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  1. richard

    vuse commercials

    agreed and because it is odorless kids can use em and no one would even smell it
  2. richard

    vuse commercials

    Ok so what am i missing here. They have banned all cigarette commercials on tv right. Oops of course thats right .But now they are pushing those damn vaps and electronic cigs on tv. Now they sell it as the new stage of smoking. WTF it should be listed as the new way to commit suicide.So now i got to wonder who is making the money on these wink wink. As if i would need to research that lol. Its the tabaco company of course.If they werent their lobbiest would have put the kibosh on it a long time ago.They know that it will lead to more and more people smoking the new cool way . My god what has this world come to.
  3. no way ciggies especally today fathers day. Happy Fathers day to all and if ever there was a way of showing your love for your family and children than quitting on this day to me is it. Good luck to all who try .
  4. Went to docs yesterday told her about symptoms and that i wanted a blood test to check for lyme. She sent me for the test but does not think its lyme . Told her about the 25 days not smoking and cutting my xanax from 2 a day to a quarter of that a day and said that seems to be the main problem. She said everything sounded and looked good. Even my oxygen level that was usually at 95 most of the time was up to 98. So with that in hand on day 26 i say no again to those damn coffin nails lol
  5. In the year 25 25 oops dating myself with that song title lol. But seriously fay 25 and no to ciggies
  6. ty and i hope so lol no i know so
  7. Day 24 ugh feel up and down achy and foggy , going into docs tomorrow to get checked for lyme since i had it last year and live in the catskills. LOL my road is called deer lane tell you anything lol. But hell no to the ciggies again. Cant believe i would even want to smoke ever again after all this lol
  8. thank you so much and i agree with what you said there
  9. great quote thanks
  10. richard

    when will i feel good

    Thank you hope so nope i know so lol. Had a good day and a half. Than felt like crap again today. Sore and a little foggy but not as bad as when it first started. Was out weedwacking and mowing so that can be part of it too.
  11. i agree hopefully it will last thank you

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