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  1. One day at a time...sometimes one hour or one minute at a time....NOPE!!
  2. I don't reach out with an SOS, no....I need to catch myself between entertaining the thought and actually making the decision to smoke. Because once I make the decision to smoke I don't WANT to be helped or talked out of it. If I can stop myself as soon as I entertain the thought and post an SOS before the decision is actually made, I will have a fighting chance. Reciprocity, yes you're right, this is no way to live. To know that logically but still be stuck is hell on earth. I have not smoked since yesterday afternoon. So there's that.
  3. I am mostly stuck in the house due to a knee injury. Whenever I do have to go into town for a doctors appointment, meeting, errand etc my junkie thinking sets in saying "you can have just one or two...bum them...get a short respite from your quit, don't tell anyone, just a little secret etc" or even worse "just buy 'one last pack' and enjoy smoking for the day while out and about with no accountability then start your quit over" which always leads to two days of smoking, not one, because I just don't smoke through a whole pack in one day. I live with my nonsmoking sister and brother in law who
  4. As a smoker for 38 years I appreciate this thread because I struggle and struggle and relapse and relapse, then find myself wondering why others are able to stay quit and why I give in to the junkie thinking and make the choice to smoke again ("just one last pack because ABC") over and over and over again, fully aware of what I'm doing but "feeling" powerless to stop (note I am aware I'm "feeling" powerless, not truly powerless in reality) Please don't read into this post as giving myself an excuse to relapse. Thats not what I mean. I mean, I am trying not to kick myself in the head everytime
  5. I've eaten my body weight in pretzel sticks today. Whatever it takes, right?
  6. Thanks all. I'm trying to go without a patch today. I just want to get the nicotine out of my system. I may have three days but the nicotine is still in my system.....Today has been one long craving for hours at a time and its making me crazy
  7. I do. I Liisten to music every day. I'll try to identify a song that has "Quit Smoking" energy in it. Great suggestion, thanks!
  8. ....put something in my mouth and set it on fire....
  9. I still struggle with finding rewards. I'm very sedentary due to a serious knee injury/impending surgery. I've given up sweets, my usual reward, because losing weight is an emergency for me due to my knee problems. Its hard for me to get into and out of the bathtub but I'll try tonight because I love baths and I have some delicious smelling bubble bath. I do have two books going and I could do some stepwork (12 step program) but that doesn't really feel like a reward lol. I asked for suggestions for a sedentary non smoker but I can't find the thread so if you don't mind, throw out anything you
  10. Despite wearing a patch I woke up craving, which is weird because when I woke up to answer nature's call at 2am, it wasn't until I got back into bed that I realized that I hadn't even thought about smoking. Today I will venture out of the house for the first time since I put down the cigs on Sunday evening. There will be people I could bum one from. I don't want to give up my progress. I don't want to experience that shortness of breath, smell bad and be disappointed in myself. I'm seeing my doc today and I want to be able to tell her honestly that I've quit...today will be a firs

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