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  1. Guess you had better MOOOOOOOve it over and avoid the flying objects that have hurled in your direction. Applogize and tell her you have been BAAAAAAAAD.
  2. All righty now, brew up a big pot of nasty coffee, round up all the chairs and we'll have a good old fashioned
  3. For some the admittance of weakness or vulnerability is a tough one. I worked hard at what ever it was I was doing, I strived to be the best or at least better than most. not sure where I got that but it was ingrained in me and I was proud of it. To be called addicted, addict or defective was totally against all that I believed in myself. I am sure Jill or Doreen could tell you stories about me arguing with them about being cured and not being addicted any more. Sure enough I would test it and throw a 7, 6 month quit down the toilet. Now I believe I am strong enough to admit my weakness, and the fact that my addiction to nicotine will never go away, I will get to be manageable, but feed it and it will jump right back up and take control all over again. So here I am, educated, self assured, and ready to do the work necessary to Keep my quit, and Damn it I will continue to succeed.
  4. One week from today ! This was the reason I was able to let go of the $1500.00 for My BBAR and sight and ammo, Yes for me it is that big a deal. Not sure how many years it has been 2 maybe 3, I am sure their are more than a couple here that know for sure. That one year smoke free anniversary has eluded me, yes it was me no excuses there, a jack ass in side that believe he had all the answers and control, that would not speak the word addiction or addict. After all I am not sticking a needle in my arm now am I? Years it has taken me to except that Nicotine had a grip on me even after 10 or 11 months of abstinence. See the word abstinence triggers the thought process of NO SEX, Not no Nicotine or no smoking. Ugly words they are and my self image would not apply such Ugliness to my image of my self. Well I have now, not to me now but to me the smoker, I can close mt eye invasion me smoking and what I see is ugly, no more romantic mountain man in the cloud covered mountains, Tranquil and soft puffing on a smoke. I see a yellow smile, smelly, coughing some thing people avoided. It took me finally being able to apply those ugly words to my self. For me this is not seven steps, it is a life long process constantly changing with my ability to love and care for myself, to see the ugly and the handsome sides of me. Be able to tell the truth and not lie to myself.
  5. That desert eagle is a 5lbs gun, has the weight and Being gas operated helps big time with the recoil. There is no ignoring its report, when it Barks people listen !
  6. Well life for my elderly mother is getting a little better today, final planning is done and the contractors are going to start the 22 X 65 foot concrete apron from my front door to the curb tomorrow. Soon she will be able to walk out to get the mail, set outside and listen to the radio, talk to the dog next door, She loves that dog, she signs and him will she says signs back to her. Got my 3 days off and Remembered our anniversary. I am taking my wife out for a nice dinner and walk on the beach, going to pack a blanket just incase we can get frisky. Moon lit beaches have that effect on me.
  7. Dogs and Babys how can you go wrong A huge smile a minute
  8. No fancy video Gus, Just a imaginary slap on the back ! You have done your self proud !
  9. I just realized I get my three days off these week ! I am Back to My shift, my days off for the now and my guys !
  10. LURKERS? I say Not, Curious, Longing, wanting More and better Yes Come have a answer to all your questions, come and learn, come and better your life for you and yours. Come one Come all. Put and end To your ?
  11. Well Goodness has started to come back into My life! My job: I am back to My shift with My crew, the boss is still an ass but Shit happens. I got my BBAR riffle and its optics, Tactical green dot with 10 rounds as fast as one can pull the trigger. I will be able to be getting back to the Ranch and the Refuge. And I am chowing down on a IN and OUT Burgers that was brought to me cooked and given to me free, Yes life can be good, yes it can
  12. That really looks like a Camel spider Nope too hairy and not pissed off enough
  13. Hey Dave to be cob webs they need to be there abandoned for a long time, I would say you cleared the active spider webs. How long did it feel like something was crawling in your hair for ?
  14. The last couple of months have really put me to the test, pushed me to the Edge, Knocked me to my Knees I am so proud to be associated with you all, I own a debt to you. Your strength, your Compassion, your support and your stretched out arms pulling me Back out of the Dark smoky life I was in. 22 days and i will achieve some thing that has alluded me for several years now. Life right now is not perfect and I believe it will never be, and I am good with that, I don't need perfect to stay quit, I must be able to fall off of my saddle get up, wipe off and get right back on. Overcoming the downs in life will not become an excuse to my self harm. I once told a good friend of mine that was have bad relationship problems that before she could give love to another she must first learn to love she self, take responsibility for her well being. Once that was done the relationships she entered would be kind and loving. Damn getting off track what I am saying is I take responsibility for my well being and smoking is not a healthy relationship I desire to be in. I am loving my self, I care for my future and that I will have all the love of Family and Friends is just a Perk of loving my self. Damn
  15. So more into The week than out of the Week, I can pick up my BBAR tomorrow after 12:49, But I should be at work abut that time. So I will wait till Saturday at 11am, I am so excited I just can't hide it. I know I know I know I want it.
  16. Hey Kris remember the pizza day we were going to have but didn't, I can see us having a BBQ wild boar Day. I can vacuum seal freeze and freezepack a chunk of Backstrap or tender lion and mail it to you.
  17. Yes got it all on paper, Off Saturday and then Tuesday and Wednesday fopr my eyes. This next couple months are going to be tough, not going to be able to hog hunt until mid December
  18. well work is still being a bitch, excessive hours, and talk about forcing a change to the hours on my bid shift, and now issue about me taking time off after I get the shots in my eyes. I came to work right after the last time and was in misery for 4 days, not this time. I am taking the time off come hell or high water, they want to push I can and will push back. I won't have much time for here guys so if you do not hear from me, don't stress it. I just have my hands full and need to get off of the train for the now
  19. A men Girl A men
  20. My wife demanded I get something lite for lunch
  21. Kris I ate my melted Styrofoam box with my chow main the other day.

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