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  1. Thanks!! Great to see some of y'all are still around!
  2. Petra

    chicks or sticks

    Guess so, looks like Johnny5 just wrapped it up! 19
  3. Decided I'd pop in to say hi! Still quit free!
  4. Super Sonic!!! My forever Quit Buddy! :)
  5. Nice reminders! Be happy.
  6. Petra

    Hi all

    Great to see you Frez!
  7. I'm here! I miss y'all too much to stay away too long. :)
  9. 4 years later, and I can tell you that I am still thrilled to be free of that hacking stupid cough. I had that dry scratchy cough and had to clear my throat constantly because I was embarrassed to cough while talking to someone - they might know I smoke if I cough in front of them!!! Ugh! Clearing my throat was such a nice sound over coughing - NOT!!! Both were disgusting. As soon as I got alone, I'd sure hack it up. Ahhhh freedom from that feels so good!! Congrats to you for being free!
  10. YAY PAUL!!! We summer quitters had a special support for each other! We're so happy you are here, and it sounds like you sure are enjoying your quit!! 4 years is AWESOME!!! :) Keep cooking those sausages!

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