened. I’m happy for you that your move went well. I can see how the place might trigger memories of your smoking life so keep aware of your quit and hold on tight to it. I’m so very proud of you. Thanks for sharing.

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