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How am I going to get through this. When is the day gonna come that I don't obsess over a cigarette? Am I destined to be miserable?  To never feel happy? I know people say that I will be happy again but I don't feel that way. I have been quit for 2 1/2 months now. I still find it hard to concentrate. It's not going to happen for me. My joy is gone. Cigarettes have ruined my life. I pray for true happiness.  I wish I could be an inspiration instead of this pathetic woe is me person. I know I should be grateful. I should be free. But I'm still a slave. Why? Is there something wrong with me? Is my brain wired wrong?if all this isn't enough, I beat myself up for having a negative attitude.  I'm still committed. NOPE. Prayers for better days.


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Solo, what you are experiencing is totally normal but I promise you it does get so much better. Just hang in there, at 2 1/2 months quit you're almost past the hardest months of quitting.

I'm going to bump a couple of my favorite posts, one called No Man's Land and one called Mental Balloons. Hopefully it'll help you feel better :)

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Sorry , i forget to put a quote




It will all come back once you stay away from smoking


Life is a lot more things you have to do everyday . All these problems exist because you made cigarette a habit .


Life is a bit miserable for most of us most of the times .Boring , Depressing etc .But when you avoid smoking you can fight all these slowly slowly without ruining your health .

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Awww Solo we need to be patient. 8 weeks is barely enough time for a broken leg to heal so a lifelong smoking habit is definitely not going to be sunny and rosy this quickly. 


I come here for inspiration BUT I also come here to know that others find this as hard as me.  I let the golden oldies be the inspirations so that I can get on with being the "woe is me" you talk about. 


You're probably not depressed - you're just pissed off with how hard this actually is. Your rainbow will come just like all those before you. 


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Wow Lily, great analogy with the broken leg! Impatience has been my issue with past quits and the depression really takes it's toll. I just need to remember to get comfortable with being uncomfortable for a short time (can't remember who on this forum said this).

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