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  1. Ok real question, I have a associate with a family issue, He came to me for advice ? but the advice I gave him sounded to also be good advice for me. I was using a product called Focus Factor, Vitamins and minerals for the mind, I was very impressed with the results when I was using them. So I Google them and their they are Original, extra strength, and now with healthy vision additives. HUMMM, I figure the extra is mostly extra money and it was the original that I liked and used. But what about this Healthy vision ? man after everything I have just went thru How could I not take heed. I do plan on purchasing a major amount of the focus Factor original, but for the difference of 10 cents a pill I could get the healthy eyes with it ? They say: Lutein and zeaxanthin are natural carotenoids that have been shown through structural and clinical studies to be concentrated in the macular segment of the retina. These carotenoids are not produced by the human body, and their accumulation in the eye is dependent on dietary intake. Ok so what they are there, that could be a bad thing not a good thing, that is why the body does not product them? OR Yes I know carotene's are good for the eyes and we get them from carrots and other raw Root vegetables. so is it worth screwing with a good formula to get something I would normally eat that has it ? so Far I am doing a good job of talking my self out of it, Man I just really want to take care of me new found sight. Really could use all of yours advice here.
  2. rinse with salt water, it really helps the Gums heal
  3. Sunday Sunday can't trust that day. Sunday Morning you gave me no warning of what was to be. Ooooh Sunday Morning, Sunday Moring wouldn't guarantee, that on Sunday evening you you would still be here with me. Every other day, every other day of the week is fine now But when ever Sunday comes, But when ever Sunday comes it leaves me crying all of the time. OK enough whining what would Linda DO/SAY?
  4. Fighting the runs, complicating them by eating some not so good menudo and nasty ass coffee. regretting being here at work, OOOOO shit got to Go ~!
  5. Hey you look at what you have done already ! Generally, nicotine will leaves your blood within 1 to 3 days after you stop using tobacco, and cotinine will be gone after 1 to 10 days. Neither nicotine nor cotinine will be detectable in your urine after 3 to 4 days of stopping tobacco products. You can say I AM NICOTINE AND COTININE FREE !
  6. Eyes are ruff this morning, i really need to take that couple of days after to let them heal, feels like I had salt poured in my eyes this morning which is usual after the shots. Need to get back to my normal schedule before the next go round, this is very uncomfortable.
  7. all is going very well with my eyes, shots have been extended to 6 weeks instead of a month. my vision is so good they believe I do not need any prescription glasses. I was told I can stop the prescription eye drops and just use the lubricating dry relief over the counter ones when needed. It use to take a couple days after the shots for my eye to feel and see better but here I am 7 hours later and reading and writing, my eyes feel a little fatigued but not much more than that. Damn I am a happy camper.
  8. OK so here I am, last of my shots in the eyes for 6 weeks are done. I was able to see well enough to drive myself to work after a couple hour nap. The wife wasn't to happy about me coming into work, the eye guys would have preferred me staying at home for a least a day after the shots. But if I can make the working conditions a bit more pleasant and less tense it is in my benefit to assist. I am feeling fine not exuberant but way better than yesterday (Thank you Kat) your future visions are right on ! Today is a better day than yesterday.
  9. I have been and will always be a proponent of Dancing naked, the beach, forest, roof tops, the moon lit nights are great but those chilly sun rises are really fun also. I was one of those kids that given a minute of inattention, My proud perky butts cheeks would be on display. Really love being unclothed. One of these days when I feel like sharing I will tell you why my kids will not take a nickel in Change.
  10. Well been at work most the day, it started out strained everyone just getting on my nerves. Now most have gone home the equipment is humming and the floor is pretty quite. My guys are settling down and getting into a rhythm, the flow of calls is almost zero. the hard to please and demanding ones have snuck out and are making there plans for a long weekend. Me Ill be lucky to have Saturday and Monday off, I did get Miguel to agree to me just work 8 hour days instead of the 10 to 12 hours I was. SO DEEP Breaths, put something other than Freaking jerk song and just let the stress wash off of me on to the ground. Almost had to set and cool my heals for 2 /3 hours in a parking lot waiting for me to be able to see well enough to drive. Ya no one available to give me a ride to and from so one has to do what one has to do ! Then the Wife Calls, says she will be home to take me to get the shots in my eyes, I may have to follow her to work to ensure I don't run into anyone. I'll be go to go by the time I get off of work. Good point this should wrap up most of the eye appointments for a while. I am ready for my happy go lucky self to come back, I want to take my wife by the hand and dance naked on a moon lit Beach, things have been so far out of sorts, her mom needs assistance , my mom needing assistance, and the rest of the week spent at work or in bed alone. Ya I know Call the WAAAAAbulence, suck it up, and I will just as soon as I vent a bit. That's the most wonderful thing about QT is the ability to be heard and Get a caring response. Thank you all you simply marvelous people !
