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  1. Hi all my dear old friends. I'm so delighted to see so many friendly and familiar faces still here! Just stopping in to say hello to everyone, and I'm signing up to not smoke tomorrow! I hope to hear from all of you wonderful people!
  2. Thank you everyone who has commented so far. I just got back from a 2.5 mile run/walk....damn smoker lungs. :/ haha I blame myself. Feel good, about to take a shower and get ready for work in awhile. Working a very short shift today. As far as the NoSmo, 14 hours down and looking pretty good right now.
  3. For those asking about a plan to combat cravings, I really don't have one. I generally don't have any cravings when I quit. I just plan on drinking lots of cranberry juice, and working out (which is a new factor in my quit step), and generally just keeping myself busy, Already half a day down right now, easy peasy as Sarge says. And speaking of the Sarge. We generally butt heads, but I 100% agree with his post this time. This is only effective for me if I stick around. I know I can do it. I really do start to go down hill entering 'No Mans Land'. Everytime. And Armed, I know what you mean,
  4. So for those of you who do know me, hello again friends. For those of you who don't, it's a pleasure to meet you. BACK STORY: So I don't know who does and doesn't know me, but my name is Jesse (sometimes referred to as HAT here), and I am 27 years old. When I was 19, I kind of got screwed in a situation where I was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of POM. Possession of Marijuana. I don't smoke marijuana, and can count on both hands how many times I have done it. Legally, I still am under the 'experimental phase' user category. It never really mattered or did anything for me, and as many of t
  5. I also would like to give a comment of commendation to MQ. In the early stages of my relapse, I constantly thought of all the conversations we've had in the past, good or bad. It really helped in the sense that, though I feel I have a pretty good attitude about quitting, I now know where I was lacking in attitude. I thought I had completed the transformation of changing my state of mind, and I hadn't. Replaying our talks has helped me realize that, and know where I need to be to make it an absolute thing. So thank you for having those talks with me in the past. As well as everybody else I've h
  6. I don't know how many of you still continue to go to QSMB. But I posted the literally exact message in their board, and was bombarded by psycho-old ladies accusing me of promoting this site, being in-sincere, and not having any idea how to quit at all because I relapsed. Over here, the most heckling I've received is from Wiley's train gif. lol I kind of ranted off on them, so I imagine I will be banned anyway, either way, it feels good to be home. Home isn't what the dwelling looks like, but the people who occupy it with you. And there are nothing but good people here. I will keep you all in t
  7. So tonight, a friend of mine on Facebook, went to high school with him, posted a status about how he hated that he smoked and just wanted to give it up. I took my time and the knowledge that I have to help him out. I do really hope it helps him quit. The message went as goes. "Firstly, you are not alone. Next thing you need to know is that there you cannot quit if YOU don't want too. I am sure you know that already, but still. It has to be something that you just can't stand wanting to do for another day. With that said, The longest I have gone without, has been a little over 3 months. I h
  8. Don't feel bad, I didn't know what a fortnight was until I saw that picture. lol I ended up googling it to be sure. In regards to how we organize things: We really do say 'two weeks'. lol "Oh, ok bro, I'll see you when you get here in two weeks."
  9. Precisely. Thank you. The reason I asked is last season I created a card game based around football to determine the draft order for the league. The first and only play (which was the test play at that) was the day we used it to determine the draft. As a draft order decision option, it failed. We played for almost 3 hours and the game never ended. But as a drinking game, ohhh it passed with flying colors. So I want to see if I can make the changes needed and turn it into a drinking card game. Primarily for the purposes of hopefully marketing and selling it. Of course, the demographic for a
  10. To drink, play card games, and enjoys American football?
  11. 8 Wait....Babs' name is Barb.....which would presumably be short for Barbra? I refuse. lol Babs it is!
  12. Action, when you said cinema, this is what I thought of, because we don't say cinema here, lol. So it took me a second. All in good fun buddy. :D
  13. Count me in! N for NOPE and i declare, O for every ONE i smoked, P for you and I DIDN'T see, E for we NEED to agree. No, I know that doesn't rhyme, and I know it doesn't even follow, but nope for every single puff, pulling life from every breath, sing a song, for everyday it's gone, breath new life into myself, N for NOPE and i declare, every cigarette I've had is ONE I DIDN'T NEED.
  14. This speaks to me, and I have no idea why. lol

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