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  1. OPAH over a year now and you still letting Nic challenge you. Remember Physical addiction is gone all the Nic receptors are gone! So it is all in your Mind now, Be the mental magnificent you are and tell Nic to hit the road, beat feet, Don't let the door hit him on the ass on his way out. You have the control, you are in charge. Get up and get busy, If you do not have your hard candies, go get a ding dong and a pop. By the way we really need to avoid the real sugars Bud, but for the now it is OK. Lets do what you need to do, I am here for you, we shatter the silence with our words and our thoughts, Nic has nothing on us, we are in command, send Nic walking off of the POOP deck and give him a big long flush. We are free of Nic now act like it.
  2. I got wound up so freaking bad, breath eat some sweets and calm down, then some thing would ramp me back up. all night it was that way Up and down every thing so quite nothing was stirring. I would run off to my hunting forum and there again no one was home. I went to the SOS and stared reading every ones self responses, Now let me tell you those really helped. You can tell your self off and not get offended, I think that is one of the bestest, unique, Post here on the Train.
  3. Yes Here I am, It was at the end of a long Blankety shift Tons better today with the craves, still getting pressed here at work I get the sig of a good Manager it to take care of all the crap without stressing or stress your staff. everyone here is stressed what that tell you. and yes it was a good long walk.
  4. Yaaaaa Back to being me again !!!!! Hellooooooo Hellooooooo Hellooooooooo Anyone out thererrrrrrrrrrrrre Helloooooooo No No no ! YES YES NO NO NO Damn it, it isn't going to Happen Thats it NIC NOOOOOOOOOO I said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT ANOTHERRRRRR PUFFFFFFFFFF NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Enhance your calm OPAH, Deep Breaths Ok lets take a walk
  5. You know as I get older, the holidays mean less and less example: 4th of July, do you feel the way you felt at 13 seems as you grew the awe and glory died, the magic faded and the family grew further apart. especially now with the yahaas trying to keep every body apart, Am I he only one felling disconnected from Family, friends, society ? I mean is this what it was 4 years ago ? Ya Ya Covid this and Covid that Teach our youth to be segregationist, that one must protect them self's even from Family and friends, to hide behind senseless, useless masks. Remember only a couple weeks then Months and now Years, Makes it so hard and lonely for some to keep a quit. makes it so easy for that nico demond to slip in and say this is what you are quitting for look around, is this what you want to spend the rest of your life doing ? Why even bother ? What are we going to be in 2 / 3 more years, are we going to owe our souls to the company store? Think we would have learned, Fool us once shame on you Fool us twice shame on us. You know I will be better after this? well maybe not, I want what we had just 3 sort years ago, when you could have a smoke in a bar, when you could pray together in Church, when holiday block party's were common, when you could have huge family get together's and you could hug your grand children and kiss them on the cheeks, Maybe I am just feeling nostalgic. I do want to smoke, just say Fuk to all of this and not give a damn. But then I say fool me once OK but your not going to fool me again, I am free of you and you are not getting me back. not with swinging my mode during holiday times, not by attempting to make me feel all of this us for nothing. Yes you put on a pretty good façade and your slight of hand was skill full and yes you had me shaking to my foundation. But that is where it ends, My foundation is strong, the backs of many poured it, smoothed it and helped it harden. Mighty is my foundation and all upon it secure, so let me make this Clear NIC you will never have me so slink away become the memory you are doomed to be, held in the deep dark recess of my mind.
  6. After all the crap going on at work and family I decide to take some OPAH time off, so the 21 thru the 31 I will be Hunting, but why am I feeling like a dust speck? You know I am Good with it, I really do need a
  7. Well its Monday again, hopefully It will be a sooth week ahead, Just four days to my weekend. My Turkey day was small quite Family, my son and his family went to his wife's mothers house, so that is why the quite was inserted above. I did have some craving Thursday Thanks giving, My self and my son in laws mother were the only ones that smoked so we would end up out on one of the patios with ours drinks and our smokes. Two plus #1 she did not come and #2 the craving passed as quickly as it came. I really hope this week passes quickly, I need to get out the the refuge and re-sight my BAR with the Hog scope. Plans are set Dec 21 to the 31 I will be hunting Hogs and get to break in the BAR
  8. Trying to get this forum to stop sending every thing I wright to my home E=mail? Really need this to happen/
  9. Well finally My Friday, it really should be my Saturday, but the extra day I have to work makes my Saturday my Friday even though it is really Tuesday. Monday is My Fri, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are my Saturday and Sunday plus one. The Plus one is really cool get an extra day and lose a working day that way I have 3 days to play, and it still adds up to 7 very cool. Well any way I will be off tomorrow and it is a good thing, not sure what I am going to do, but I do know what I am not going to do, I am not going to smoke. Well I may smoke a Ham or a Turkey My new favorite
  10. So here I am setting pretty victorious at my desk, My Manager can force me to answer my phone any time I am off of work. He was not happy about that, and now he has to write a retraction on a Email letter of warning he wrote to me. My crew and I raised enough unrest that we all are getting paid for the holiday. another OOOOPs moment for the management.
  11. I love this first one, notice it wasn't till the Cat smelled the fart did it slap the dog
  12. I poop at least twice a day, once first thing and after I get running around at work. That was a suggestion for Morning Buzz Yoda for the Mornings to help get the bowels cleared out.
  13. This has been popping up on my screen every Morning, showing how to make sure you empty your bowels every morning. Before you get up, stay in bed, Lay on your Back, bring you heals up to your Butt and left your butt off of the mattress and push your knees away from you at the same time. doesn't have to be huge lifting just enough to get your butt off of the Mattress. Continue till yep you got it.
  14. No harm Maybe fowl Butt dial
  15. I have a land line for my FAX and my internet, Then I have a cell phone my wife had surgically implanted. ouch!
  16. Opah

