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  1. Yes in deed I am and in all my glory !
  2. We love them, care fore them and one day far to soon will have to say good bye to them. We'll Cry and miss them and then one day far to soon, we will be introducing our adult children as 16 years old's and so it goes.
  3. Time to buy some AZO and keep it on hand. I will check with my Daughter she is the one with all the info They were talking about an infection at one point when she couldn't pee. Thank you Girls you both are a bit of sunshine in my dreary days
  4. My mom is on her way home, still not sure what happened. the paramedics said a heart blockage, by the time she got to the hospital her heart was fine. Then it was high potassium she has had that before but it was medicines. round of dialysis and its is good, oooops next morning not good. ok where is the potassium coming from ? another round of dialysis. so skip the Cardiac people and bring in the kidney. they say her kidneys got injured by something ? what who knows for the now. but she is home and I am happy, found my Joy ! Love that woman.
  5. well he word is my Mom will be getting out today a bottle of OXY and a slap on the bottom. I will be good having her home
  6. Man two vehicles broken, and now my Mom is back in the hospital. Looks like we got her there before it got really Bad, but then again they still don't know what the hell happened to her. Things would go wrong and then get back to normal before they knew why. Looks like it is going to be a FM cure this time, I am sure they will find a way to mix Covid into this, even with two negative tests. OK that is anough
  7. New day, new Mind set, Jumped up and grabbed the Day by its Testies. I said to the day, Today Is going to be Better, I am going to have a bright and sunny day. So here I am working on a Sunday had to wake up at 430am and had a sorter machine down at the get go. I figured live is challenge enough, why go thru it feeling like crap when you don't have to. So we fixed the Machine wrote all the reports called all the big wigs and sat down to a bowl of menudo, God I love that stuff in the morning. Guess I found my Joy
  8. Still breathing in and out, get out of bed in the morning and awaiting the estimate on my Yukon, figure I will give them to Monday before I call. All right Opah snap out of it, "it is what it is" "What will be will be" where is my Joy ?
  9. Thank you: yes I have been reflecting before I left to Hunting my engine in my Toyota 4X4 let go, had to blame myself on that one, so I count my blessings and take my Big ass Yukon 8.1 3/4 ton 4X4 in stead it does great with no issues the yesterday I can into work on my off day just to pick up my co phone ( boss getting up set I am not carrying it 24/7? ) and getting on the freeway it gets squirrely on he freeway and my oil pressure drops to 0, Bang bang Clatter clatter and the motor is toast. 2 freaking motors in just about as many weeks. Now we will find out what a rebuild for a 8.1 monster motor is going to run, and The Toyota motor is a V6 four cam some thing it is also not going to be cheap either. Yes I look at the blessing even with the motors letting go, either one could have left me 250 + miles away from home instead of 10 miles. figuring for both engines 10K
  10. Thank you, it was an adventure, A big learning curve, Need to work with my rifle more and possibly get a new scope for it and yes I need to get a good rain gear that doesn't make a bunch of noise with every move. It did push me, made me work harder and longer, it was a good trip.
  11. Helloooooo All, yes I am back. This was a real hard hunt, Not just the weather being adverse but the learning curve on the new rifle Hung me up a time or two. It rained for 9 of 10 days, every thing was wet , cold and muddy and by the time I got all dialed in the pigs knew we were there. What should have been a 3 pig hunt left me low and soaked, seems I am a un-intentional environmentalist. 3 pigs are alive today because I failed to get the job done.
  12. DING DING DING, its time to take these new eyes for a work out 7 hours more of work then its on. Fill the Yukon with Gas and check the fluids, Yes that means the oil also, Load the food, clothes, Ice chests, ammo, Day pack and hook up the trailer and check the tire pressure. 5am coffee in hand fire arms stowed in truck, and I am off, I am so ready to get on the road. Wednesday morning The alarms go off, all the Toms flying down from their roosts gobbling calling for their hens. I get to the lower meadows and start glassing, working your way around to the Over look into the riverbed, Day break and sun set are the hunting hours, the rest of the time I spend wrenching on the Quads and Ranger, getting them ready for another season. Yes its True We drive out to pick up our Hogs, bring them Back Hang and wash them, we have a couple Skinning stations and into the Ice chests, its the easy life hunting and I will take it when I can get it. Looking at the younger 200 lbs Hogs this year, they are just way more tasty than the Big ass Boars. I will be back the 2nd of next year See Ya
  13. Tomorrow night I pack the truck and hook up the trailer, bright and early I am on the road. 5 hours later I will be pulling into Parkfield, Ca, once there the first thing I do is break out my day pack with My license and tags and my rifle. I could catch some walking down the ridge beside where I set up camp, it has been a while since anyone has been up there those Hogs will be taking the short cuts thru the house lot to get to the meadows across the road. 1/2 an hour to get the trailer up and my hunting stuff organized in it, check the property out. I be getting back to you guys the 2nd of Jan 2022. BYE
  14. God I loved that walk down memory lane, my first was a Cherry red MG Hatch back, Man I felt special in that car chrome spoked rims with a spinner lug and duel side draft carburetors an little 2000 engine. My wife and I rolling down the coast and the hardest question we had was which way to turn on to PCH. A time to be in love, Truly in Love
  15. Kris that is what I was doing trying to drive away from him, He was following me. But the fact of the mater is you can not send your life running away from problems, you must face some face to face or head on. This was me having a spat of stupidity, I am just hyped up on this hunting trip and There is just too much adrenaline and testosterone running thru my vanes. This could very well be a 3 to 4 thousand dollar lesson to remind me about jerking around in my vehicles. Thank you for the spanking it was deserved . PS there was not anger or road rage just a 16 year old mentality wanting to go faster than the other guy
  16. I was heading down the freeway to go to Bass Pro Shop to buy my license and Pig Tags when this Dodge Dayton Jumps All over my arss, so being a typical guy I jump on it. 100 MPH into A freeway interchange and my truck Dies, No sound, no noise, just dies, I did notice that my oil lamp came one just for a second before it died. So I got a car hauler and towed It home, now getting it on the Car hauler it drove right on but had some clattering when I got Home I drove it off of the trailer and it sounded normal ? I do have an oil leak and I was low on oil, but not engine killer low, so it is the Yukon I take on the hunt, I figure I will check the toy out when I get back. I believe that the side force of the corner cause the oil to wash to the side and the oil pump caught some air and registered a low oil which shut the truck down? Hoping ay ways. Figure New oil and I should be fine ? other wise it is off to the rebuilders. Any Ideas ?
  17. I could run Necked in the rain, love it, and afterwards when every thing is all shriveled up, Jump in a hot Bath and soak. From there in front of the fire place all bundled up with the wife watching some make her cry movie chick flick Like the Note Book. You see it is the Rain that gets me to all the other great stuff ! So got to love the rain.
  18. Kate 18 you just sparked up the OPAH at 18 just the word Bullied, I was the defender of the Bullied. Many a bully ran home crying under my gentle persuasion, guess you might of called me a Bully of Bully's.
  19. well I get another round of shots Tuesday, it has been a month and a 1/2 since the last injections. they will be looking for any sign of swelling in side my eyes and if none we will go 2 months till the next shot. we will keep extending the time between shots until we start to see some kind of swelling or it is felt they are not needed any more. This Libre sensor is coming super handy being able to monitor my glucose in real time, any time I want has given me a huge advantage when it cones to eating and what to eat.
  20. Opah

