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  1. I struggled today with the junkie brain but didnt cave so im off to sleep with a big pat on the back and hoping tomorrow will be better. Thankyou for taking the time to respond buMbLeB.
  2. Oh my goodness i am struggling now and dont understand why. My boss has told me i can not go back to work untill i have seen an orthapedic and all im thinking is oh no quiting smoking being home 24/7 maybe i should smoke and then quit when i go back to work. This i reconise as junky thinking but its so hard. I have cried shouted at my husband, i want today to be over already, i will go walk my dog and hopefully calm down.
  3. I have struggled a little today not sure why but im ok now looking forward to my rock climbing taster session tomorrow
  4. Congratulaions on 2 years smoke free xx
  5. Happy weekend everyone its a NOPE from me
  6. So reflecting on past relapses i done them all, drinking,holdidays,arguments even the change of season i think im pretty prepared. I quit smoking the day before my husbands birthday he said all he wanted was for me to quit smoking this is a guy that had just took me to norway to see the northern lights. I know deep down he is not thinking of him self he is thinking of me and wants me to see my daughter grow up. That week i had also been to a funeral my cusion had died at 48 years old to copd im 41 and have ashma. I believe in this quit!
  7. J66 lets be quit buddies it would benifit us both massively x
  8. Thanks marti you have been great this week with all your advice and support im so happy i chose to quit smoking
  9. Aww thanks guys and girls im doing pretty good felt a bit aggitated a while ago but im like that weather i smoke or not i cant blame everything on quitting and didnt feel i needed or wanted to smoke i just had a little strop with my son for eating in his room as you do as a parent :-)
  10. I have relapsed so many times, it took six months to decide to quit again out of fear of relapsing again, stupid really as whats the worst that can happen i relapse. I dont know why but i feel calm yesterday was a little harder and i have dreamed of smoking every night. Anyway i hope you dont mind me coming back to get support but this is by far the best support group.

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