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  1. It certainly worked for me, especially with my favourite music playing in my head phones. I absolutely, no doubt, used to section up my day by smoking (apart from easing the craving) as ridiculous as it sounds I felt lost. I also learned to just take five and have a glass of water. I'm really looking forward to your day, the day you realise that you haven't had time to even think about filling that time. It comes...
  2. Great post and one that should be bumped..often. So true about filling the time, can seem such an problem (if that's the right word) for a while. I found that when I felt lost I'd go for a walk, re ramp the kitchen cupboards and just set to in doing something. I think that's the thing...do something. You have my word that before long you will have naturally filled that time and it will be your new normal. Heads down and keep marching guys...it's so worth it.
  3. I will look forward to it Bakon.
  4. Dee the though of not needing a cigarette break, or counting the minutes till I can have one, that will be fabulous. It's going to be very mentally freeing, compared to the last time that I did the trip. Doreen it's going to be so much fun, we will be like two big very excited kids. Reci I know, I will owe you a cocktail...one of these days we will sit and enjoy one. I will do Aruba, I have no doubt, but I just wanted to get another visit to the Mouse out of my system. Had such an amazing time, last visit, that it seemed the right choice as our first holiday without the girls. Will be too busy to be brooding over them. We are staying right near Disney World in Lake Buena Vista. Bakon we arrive on the 3rd of September 2018 and leave on the 17th. I'm very excited and can't quite believe that I'm actually going back. My favourite holidays are the American ones...they seem to know how to treat their tourists just a pity it's so far, and expensive, or I'd be hitting the USA every year.
  5. Completely went off the rails and booked Florida, for next year, instead of Aruba. Very excited of course and very glad I'm going as a non smoker. Last time the nine hour flight was pure hell! I can remember thinking what the hell was I thinking, booking such a long flight as a smoker. Can also remember planning to hit every single smoking allowed area, in the parks. So selfish as my family were stood around waiting, while I got my fix. I am so grateful to be going back (last there in 2009) and even more so happy to be doing it as a non smoker this time. Not smoking is actually paying most towards it too. I tend to take it all for granted now really, as four years this June, but I was just looking at the WDW maps and saw the symbol for the smoking areas...reminded me of last visit and made me grateful that I got my head out of my arse and quit.
  6. Congratulations... remember the days were you couldn't imagine going a whole day not smoking, before the quit? Well look at you now, past all that crap and a year done. Free forever so pleased and very proud for you...you really have only gone and done it.
  7. I'm in.... I'm quickly running out..... Boys give the floor a sweep for goodness sake, just checked the toilets too...get em sorted. I'm going before I'm asked to do both.
  8. Joe it looks fabulous! Enjoy every single minute as I'm sure you will.
  9. Congratulations I can feel it in my bones that you've got this, that this is your sticky one time only quit. So very pleased for you, will treat you to a cocktail to celebrate if I see you in Aruba, next October.
  10. Patch on and crack on...if necessary pop a patch over your mouth if needs must...anything but just Do Not Smoke Evelyn.
  11. Thank you so, you've been extremely helpful. Hopefully I might just bump into you there October, when I'm out mooching about, if we are there at the same time I will treat you both to a cocktail. That's great feedback on the Rui, I was drawn to that one(adults only too) so it's just a matter of waiting to book now, can't wait. The all inclusive sounds perfect for us, with take plenty of money for nightly meals out, but at least the other two meals are covered. We looked at cruise holidays too, so much choice! I suspect that will be our 2019 trip....just a matter of deciding which one. Thanks again I have really enjoyed chatting with you and appreciate all you help xx
  12. So true.... you can start off with little things then as time passes, and the money you've not wasted grows, you can reward yourself with fabulous holidays, updates on your home the list is endless reallly. The lipsticks, if your a woman, soon turn into new luggage sets for holidays with time.

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