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  1. You are not on your own with these thoughts, going through the same thing myself, personally I'm not sure how long I've done now, possibly a couple of months but I'm feeling pretty low, life is not that great
  2. Great stuff - well done
  3. These are MY own personal thoughts, maybe not shared by everyone BUT I personally believe that if you want it enough then you will do it. There are LOADS of positives about giving up smoking BUT if you don't really really WANT to give up then it will be MUCH tougher and sooner or later that weak moment will come and hey presto .... you are smoking again. If you WANT to smoke then smoke, lot's of people realise they will more than likely die much earlier, they smell of an ash tray, it costs them loads of cash, they KNOW all the downside BUT if they are STILL happy smoking then why not? If you KNOW all these things but STILL choose to smoke then BE HAPPY DOING IT but it's STUPID doing something that makes you unhappy. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to give up smoking then you will do it.
  4. Thanks Lilly - that makes me feel a bit better as you hear things like too many baths take the 'oils' out of your skin and being too clean lowers your immune system, also too many baths are supposed to lower a blokes sperm count, not that I think I will be having any more kids anyway At the moment all this exercise I've started doing leaves me aching, especially my legs and a good soak with a bit of relaxing music and as you say a bit of 'aromatherapy' going on does help, not only my aches and pains but it also helps me relax and get some sleep.
  5. Cheers Linda - I do have one question - sounds a bit daft - googled it and haven't found much saying it's a big nono - in 2 minds to even ask really but here goes haha ...... Can you have too many baths ???? I used to take showers all the time but have found taking a bath every evening helps me relax and sleep, I don't have them super hot or anything but I put some smelly aroma stuff in, put on some relaxing music from YouTube and it helps me 'chill out' I have been doing this every evening for the last couple of weeks, what you think?
  6. Only joined a day or 2 ago - my name is George, I'm 52 and I live in the UK. I lost my wife to lung cancer four years ago, she was only 52, the same age as I am now, it was a very aggressive cancer and she died 6 weeks after diagnosis, it was almost certainly [in my opinion] a result of her/our smoking, I miss her every day. I have a son who is now 20, he's a good lad and I'm very proud of him, he is even more good looking than his old man Smoked since being a young lad, at one stage I was smoking 40 a day, I have a LONGGGG history of giving up smoking but this time I am giving it all I have got and then some, I'm not sure when I gave up only it's roughly a month ish give or take, I've always counted the days before but this time I couldn't care less, only that I wont start again. It's very nice to meet everyone here, I already posted a message on another board before this introduction thing and have already met and received advice from some really nice members, there seems to be a lot of great people that post here. I've got a Border Collie called Benjie [I didn't name him] since I gave up smoking he's never had it so good lol as I have been walking a lot, trying to regain some fitness, I seem to have much more energy and Benjie has no complaints That's about it really, my hobbies are Fishing [freshwater] Football [Soccer] Walking now [haha] Food now [haha] Computers [internet mainly] Reading and meeting/making new friends. To anyone and everyone out there that's giving up the horrible smoking habit/addiction ......... much respect.
