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  1. I did. It was one during a night of drinking a ways back and then never again.
  2. I don't remember. I good while ago.
  3. You do make a fair point. I just don't want to argue.
  4. No, I didn't. What reason would I have to lie about it to strangers? I don't want to argue. It's a simple question.
  5. That wasn't my question. Even smokefree.gov distinguishes between slip and relapse: "Slips are having a cigarette or two after you quit. A relapse means going back to smoking regularly."
  6. Just for the purpose of my own curiosity: generally speaking, how many cigarettes worth of slip did it take to get you fully relapsed to an active addiction (i.e. square 1)? Thanks, Matthew
  7. Today was a NOPE. Just like tomorrow. And every day after that.
  8. NOPE! No, thanks, not today, not ever.
  9. Nope. It sucks like hell sometimes, but nope.
  10. NOPE. Not this time. Not the next. Not ever.
  11. It's gone. The cravings unfortunately remain for right now, but the tobacco is gone.
  12. And I still have access. I didn't trash my stash, so to say. Maybe I should. No, there's still some around.
  13. Thank you! Right now I'm at home.

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