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  1. richard


    Sure will girl.There is a great book you can get on amazon pretty cheap called the juice fasting bible. Pretty cheap i think i paid 10 bucks or so.Also a great great video on netflix and i think even youtube. It is called "Fat Sick And Nearly Dead " A real funny but increadably informitive video. About and australin guy who was at wits end. Great video watch it first and you will run out and get the book. Good luck girl. Just starting to write down the goodies i will need to start on thursday.
  2. richard


    no i will go back just less mostly fish and poultry. organic only this time. Except for that once in awhile rib eye steak with the fat on it lol But mostly fruit and veggies with heavy on the veggies.
  3. richard


    Its more fun than you might think linda. Like i said did it before. The first 2 3 DAYS WERE ROUGH THAN BOOM A NEW WORLD STARTED TO APPEAR LOL. WE WILL SEE GONNA START OFF SLOW RIGHT NOW AND IF OK WILL CONTINUE.Opps sorry for the caps didnt realize they were on
  4. richard


    Thanks all will do. Gonna start a juice fast in about a week.Clensing starts today for about 5 to 7 days.Gonna start weaning off of caffine, meats, dairy , poultry, eggs etc.I did this before when after my heart attack about 10 years ago i started to feel horrible with all the meds i was taking.Good god never felt so good . Got off all meds with the doctor helping.Than like most people started slipping back lol. Now it will be a life change for good. Need to really detox. Ill let ya all know in about a 2 weeks how it went lol
  5. richard


    Nothing wrong with ya my friend. @2 months in myself. Feel just as bad, but people and doctors keep saying hang in there. Gonna change. Fight man fiiiiiiiiiiiiight. If it went easy all the time everyone would quit. Keep it up you are doing great.
  6. richard

    when will i feel good

    yeah bkp i know. been to dos like every week mostly for the fog and aches in the shoulder and arms and mid back. I do have a bulging disc in the t-7 area and c-5 from a fall years ago. Go to a chiropractor for that and he pops me back into place , but ever since the quit which is now 60 days i just seems like it hurts more and every day. Probably in the head a bit also . But thank for the future heads up. God can not wait to feel good for like a day or 2 lol
  7. richard

    when will i feel good

    true thanks for the support true thanks for the support
  8. richard

    when will i feel good

    thanks all will check out the blog now
  9. richard

    when will i feel good

    Thank you linda. Lol sleeping alot is not one of my problems. Actually the opposite. ^ hours a day is alot lol. But i do have occasional power naps here and there lol. oops meant to write 6 hours
  10. richard

    when will i feel good

    Hey all , Havent been on for awhile. Hane not smoked either, 54 days now. Still foggy from time to time , achy in arms and back. Been to docs a few times , says and now i am off alprazolam for 5 days. Says what i am going through is pretty much what to expect for at least another moth or so. Says the brain needs to adjust , and especially without the alprazolam. Anyone else go through this , would like to know . Helps i guess sort of like misery likes company. lol
  11. richard

    vuse commercials

    Yeah well so was the marlboro man in his day and died of lung cancer ..????
  12. Yeah guess your right i am doing lol
  13. thank you appreciate that

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