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  1. sammie


    Thanks guys! This site is amazing and it really does help! I had no idea that i could do this as well as i have done, but i no that readin all ur kind words and encouragements keeps me goin also! Im on day 28 and im never goin to look back! Im so proud of myself, i really never thought i could get this far, but also im proud that my daughter is proud! This has made such a big change to my life xxx
  2. Thats amazing Nat! Well done you! Xxxx
  3. Wow! Well done! Xxx
  4. Yay!!!! Well done my lovely! U must be feeling so so proud! Xxxxx
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWTVwUxhzRI Dont no how to get the video up... but i love this cover version ...
  6. sammie


    I havent really been on much as ive had a lot of stuff goin on. Some good. Some bad and some truely ugly! But... im still smoke free and stil declaring to myself on a daily basis to keep up NOPE. So im now on day 23 and i can honestly say that nothing has felt as good as this achievement in a very long time. Im findin the strength to change other aspects on my life, so i initially started this to quit smoking, but all of a sudden im findin alot of my life is changin for the better and i didnt even realise or expect it. I didnt realise just how much smoking controlled my life and wat i did/how
  7. wow! am loving my quit! the strength im feeling is emotional but in a good way! loving life xx

  8. Wow!!!!! Thanks guys!!! Feeling the love!!! I feel amazing! Its amazing how much more oxygen i seem to take in lol intoxicated on fresh air! I no ive not been on much lately but ive had some issues goin on and just havent had much time but things are gettin better and and am feeling very strong in my quit! Remindin urself that smoking wont make any situation better is my key. It really works for me! Love u all for ur kindness and supportive words! One love xxx
  9. Whoop whoop!!!! How exciting!!! Bet u feel sooooo good! Well done hun x
  10. Thanks guys! Ur support is amazing! xx
  11. Awwwww im so pleased to hear ur mum is doin well! That must ease ur stress levels! Sendin lots of love and best wishes to u and ur mum xxx
  12. Thanks everyone!!! Means alot xxx
  13. So not been online for a few days.... admit it.... i bet lots of u had thought i had given in!!!??? Lol sorry guys! Im still goin strong! Day 14 today and still feelin extremely strong in my quit! Ive been sooooo busy this week that i just havent had time to come online or post anything. But im stil here and as strong as ever! Yay!! Much love to u guys xxx

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