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  1. Hi Doreen :) That's strange... I've not logged on here for ages (sorry!) and when I finally visit there is a thread posted with my name 15 minutes before, spooky! Well, I still have my quit going! Admittedly, I feel like part of me inside has given up, but I still don't smoke because even though my brain has said screw it, there is something else stopping me - it doesn't feel natural to smoke anymore and I'd have to go out of my way to do so. I've just been telling myself I'm being crazy and to put the though on hold until I can sit down and rationally re-asses why i stopped in the fir
  2. Thanks Raya, awesome post.
  3. Regarding chest tightness, glad others are experiencing this as well (in the sense that what I've been experiencing probably isn't life threatening). Over the past couple of weeks I've had instances where I am feeling short of breath, even when idle. Hope it's just anxiety/recovery process as googling symptoms - as suggested - is scary business!
  4. Glad you're feeling better :) nicotine has scewed up our though-process. Can't stand the smell of smokers anymore. The thoughts don't match the reality. #addiction!
  5. I've been doing some 'light' bedtime reading of this http://www.emphysema.net/my.asp since this topic has sparked my interest. The page is about 15 years old, but still relevant. After reading Doreen's post this morning, and the stories of all these people, it's really like a 'eurika' moment has happened for me today - like a light switch in my head has been turned on. This is the true face of smoking!
  6. Thanks for sharing DF, a real eye opener.
  7. I watched these three episodes this weekend. I thought they were really good. Enjoyed them all with the exception of the woman smoking through her neck in episode 3. That's turned my stomach - I wish I could un-see that!!
  8. Thank you everyone for your lovely posts, there were some amazing words of advice there! Stu, BunbleB - you made me laugh :) I definitely feel a lot happier and more confident now after reading your posts, it's like a weight has been lifted. Thanks again :)
  9. Hi everyone I thought I'd come out of the say hi, since I've not been around for a while... really, since my relapse. I've been lurking though. This quit is still going - the signature below is still correct. This is a bit of a problem quit for me though. Since day #1 (of attempt #2), my heart hasn't really been in it, and I've just been supressing the cravings instead of dealing with them. Now, I find myself having huge cravings a lot of the time, wishing I could smoke, eating crap instead, putting on weight, etc etc. I want to smoke, so I think of something else; my not smoking
  10. Hi Oneistoo, no judgment from me at all. I just hope my relapse the other day wasn't partly responsible. I'm glad you're back on board so quickly though and that you're still a non-smoker, good for you :) Was there any reason specifically, or are you not sure?
  11. Morning everyone. Thanks for your messages. Yep, slightly hungover. I cut up and got rid of the 17 remaining cigerettes last night. No intention of smoking again. Stu - thanks, good message; I get now that I must work to train the sub conscious. MM - I'll watch those videos now. Jackie - glad you won the battle, and sorry if I contributed to your urge last night! :)
  12. Thanks for having me back. I'm back on board. Stu - thanks. Focused on last cigerette, blank mind, think I just block out the negative. But I do know I didn't even enjoy it, and that the grass always seems greener on the other side. Cigerettes are such a lie, would be easier if they could just get rid of them all together. Babs - don't take it personally please. It was my stupid mistake. Your advice and support and everyone else's has helped me through many difficult times and makes deciding to quit a lot easier. I think of it wasn't for the site I wouldn't have nearly as much motivat
  13. ... Not even so much ''get out my system", just wish there could be such a thing as a socialble smoker.
  14. Thanks Marti. The thought had crossed my mind, even thought about SOS post, but didn't feel it was appropriate to waste anyone's effort because I knew my mind was made up. I felt this was something I had to get out my system.

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