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  1. My name is JustSomeGuy. It's pretty complicated why I picked it...really put a lot of thought into the process. There were other candidates that didn't make the cut. I thought about "JustAnotherGuy" for like a millisecond. But then I realized that's 3 extra letters I have to type, so I said "screw" that. Plus, that's 2 extra syllables you all would have to say in your heads every time you read my name. I couldn't do that to you people. You have enough on your plates quitting smoking as it is. Then there was "JustSomeIdiot". I liked it...a lot. But then I realized that, while the name is very fitting, if you have trouble reading and just recognize shapes like I do, that it might look a bit like Just-Somel-diot, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. So I stuck with my first option. One nickname is JSG (self-explanatory, I hope). Another is CreepySmileyDude...because bakon got creeped out seeing my smile on my avatar. He thought I was smiling at him through his screen. In reality though...I really actually was!!! (Still freaks me out that he knew that).

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