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  1. This is the smile of a nicotine free 6 day old !! for some reason my screen is dark can barely see what I am writing. sorry ?
  2. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    Chilli Cheese Burgers ! Der winnerschnizel ! well I have finnally Passed the time soon as My #3 gets in I am a figment of alls imagination till Tuesday. So let me leave you with One of my favorites:
  3. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    Here I sit Passing time, not Gas. I am Sitting here knawing at the Bit, I am sitting here want to get Going, I am sitting here for 2 more hours. I am sitting here ! I am saved by the Roach coach ! Hurrah Hurray 9 dollars, two winnerschzel Chilli cheese burgers and two Cranberry juice Coctails, And just an hour to go !
  4. Rainy Days ! Now after like a week of Rain it really came down hard this morning, so Hard you could hear it beating down on the roof of the DC. And Then BAM it hit me, this huge trigger a wantin desire to smoke, and all the pleasure imaging that goes with it ! Damn lucky I still have the super quiter power Lin instilled me with this morning. Popped some B12s and sucking on a Ricola. hands busy today and I have my hoodie to stay warm . HAAA HAAA you viale nicotine Habit, I don't need you for warmth, I don't need you for my hands to be busy, i don't need you because its wet and raining, as A matter of Fact MR Nicotine, I don;t need you at all !!
  5. Opah

    Who would have thought ?

    Yes I believe its true, this is my forever quit:
  6. Hey Jimbo, How you doing ? I take it no of the girls have gotten the wipe you with wet noddles ? I am back for the long run, new and improved, lost some ego gainsd some knowledge, learned for my self how easily your quit can be lost. Hope all is well with your and your Pups (Corkies right)
  7. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    Linda : if your could trust me with the city and hospital your father is in I can make some calls and see waht options you have. You could PM Me.
  8. Here I am, in not so much glory. Back for another go round with quitting, haven’t smoked as long as before my last time but it feels as though I have. Craving is strong and Now, I had a nicotine panic attack dream last night. Today I have been determined and strong in will. I have prepared and this morning locked and Loaded I pulled the trigger, no more stupidity, No more excuses, no reason to morn any more. SO to steal a couple verses, Here come, getting on this train, going to be a none smoker, just watch me my friens Hay Hay Im a none Smoker. The Beatles in my head all morning. Yikes !
  9. Damn Lin, play my heart like a piano, I am tingles alls over, you are my special person today and I love you. Now I must go leap a tall building in a single bound ! well at least get me a hot coffee. Your Are SUPER girl. Thank you, Love you, awe shit I'm leaking
  10. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    One ore thought Linda if youy city has a senior citizen program or club type thing, they also are equiped to transport seniors in wheel chairs. My mom can not get into a van or any vehicle with a step up. If I can at least get her there The Vans have lifts for people in wheel chairs Love
  11. As I was leaving Hell week I looked ahead, the assent wasn’t as steep and the obstacles were fewer. Thinking of how happy and accomplished I felt, I suddenly started to sob, uncontrollably sob after a few minutes it Was done. I thought to Myself what the Hell was that ! A soft comforting voice from over the mountain said, welcome to What the Heck week Opah.
  12. This is mt NOPE face when Offered a cigerette: Think they will get the message ?
  13. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    You know Linda a lot of time the Hospitles have vans available to bring and take people to and from the hospitle. It wouldn't hurt to give them a call and see.
  14. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    right now it is 49 degrees at my desk and 51 degrees outside ? go figure ? I am getting ready to warm up with a Winnerschnitzel chilli burger. I left my Jacket at home so be fore I eat them they are my hand warmers, along with my tigger coffee mug. time to chew later
  15. So Far so good for you, get some Hard candys Sugar free OK, not sugar free still ok, put them where you would have normally had your cigarettes for me my shirt pocket. When the urge to lite up Happens Reach in take one out and suck on it, Replace the smoke with a candy. with a month under your belt your are running free, there will be very few hick ups in yoour Getty ups. Enjoy, Take Pride and flaunt your month old nicotine free YOU !
  16. Opah

    Vaping Sends teen to Rehab

    You know I was concidering vaping as a alternative to smoking but I also wanted to be free of the Nicotine. Seems with the Vaping Industry you can't have nicotine free Vape ? so on goes the adiction. The people I know that vape keep ketting the stronger and stronger nicotine oils, When will people see its the same fisherman (Tabaco industry ) they just changed the Hook and bait !
  17. Opah

    Hello from Maine

    Hey Jack Opah Here I have just started My 8th day, you keep running those none smoking days up and I'll keep runn them behind you. Proud to follow in your and all these wonder peoples foot steps !
  18. I feel better. I breath better, I smell better as in sence of smell, will Hell i most likely do smell better also !
  19. Well thank you Rozuki, very informative AND i don't have to break any dishes.
  20. Pardon that bottom picture I just can't get it to Go, ? Some times I would like to just stick my head into a hole in the Ground But being the Horse ass I can be this was much better
  21. Thought that was ? OK Yes My Big Fat greek wedding !!, threw the dishes into the Fire Place and Yelled OPA! Very cool, But OPAH comes from Laura Ingales, loved it when Half Pint called for OPAH And heres one back at you Sazerac
  22. OK I'll Bite why No H in Opah ?
  23. Opah

    What are you doing right now

    Bless your dad , you and yours.
  24. You Don't Smoke Anymore.? With a resounding NOPE he replied ! I Do Not Smoke ! and it feels good, it is a Challange. We all face challenges in our lifes, its the way we face them that make the difference. just like this Kid, he;s been dueling with his Challemge all his life !
  25. Getting ready to get off work and go Home Pack the truck, jump in with the wife and off we go. I will be away from computers and cigerettes, Can't smoke what I do not have. So next time we converse I will be OPAH of 6 days so close to completing Week one. No more nicotine in my Body, and Hopefully this emotional roller coster wil be done. I do remember it from last go round. So you all have a simply Marvelous week end, enjoy, Laugh, sing and dance even if it only with your Cat,, dog, Rabbit take the time.

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