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  1. Thank you abbynormal for this post. I had noted it in my journal (this was before I joined the forum) because I'm not good at dealing with stress and that was always my excuse for smoking again. You've proven no matter what, stress can be handled without smoking. I will keep coming back to this thread. I'm sorry about your friend and the difficult health issues you continue to face yourself. But you can be proud you're doing it without smoking and that you're helping more people than you realize by sharing your quit story.
  2. Thank you for this post Kate18, it was very helpful. I've had trouble staying quit as well. You should be proud of yourself for working through your cravings last night. Like you and everyone says...one day and even one minute at a time; one craving at a time.
  3. Thank you Doreensfree for this post! It and all the responses have helped me more than you know to get immediately back on the right track and take my seat on the Train.
  4. Thank you for your update Jack1664! I'm new here and just beginning my journey...you are proof it can be done! Congratulations!
  5. Thank you everyone, it was scary to justify continuing smoking...that's why I posted my relapse even though I wanted to run and hide in shame. I will post before next time. There is no justification in smoking for any reason...you all have have shown it can be done... As I was going through my notebooks, I found this quote that Whispers posted on another thread that is helping me at the moment... "You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." CS Lewis
  6. Nope for the rest of the day...
  7. Day 1 again. Frustrated and a little angry with myself. I LET outside stress poke a hole in my isolated bubble of a quit Tuesday evening. I rationalized and justified to myself afterwards why I didn't reach out or post a SOS. I had enough time to contact the neighbor and bum a couple of cigarettes off her so in those few minutes could have posted here. Of course smoking only made the anxiety worse. Doreensfree is so right is her post that a "relapse is serious..." I'm an addict who relapsed & I recognize how serious this is. Nosmokinjo said in that same post to answer 3 questions when you fail....1. When will I quit again? Now, already threw out the rest of the cigarettes. 2. What were the triggers? Unexpected stress & addict thinking that believing a cigarette will help. 3. What did I learn? Smoking doesn't help, the stress is still there. I need to "be forever vigilant" as reciprocity says in the same post. I need to expect the unexpected, this is life after all. I also have to reach out and ask for help. You all would have been all over my distress with support like ants at a summer picnic. That's why I joined last week in the first place! I'm sorry I didn't give you that chance. OK, I need to fix dinner then will go to bed early tonight so may not be on much tonight. But I will be back by morning at the latest.
  8. Upstate New York here Linda....it's been flurrying on and off all morning. Mother Nature has been teasing us, sunshine and 78 several days ago and now back to winterish weather.
  9. Thanks Jillar, I'm going to be the Queen of doing nothing again today, lol! It's a blustery cold, freezing rain day here, won't make it out of the low 40s, so perfect excuse to lie low again...

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