  7. Well done Richard, much respect!
  8. Thanks everyone for your input - I have had a sore throat too and my voice nearly completely went, I sounded like Mickey Mouse so I went to the Doc who said it was nothing to do with quitting, said it was a 'bug' and gave me some antibiotics which seem to be working - the bloating issues continue though, I mentioned that to the Doc too who said to eat plenty of Wholemeal bread and drink loads of Water, pretty much what you guys said The best thing for me, up to now, is my Asthma has 90% cleared up, it's mainly a self inflicted thing, smoking is so very bad for you in so many ways, I doubt very much I'll start again, for me though it comes along when you least expect, I seem to suddenly get 'down' and my reaction has always been a 'take it out on yourself' kind of thing so I have smoked and smoked some more, I need to be ready, know the signs and be ready - it's like my brains way of getting me to smoke again Anyway atm I'm feeling OK, todays treat is I'm going to throw caution to the wind and EAT, forget about the bloating for now as the anti bloating diet hasn't done much and I'm loving FOOD, I am not one to put weight on so why not eh Thanks a lot
  9. C Cheers BKP - If you want something enough then you'll do it, so I've always believed it's just my body/mind seems to work against me sometimes, it's just gone 6am here and feeling more positive again, I think my mind gives me a downer from time to time, maybe it's the addictive part trying to make me smoke again, I don't know, in the past I've had a miserable moment and used it as an excuse, it's not working this time so I'm sticking 2 fingers up to the little devil inside if you see what I mean? He sneaks up on me though when I least expect it. Got up to take the dog for a good walk but it's bucketing down today so he'll have to wait, still bloated, still flatulating [is that a word] but at least I've been able to moan about it somewhere, it's appreciated. For a treat I'm off out today for a bit of retail therapy - time to buy some new clothes - thanks again
  10. Thanks a lot, when it comes to success I think it's sticking this time and as it stands there's NO WAY I will be smoking again, the 'bloating' I have to admit has been a bit of an annoyance and I'm glad it's not just me, not that I'd wish these things on anyone else Smoking has been a major factor when it comes to bad things in my life so you would of 'thought' I'd of give it up ages ago but it's one of those mysteries of life the fact that I haven't but this time I am super determined and to be honest I'm glad I have stumbled upon this forum and I plan to keep dropping as you sound like nice folk. Noticed Linda your 2 dogs in pic, what breed are they? are they yours or just a pic? after my other half passed away I got a border collie who is now my only and best friend, he's a good lad Thank you everyone for your input, you keep smiling while I keep breaking wind [hope it's not forever] it's been nice to meet you.
  11. Thank you for answering, I feel a bit down at the moment and found this site and just thought I'd give it a go, I lost my missus to lung cancer but it didn't stop me, in fact I went worse and ended up smoking 40 a day - spent the last couple of years sad, pathetic and lonely BUT I'm doing my best to rectify the situation. As for my 'wind problems' I 'think' I only smell really bad after drinking a Beer or 2, it doesn't take much but for some reason alcohol makes my wind issues quite smelly [too much information?] I am worried about bloating though, I'm staying away from food that has a reputation for these things [like beans] but every evening my belly stretches out and every morning I keep breaking wind until it flattens again, I hope it goes away but it's been a few weeks ish usually though I don't smell bad, I just seem to fill up with 'wind' a big thank you for answering , I hope you guys are all doing good, it's nice to get some answers and thank you very much for taking the time, I feel a bit rubbish tonight for some reason, up to now I've done OK, just a downer moment sorry if I sound weak, I WILL win this time though as I think at last I want it enough. you take it easy and thanks again, just something coming back at me helps
  12. This will all of been covered a 100 times + but I've got a couple of questions for anyone that wouldn't mind spending a couple of mins answering [hi btw] Been smoking free for about a month ish - I haven't been counting on purpose as it doesn't matter to me how long just staying stopped if you see what I mean? Every time I start counting in the past I've always started again BUT I keep getting bloated and keep breaking wind, mostly at night/early morning and I'm 'hoping' this isn't a permanent thing? If I drink alcohol I absolutely STINK? I've also lost my voice and sound like Micky Mouse although I went to Docs and he says this is more likely a bug and he's given me anti biotics. I've been walking, 'trying' to eat healthy etc etc and 'trying' to get blood circulation going again as I can get 'dead feet' while driving - I've been getting depressed also angry too sometimes, well a bit short tempered, the only good thing so far is food - I absolutely love my food atm BUT as I'm trying to be more healthy I can't eat much of it which is annoying too :) If anyone has any wise words especially about the night time bloating and the flatulence it really would be appreciated, anything really as I feel a bit down and depressed and all that sort of self pity shitty stuff - anyway nice to say hi to anyone out there and much respect

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