  11. ever just wake up in this mood?
  12. Well we worked it out, got my hours reduced and are still covering the 3 shifts, the difference ? Let Me introduce you to my little friend Yep Yumpping Yeminy Jaime is going to get the second shift started and people moving for me, I will come in at 3pm to 11 pm and cover 2nd, 3rd and 4th shift.
  13. Any body out there ever really suffered from Dehydration ? I came very close if not in the beginning stages, was out scouting, with a guy that was very unprepared, we had got way back on this mountain back bone and started walking and glassing the valleys and ridges. Making a long story short he ran out of water, and then started to chug down my water. It didn't take long before we were out of water, It was very hot day and we really were out far. We broke from the back bone and were working towards a fire road I had saw in my binoculars and just about that time Gil sat down and professed his love for his wife and kids and for me to let them know. I was able to find a small brook of fast running water with a small water fall. I filled his water twice as he guzzled them down. We managed to work our way down the old fire road to the main road and were still 15 miles from where we parked my truck. We crossed another stream that ran across the road and I noticed that I was bone dry, I had stopped sweating about the time I noticed that I started to tremble uncontrollably. I got myself into the shade and drank the last of my water, as I was drinking I started sweating profusely, It took 20 or so minutes before the trembling stopped and another couple bottles of water we begged from passers by. Not a good feeling at all and I tell you, my sight started dimming just before I drank the last of my water I was Positive I was starting to pass out and go into convulsions. So follow the Teachings of Kat, keep your self hydrated ! on those Hot days.
  14. I sure did stay hydrated, Michelob Ultra Hydration, 3 of the super hydrators, 26 fluid oz of pure mountain spring water, Barley and Hops, full of nutritional values of MSW, B and H vitamins. Think there is a chance I over Ultra hydrated ? I know My grandmas tonic can leave you needing more Medicinal therapeutic beverages the next day, a couple chugs on the Day quill fixes her right up.
  15. Pretty much, the wife got a new Fan that was blowing on me all night, I was in the sun and heat for an extended amount of time and I started feeling this way after. My Mom got the Vaccines and days later ended up in the hospital with pneumonia in one lung and some strange bacteria in her blood they never told us what it was. So between the Vaccine and tests I have had enough, getting real tired of all this hype.
  16. Last test was a week ago, Negative as was the four before that.
  17. I may being really pushing it to hard at work. 6 days 60 hours. Woke up this morning really feeling like shit, but then again I sat in my truck 107 degrees waiting to get it smog checked. Then my dinner didn't really agree with me, and I tossed my day old burger breakfast but seem to be holding down my menudo. Headache, shaky, sleepy eyes, stiff neck. Need to get back to my regular hours and day off. I guess this is what happens when life is going to good, it has to challenge you to make sure you are still able to defend your self.
  18. A woman finally divorces her abusive husband and decides she's ready to date again. She places a personal add in the newspaper asking for a man who would never lay a hand on her, never walk out on her, and be good in bed. A week goes by when the woman hears her door bell ring... She answers the door and sees a man without arms or legs. She asks how she can help him. He replies that he is answering her add from the paper. Woman says: but you have no arms. Man says: I'll never lay a hand on you. Woman says: but you have no legs. Man says: I'll never walk out on you. Woman says: But without any arms or legs how will you be good in bed? Man says: How do you think i rang the doorbell?
  19. Bill, Ben and Bob have been sharing an elk camp for 25 years. They all meet up during the summer and Bob breaks the news that his wife finally put her foot down and he will not be able to go elk hunting this year. After fielding countless insults and requests Bob says that there is nothing he can do. The day before the opener Bill and Ben head up to set camp and are shocked to see Bob is already there. The wall tent is up and a bonfire is already burning. They jump out with a confused look on their face. Bob says “ As the opener got closer I spent more and more time moping around the house. I guess she finally got the message. I was sitting in my chair watching tv last night and she sneaks up behind me and whispers in my ear to meet her in the bedroom in five minutes. When I go to make my way up the stairs I see there is a trail of rose petals leading up to the bedroom. I open the door and find the room filled with lit candles. There she was in a new get up from Victoria Secret with her wrists and ankles handcuffed to the bed posts. In her sexiest voice she said “Do anything you want”. So here I am!”
  20. I don't think so !

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