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  1. Sarah

    Just dropping by...

    Thanks Everyone! :)
  2. Sarah

    Just dropping by...

    Hey everyone, met a guy at an animal sanctuary looking for a cat! (Resided myself to being an eccentric cat woman) Hit it off. Rather well! Shortly afterwards fell pregnant (even with protection!), didn't know what to do as we really weren't much of an item, but we went for it and he's just amazing and lovely and Felix (my boy) is amazing too. Not a lot else to say really! We now have a house, a dog, 2 cats and a baby! I'm definitely a non smoker and definitely the happiest I've ever been!
  3. Sarah

    Just dropping by...

    Still a non smoker. Have an awesome boyfriend and an amazing little boy now. Everything is pretty rosey. Shame about Brexit and Trump really.
  4. Sarah

    chicks or sticks

    Zero... Yup my baby
  5. Sarah

    chicks or sticks

  6. Sarah

    chicks or sticks

  7. Sarah


    Thanks guys, I'm sure everything will fall into place eventually!
  8. Sarah


    Just thought I'd drift by... ... Is it me you're looking for? Still not smoking, still can't find a man, still getting drunk and flashing my underwear and still don't care! How's everyone else? Sarah xxx
  9. where are you young lady??????????

  10. Sarah

    chicks or sticks

  11. Sarah

    chicks or sticks

  12. Sarah

    chicks or sticks

  13. Sarah

    Observations or recent going ons here

    More spankings for the boys!
  14. Sarah

    chicks or sticks

    Boys love their daily spanking don't they!

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