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  1. Hi Kbc. I hope you're quit is going well. Stay close to the train and hold on tightly to the handrails. You will arrive in Quitville before you know it. Be be sure to Nope everyday. It truly helps.
  2. NOPEster

    Monday 28th May 2018

    Nope dilly dilly!😁
  3. NOPEster

    The perplexing pull to the tobacco shop

    Way too go Gives! I loved reading your success story. Honor your quit-it’s the best present you’ll ever give yourself.
  4. NOPEster

    Another Smoke-Free Vacation in the books

    You are awesome Jim. So happy to see you’re doing so well. Thanks for sharing your trip!
  5. NOPEster

    Hello from old QSMB member

    Hello Hermine
  6. NOPEster

    Hello !

    Hey Matty. Good for you quitting again. You must be young? I think that because if you quit at my age, 55, you would realize you’re running out of time for fooling around with multiple quits - you'd realize the importance of time and how much you have left. My first quit I was 18 and quit for a year. I blew it with one cig, thinking “I can handle just this one. I won’t start smoking again”. I surely do wish now that had been my forever quit. But I was young, didn’t care, always thought I could quit whenever I wanted. I was so wrong; it took 38 more years of heavy smoking to finally realize how bad the cig habit is and to forever quit. Im cheering for you here, keep your quit! It’s precious and so worth it. If Im incorrect about your youth please forgive. Perhaps my words could help a younger newbie somewhere?
  7. NOPEster

    Former QSMB member

    Hi Mike. You sound like me, I’m from the QSMB but only 15 months quit. I think I still get cravings but I stay loyal to my hard earned quit and just shrug the cravings off. So I came here to quit train for your same reason, to stay quit. I don’t show up here everyday, but I do enjoy reading newbies’ posts and giving them a pat on the back. I post a NOPE whenever I’m here and keep an eye out for my peeps from QSMB; Jillar, Mike Hoonrahan (sp?), Mike Piano, Johhny5, Inittoquit, lust4life, CBDave, Linsquitting, and plenty more - I just cant recall all. They all helped me with my quit though. It feels good to root for anyone who’s trying to quit cigs. A nice warm “pay it back” in honor of those folks whom helped me.
  8. NOPEster

    Wednesday 16th May 2018

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Did I say Nope?
  9. NOPEster

    Sunday 13th of May 2018

    NOPE. Can't happen, I quit that shit!
  10. NOPEster

    Love “nope”

    Be sure to nope every day. It really helps!
  11. Here here. Used to take me all day to clean 1/3 house cause of smoke breaks. Now I clean the whole house (or most of it) in one day! So awesome quitting is.
  12. NOPEster

    Lido Deck Welcomes Missdixie Today!!

    Miss Dixie you are awesome! Great job. You will love all the hard work you’ve done for yourself. Enjoy your new life! Atta girl.
  13. NOPEster

    Friday 11th May 2018

    Nope here too!
  14. NOPEster

    Giveintowin Is 6 Months Quit Today!!

    Way to quit Gives! Keep uo the great dard work. So proud of you here.
  15. NOPEster

    Patoolla is 9 Years Quit Today!!

    Awesome. 9 freaking years!

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