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Tobacco & Smoking Documentaries

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I´ve seen most of these and they´re really interesting. "Indonesian Toddler Smokes 40 Cigarettes Per Day" is totally creepy. Poor baby. 


It's almost unbelievable but sadly it's far from it.


Did you watch the documentary "The Death In The West"?  That is probably one of my favorite ones.

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Phillip Morris is nothing but EVIL.


Nicotine in tobacco products can be found in a free-base or protonated (“salt”) form, depending on the pH of the product. In internal tobacco industry documents, nicotine form has been long recognized as central to the sensory experience of tobacco use, particularly in what is known as “impact”1. In the 1960s, Philip Morris began manipulating the ratio of free-base to protonated nicotine in cigarette smoke, a factor that is described as key to the ascension of the Marlboro brand to the status of the world’s top-selling cigarette1.



Stevenson, T. & Proctor, R. N. The SECRET and SOUL of Marlboro: Phillip Morris and the origins, spread, and denial of nicotine freebasing. Am. J. Public Health 98, 1184–1194. https://doi.org/10.2105/AJPH.2007.121657 (2008).




Marlboro was an obscure brand marketed for ladies in the 40's and 50's and exploded into the #1 brand practically overnight when they basically freebased the nicotine and made it like 'crack nicotine' to enhance the addiction.   It took a few years for most other brands to figure it out but by then PM and Marlboro left them all eating dust.

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I just find it amazing how the CEO's front teeth are all rotten, what a real pleasure it must be for his wife to kiss him. Also I cannot believe the statement," The best way to avoid death is not to be born". Are you kidding me. Wow shallow people. Great documentary.

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