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  1. Today is a beautiful day to say NOPE!
  2. Welcome Julian! Count on us. You can do this! :)
  3. I´m really late...sorry! But Congratulations! I think you´ve succeeded in the hardest part, Your bleeching sounds like a great reward! Big hug! -Nat
  4. Welcome! First of all congratulations on your decision to quit! Now lets get to action. Have you set a quit date? Stay close to the board we are all here to support you.
  5. Hey guys! I´ve been missing for a few days due to a horrible experience with Zyban (bupropion). I started with a dosage of 150 mg and everything was fine but when the doctor doubled my dosage to get the aid with quitting smoking effect I went totally manic. This wasn´t a nice euphoria when you feel happy and that´s it. This was a "I´ll fly through the roof" euphoria. So my husband called the doctor and he told me to stop taking Zyban totally and that sent me into terrible depression. I´ve battled with depression before and this is a big one. I just wanted to let you guys know how I´m doing
  6. Welcome Pumpkin! Keep close to the group, post, read, watch the videos. It will really make your quit easier and stronger.
  7. A little bit late due to my sleeping problems but today is a day of NOPE
  8. Wow! Congratulations! That´s a lot of cigarettes!
  9. Thanks for all of your replies. I was able to sleep a bit yesterday and I took a long nap today. I think it´s starting to get better :)
  10. So...I turned 30 yesterday! And I quit smoking! So you know now I want to start the healthy eating part and go into the complete transformation LOL... kind of a silly thought of mine if you will. In my country the new big thing for healthy dieting is starting with a juice fast (I know it might be old news for some of you guys) I´m considering on doing one to help my body get rid of some toxins and my husband is going to join me. It´s a two days fruit and vegetable juice fast. Have you tried it? Does it work? Any advice will be appreciated. Hugs! -Nat
  11. Hey guys! Ever since I quit I´ve had trouble sleeping. On day one it was like a bad night but it has become IMPOSSIBLE to sleep. I couldn´t sleep a minute yesterday. Not even when I took some over the counter sleeping pills. Has anyone gone trough these in hell week? Anyithing I can do? Thanks, -Nat PS I apologize. I think the topic title should have been severe. Spelling mistake. Oops.

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