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  1. Hey guys almost a month with my new eyes, on my way in today It was hard to believe All the shit I could not see, that I could of been some blind. But here I am I can see marvelously,
  2. Ya I go see my nurse, They have been thru my heart 3 times I have communicated all that I have here both in writing and verbally with my doctor. I do agree It is now starting to concern me, and I need to get things checked out. Besides I do not mind a bit going to see my Nurses
  3. Should I see My primary care doctors Doc alotta and Doc Boobs ? OR my General practitioner I am Partial to Doctor alotta and Doctor Boobs
  4. still have a cough and flem after a year, having hard times breathing waking up short of breath. Guess I need to go see the doc again. I have spoken to them on calls but they didn't get excited about none of it. I guess I could get a nurses visit pretty quickly, should I bother ? Is it me just being over concerned ?
  5. Hey Jill I could take care of the Bird issue for you, This is My treat for Me Isn't she a beauty !
  6. Only one obstacle and that is a different rifle, I will give them tell tonight and then Ill pull the trigger. This is what I need to show my self just how much I appreciate me staying quit. Just curious what did you buy your self on your anniversary or anniversaries ? I may be letting myself off easy with just $2000.00 for the rifle scope and ammo. May be I should throw in another couple hundred for a Bipod ?
  7. I am going to take the 8", 10" and 12" pans for Ding and Bong targets with my new rifle.
  8. Yes Yes I know that cast Iron skillet well, Guaranteed to get my attention. I fine now I believe, took getting me looking at a new rifle to make it go away. I figured for my year anniversary reward, anyone out there Know where I can get a good price on a Browning BAR 308 with a DBM & 18" barrel, I would really appreciate it, Ca sucks big time for Purchasing of Fire arms of any sort. Just need a store or shop Name and number I will do the Rest.
  9. so it is the end to another long day, but Yes Linda you were correct it was better than the day before. Work should start getting better, Jaime got his promotion to SMO 3rd shift and that means with a little training he will be supervising nights and I can let that shift go. Hoping to get back to my 4th shift and 3 days off here soon, seem Our brand new Billion Dollar DC went up in smoke today, well not totally but enough to shut it down for awhile. That means their crews and SMOs will be coming here and we will have more than enough man power.
  10. It took me by surprise, the intensity, the feeling it is my right to smoke ! Damn not sure where that type of feelings came from but they did engage me strongly, thank god I had this forum to weed out this type of thinking in my head. I surely would have broke and tossed my quit, if it you all didn't provide me the knowledge and support you did. You know that is one thing particular I really like about quit train, is all the long, medium and short timers, all the different takes on quitting, I mean we have world wide opinions and tactics. Thank you
  11. Thank you Guys, but this is not over, it is manageable right now but it is still there more of a nonchalant crave than a I have to smoke, you know that no big deal if I do crave ! Still chewing the hard candies, I need the rush right now. Got to get 2nd shift in gear and running. Ill be back
  12. You keep your awesomeness Jill, It is a privilege to have you in my corner
  13. OK finally can suck on a hard candy without chewing it right away. Deep breathes, Hard candy Jill and Linda are my saviors tonight. So I have pretty much blown off all that started this, came to grips with it, who do I want to Be a non smoker or not a non smoker. I am really looking forward to my year, it has only taken me 2 / 3 years to get here.
  14. This kept building and building, got so stressed out I spent all day in my room, Black out drapes pulled closed and tight, laid there no TV no radio Thought I was OK until I walk out to the Lunch truck an smelled the smoke. I bought $15 worth of crap to stick into my face, and then started here. Fat chance on sucking the hard candies 15 seconds and crunch.
  15. God Bless Hard Candy, Linda and Jill
  16. Thank you Linda, Your response stopped me from going out with one of my guys. and you helped me tell him if he gave me a smoke I would fire him. so that takes that source away. Freaking trembling in side
  17. Man I now you all are going to say this is BS but all that talk about OOO I doing so good only 18 cigarettes smoked and hello felloe non smokers I right on track only smoked 16 today and i feel so good. well it really jacked me up then the Forum you go girl your doing great ? I really want a freaking smoke freak why not hell I can quit after 10 / 15 packs and start all over again. Ya I know I get chastised for this but it is my first SOS I have never been this screwed.
  18. You know I still want a smoke. Maybe only a pack five or so a day
  19. Stressed Out Sunday left work early, Started to really think about smoking 18 today and 17 or 16 tomorrow, I think its wrong, but this is the last of that. Back today after some well earned sleep still was broken sleep but it was more than I have been getting. My wife is home for the next couple of days which also helps me sleep, it is nice to roll over reach out and have that warmth next to you, or the soft kiss to wake you in the morning. She will be gone again Thursday, But at least I have today. Time for me to get back to eating right and Testing my sugar every morning. Been on Holiday since I got my eyes fixed, and if I want to keep them this way I must keep my sugar in a good range. I am so not the Vegetarian or vegan, I love ? well at least I did haven't had red meat since I went out for breakfast and had stake and eggs and thinking bout it I brought most the stake home? Starting to live on ceviche and getting a little creative with it adding scallops with the shrimp and crab.
  20. I know it shouldn't bother me this way, Just going to turn my head. Damn I didn't realize how invested I was getting, but hey Lesson learned. Going to step way back.
  21. well just totally bummed out, watched all my feel good things but cant get it to feel right. be back later
  22. So is it only good for you raw in the leafs, do the cook all the good out in a can?
  23. 1st day back after a None event holiday and I feel doomed ! Guess that's what I get for watching Deep Impact just before coming in to work, this one you saw the Girl and her dad taken by the wave, all the others kinda moved on to the kids getting up the mountain and not showing that. Well hope you all had a great BBQ family and friends.

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