    Would you ?

    Would you be in favor of California becoming the first smoke free state ? and Why? I say no I would not be in favor, what next would they band, government has to much control over us as it is.
  17. Sounds like a gopher hole, right foot fell in and stuck then the face plant, hands out trying to stop the face plant but then the right foot twisted free and dropped the entire weight down. I am sure your Pup was just given you love crying cause she/he knew you were hurt. Best advice I can give is to not listen to any good jokes with a fat lip, that laugh or smile will hurt like hell. I had a manager named Bill he was an X Gunny Sargent well he had a massive heart attack, and when we were passing around the card that people were having an issue signing I read from Rod to Bill See you did it ! You proved them all wrong, you do have a heart !
  18. Setting here at work, we were suppose to get the holiday schedule today but did not. what a hassle and now I am told because our normal day off is Thursday we do not get paid for it ? what a rip off. ERRRR this just pisses me off, how can you pay some but not the rest for a holiday like Thanks Giving what a load of crap. I m so disgruntled
  19. Natural: Warm milk, Have someone read to you, A long Hot to warm Bath, a heart beat recording you will sleep like a baby. I am sure there are a multitude of them out there, But I would suggest A long Hot to warm Bath then a warm milk on your lamp table to sip on while you settle down and a heart beat sound track or one of the CDs where someone is reading a book to you
  20. Kris, I remember there was a time that I was struggling, was feeling low and weak. I went back and read my posts from the beginning, I watched (read) myself growing, helping, becoming someone I was proud of. Can you believe this I inspired my self, the words I wrote, the quits I help save, the lives I touched and that touched me. Man I puffed up put on my best Cape and ran around the house, ran out side jumped in the pool and then back in side cause that water was freaking freezing ! You want to be inspired read the words you wrote and inspired others. There are super hero's everywhere, find yours just by looking in the mirror,
  21. Sitting at my desk waiting for my crew to come in, and for the other boot to hit the floor from my manager. Otherwise a good start to a good day, here they come let get this day rocking and rolling. hit the floor running operations howling like a pack of Coyote, Do this Do that, maintenance help me !
  22. Nope, on foggy cool mornings, my pipe by the fire place, so many other times and places, Smell and taste are hooked together did you ever want to put a piece of dog shit in your mouth ? That's is because it smelled like shit. I smoked my pipe and the brand of cigarettes because they tasted and smelled good to me. Just the truth for me

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