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  1. I did. It was one during a night of drinking a ways back and then never again.
  2. I don't remember. I good while ago.
  3. You do make a fair point. I just don't want to argue.
  4. No, I didn't. What reason would I have to lie about it to strangers? I don't want to argue. It's a simple question.
  5. That wasn't my question. Even smokefree.gov distinguishes between slip and relapse: "Slips are having a cigarette or two after you quit. A relapse means going back to smoking regularly."
  6. Just for the purpose of my own curiosity: generally speaking, how many cigarettes worth of slip did it take to get you fully relapsed to an active addiction (i.e. square 1)? Thanks, Matthew
  7. Today was a NOPE. Just like tomorrow. And every day after that.
  8. NOPE! No, thanks, not today, not ever.
  9. Nope. It sucks like hell sometimes, but nope.
  10. NOPE. Not this time. Not the next. Not ever.
  11. It's gone. The cravings unfortunately remain for right now, but the tobacco is gone.
  12. And I still have access. I didn't trash my stash, so to say. Maybe I should. No, there's still some around.
  13. Thank you! Right now I'm at home.
  14. I'm feeling very heavy cravings after consuming alcohol. What's your advice to outlast the situation? Thank you, Matthew
  15. Look, I'm sorry, just mind the fact that tone and body language don't convey in the written word. In my head it read that you were snapping at me. I may have been wrong, but that's just how it felt at the time. But everybody's thoughts have been expressed and heard and now I think it's time for us to walk away from this. I'm sorry that I overreacted.
  16. Please read the post again. What's your problem? There's no reason to be so aggressive.
  17. What I'm having the most trouble with as to getting the momentum going is finding motivation. I know I should quit but I'm having trouble finding a really good, meaningful reason. I've done it before but this time I'm severely lacking willpower on it. Which is really how I end up doomed. The best I can do at this time is just tell myself "stop for a month and see how you feel." I know about the health risks, cost, etc, but that oddly isn't hacking it. What do you think? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  18. For a while, everything was going great, really. But something snapped. Something changed. I'm *really* struggling right now. Every bit of me wants to keep up the quit, but that little monster is creeping in. Advice or kind words?

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