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  1. Chia seed pudding is good though takes some time. Unsweetened almond milk, local honey, Chia seed and vanilla extract. All natural sugars. Google for full recipe if interested. It is quick to prepare, like 5 minutes if that, but needs to sit overnight in fridge. I have it for breakfast with fruit or a small snack.
  2. http://www.klipsch.com/a5i-sport-headphones I have these in pink and have zero issues with them, plus they sound great. I also use these with a Samsung phone and they work fine. It says Apple device.
  3. Awesome job Ava! I need to sign up for a 5k, have no one to run it with though :(
  4. Babs thats great to hear about the pink gums and Im glad your no longer seeing that dentist anymore, lol! I would not either! Never have done the pulling though I have thought about it a few times.
  5. Did they give you any pain meds for her? Glad she is home though, lump free and doing well
  6. Melody


    Shes such a cutie!
  7. Im going to have to look that one up Doreen, lol, but I am glad you enjoy it so much :)
  8. Melody


    Bakon so glad to hear all is going well with Mrs Bakons treatments and th lump is shrinking. Thats pretty great news! Sorry about the hurry up and wait, I know it well and it sucks.
  9. So, a while back the hubby proclaimed that he was quitting smoking forever. He is a social smoker and only smokes on the weekend if he has a drink so really him quitting SHOULD NOT be a big deal. He literally will go weeks. Anyways, he smoked again of course and I was ticked off but over it now. Well, this weekend he decided to purchase American Spirit cigarettes. They are supposed to be natural without any of the chemicals etc etc etc. I wanted to try one!!! How stupid is that? I of course did not but I was truly curious about these. What would they taste like? How would that pull be? Would they be smooth without all those chemicals? Would I be as addicted to those I would my old Camel Blues? I had so many questions that only trying one for myself would answer. My brain, the traitor after 6.5 months!! It just goes to show that even though life gets so much easier after quitting, situations will arise where you have to be diligent and strong.
  10. Oooppss...I wanted this on the other board, I apologize for the delete. Mods if you want to delete this thread you can. Beacon thanks :)
  11. I know we all die, but not everyone chooses to die. I don't want to die anymore by my own doing. At least now I am fighting to LIVE and to stay with my boys. I still need to see them grow, one is starting elementary and the other middle school. I want to see them graduate high school, go to college (or whatever they choose), get married, have children...so much life still left to live. I know my choices could still kill me, but Im fighting till my last breath to be the best me I can be and Im ok with that.
  12. Tacos and Singapore rice noodles. Yummy :) Ironically I'm also obsessed with health and fitness. I'm loosing weight, not starving myself, and I LOVE it!!
  13. Joe so glad to hear things are starting to settle down and everyone is on the mend. Congrats on the arrival of baby Zoey, she's adorbable!!! Your one lucky guy!
  14. I know for myself spring rolling in has caused me to be offline more. With the kids getting out of school and all the spring time bbq's and etc etc I have been kept pretty busy. I used to post a lot in the mornings but that is my workout time now too. Once summer settles in a bit things will pick back up. That's why I've been M.I.A. lately, I'd like to think the same for others and hope they are far far away from the thought of relapse.
  15. Being ashamed was a big one for me too.

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