    Life lessons

    Meet Nic Nic was born somewhere around 5000BC in the Americas, he was very spiritual and participated mostly in shamanistic rituals. Somewhere around the 16th century With the arrival of the Europeans , Nic got bored with the rituals and set his sights higher and farther than anyone would dream, with these new arrivals Nic quickly planned to increase the consumption, cultivation, and trading of his tobacco. Even in his infancy Nic knew how to attach himself to and use people to expand his realm of control, soon with the modernization of farming he was spreading him self far and wide and the people loved him. It wasn’t till the 1960s that medical science caught up with Nic and the con he had played on an entire world, addicted, most were hard pressed to believe what science was telling them, there hearts and lungs were being destroyed by Nic and his countless dominion of chemicals he never mentioned. Nic continued to rule Body and mind of millions around the world consuming them with a legion of diseases under his command. We have seen Furors, dictator and rulers come and go but none with the body count that Nic has and the Sad part is he still has it going. Yes Nic has killed and wreaked Havoc on plant earth for 7021 years. Why isn’t he in the history books, why haven’t children been educated about him you ask ? Well sadly I am or at least was one of his dominion, for 40 plus years. Thankfully people learned, got educated and YES are teaching or children the facts about Nic O Tine. We need to spread the truth about what a cold blooded killer he is, lets be a positive part of breaking his hold on the human race.
  21. Here I go, just got installed a Macho Libre glucose sensor, started out after a night of sweets with the sweet and my sour dough toast bread in the morning. Woke up to a 324 fasting glucose, Yes I know Not Good, but here is the advantage to being able to test any time, any where and as many times as you want. So it took a day to get down into the 200s, so on the second day I went back to my diet that got my A1C down from 11.8 to 6.7 Great diet if you name is snowball have a twichy nose and just hope about all day, but for a Man ? On the bunny diet I run 178 to 140 all day with only just after eating peeking just above 160, Great! I find out Menudo is great for my sugar ! Grape fruit is a short rise and back under 160 . I love being able to test foods and combinations of foods. Like this morning I know Sour dough is a real no no, but i thought sour dough toast a couple eggs and ham Might work Better, NOPE sour dough will have to go away, (so sad) the cool thing is Real time testing of foods ! I can kick the Rabbit crap to the curb and eat foods I like and they like me. Long story short, 3 days in my sugar has been pretty constant 160 and below, (my goal), I have lost a couple of pounds without thinking about losing a couple pounds. This Libre Glucose sensor is going to change my life ! I would say next to quitting smoking this is the best thing I have done for my self and my health. and it is covered by my insurance
  22. Ok well things are getting back to how they should be, came into work, parked and got out of the truck and here it was the smell of the cigarettes from the smoking area. this time it wasn't a great smell, it was just cigarettes. Lets see how long it takes to get to be nasty smelling, anyone here been quit for 5 years or more and the cigarettes still smell good ? Inquiring minds would like to know
  23. Darcy: It is hard to break free of the chains of our ADDDDD ADICCCCCtion addiction (I really hate that word) but until we do it gets very difficult to stay on the train.
  24. Thank you m mm mm m mmmy ca ca ccapu ter stuttered
  25. Sounds like I could be a Brother from another mother, I would rather Buy the tools than pay. the wife was just explaining to me that it is time to hire people, but as you said I cant stand strangers in my home.

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