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  1. In here tomorrow morning for a couple hours and it is done, I and my crew will only be an echo in time for this building. I grabbed some desk time today so I could say thank you to all, for the kind works and insperation. The new job will keep me hoping for some time and I know my desk time will be very limited, most likely not on a private computer, but I will sneak a peek and a HOW DO YOU DO every now and again. Love you all and as Whispers said Tell next we meet, So long
  2. Well it looks like we will be evicted here Thursday or Friday, if so it will be a while before we converse again. Just want to say, love to you all and thank you so very much for loving me back. I am hoping that down the line here aways, i will find time and a way to come back, but for the now GOOD BYE
  3. This is looking like Brighter days ahead, for sure, Going to miss this place but all was done that could be done. It is time for a new adventure ! New challange !
  4. YES YES YES I got it this morning, No unemployeement for me ! So freaking releaved, WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO !!!!!
  5. Not yet, making me wait and testing my no smoke resolve !
  6. Here is what a E-cigerette will get you and another ?
  7. Ya was talking to Ron a suoervisor here, he started here when they were setting up an empty building, watching the equipment coming in. From Consipsion to its dying breaths, Its earlier than he wanted but he is going to retire, he just cant see him self working some place other. Over 5000 people mainly east and west coast are looking for employement this morning.
  8. Looks like Matbe one more week here, 11 years of Nurchering and caring for this equipment and now I can feel it rolling over. I exspect to hear its death moan anytime now. All is quite and one by one machines are turned off for the last time, never to be restarted, Even the people sound is getting less and less. One afternoon in the near future I shall walk out the door and never return, leaving a mausoleum of once the latest of technoledgy, Now antiquated and useless equipment rusting away, So Sad.
  9. Yes another Good mornig ! Thank you Sazerac Any m,ore Good Mornings out there for Us !
  10. I know Iknow But this one makes me feel so good !
  11. Today is the day, get the down low on a Job, makes me want to sing !
  12. Hopefull tomorrow The wife and I wll be going out to do something special in celibration !!!
  13. i FEEL lIKE SAVING THE WORLD ! But I am who I am and that is no Superhero, So I will watch one of my Heros want to watch with me ?
  14. CONFIRMATION is ay hand, Tomorrow I will recieve the OFFER and start date, Hopefully all is well with the Offer and a job is not longer an issue for me. And to top it off, they have desided to close the DC the 29 instead of the 5th, so that means a week paid off. could be a vacation of it could mean Ill be making 70 dollars an hour for One week of my life. that is sweet !
  15. Thank you Lin: the stress and worry from being unemploeed is almost a fleeting moment, The passing of Joe and Bill are becoming easier to not become a blubbering child. Joe services were yesterday, did OK only leaked a little , they had a beautiful slide show of him from a baby up to just before with many Hunting pictures. Bills services are going to be a BBQ at the house, Bill asked for a party not a sorrow fest, so I think I can get thru that. So here I am with what is going to be a hugely different life ahead of me and I am getting excited about it, the neww Job is starting a Maintenance / Safety program from Scratch, new people, new challenges, a whole new adventure, Out doors 90% of the time working with Silos and massive motors. There will be a fare amount of fabrication and alterations and I will be #4 in the chain of command, SWEET DEAL !
  16. Did I ever tell you Guys when I was a baby Opah the carpents lived next door to my Grandmother, when they rehersted in thier Garage she would sing me to sleep. She was my first LOVE ! Thank you Doreen Heres a Monday thing Some people just have really bad Mondays ! LMAO
  17. I was trying to cut it out and it Just laughed at me to ! Try this one
  18. Cool a Monday song off, how bout this one !
  19. The Beach Boys are next !!!!
  20. well that makes my week complete, I will be back Same Opah Chanel, Same Opah Time. My the force be with us !
  21. I am so ready to get out and get me some gear for this new Job, But it is not a new Job until I hit the clock for the first time. So for the now it is window shopping and wish lists.

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