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  1. Opah, Did not have a grandmother like that but did have Aunt Grace who was a real switcher. If you saw her walking toward that tree you got right real quick LOL K
  2. No problem, just know how sometimes men can be stubborn about going to the Doc. Would not want anybody not to get the care they might need. It is a pain in the ass and I hate it. Getting older sucks, in your brain you still feel the same but your body says no you can't do that anymore. Just take care of yourself! K
  3. Look, we do not know each other I am not gonna give you crap. I had a husband that would not make time for the doctor either, I pleaded, begged and cried, so did his Mom. Then later his Mother and I got to plead, beg and cry all over again when we lost him. No job is more important than your life, just march in there tell the boss you have to take off and go to the doctor. Sorry, I just gave you some crap K
  4. Opah, that is great that your vision is so much better. What about the other stuff, have you made an appointment to check on your breathing issues yet? K
  5. Finally I have a trophy and the strange thing I have done other things worthy of a trophy, much harder things I can tell you. This makes me feel very special because no one in my life smoked so they don't get the hard work we have to put in to get the job done. If I could compare I would tell my sister no make up for the rest of your life, she would not last the week. K
  6. Thanks to all of you!! I am smoke free but look forward to the day I am crave free. That I do not think of it all. Just so grateful to the people here have given advice, support and overall kindness. You have made me laugh when I had no joy. You have taught me that we all have struggles and that gives you strength to keep on trying on not only my quit but other things as well! K
  7. Katgirl, I wish I enjoyed watching sports. I only have watched in person when my son was involved when he was growing up. I was around it a lot, my husband and his family were big on the football. I was there but tucked in a corner with a good book. I miss those days, I was like a piece of furniture but I was with them! I loved them so much!
  8. Okay don't laugh but I joined some survey sites. They keep me focused on something else, I totally zone out, plus make a little cash and get some gift cards. Not much reward but does give me something to do with the old nicotine addicted brain. K
  9. Just wishing that bell in my head would quit ringing, ding, ding...I want a smoke. Cant' wait for that thing to quit! DING! DING! DING! SHUT THE F OFF! K
  10. Grrrrreat job!!! I hope I can live up to your example. To quit and take on a new job at the same time shows courage and commitment! K
  11. Nothing wrong with that but remember they are supposed to be viewing you, you hound dog! Still think you see the doctor and not just your nurses! K
  12. Agree with @Jordan7, get the ct scan for sure. I did not know until 3 months ago that most insurance covered it. It was 3 months ago I quit after showing beginning of emphysema. My cough was gone in just a few days. If I felt like you do I would want the full work up. Other things can contribute to breathing problems, allergies or even cardiac issues. Take care of yourself, you did not quit to get sick from something else. K
  13. Prepping for a hot date, he ordered fried shrimp with tarter sauce, corn of the cob, yeast rolls, peach cobbler and ice cream. Man can those 8 year olds order! K
  14. Oh. I am heartbroken that you are suffering so right now. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I know how hard it can be when you get upset, everything just closing in. I know you must feel really bad. My little my pups sleep with me also. Just having them near brings me comfort and calms me, I am sure Sofia knows you are in pain and she wants to keep close to help you. When I am struggling I try to just stay in bed, pet the pups and rub their little tummies until I relax enough to fall asleep. I know I will feel better in the morning if I can just get to sleep. I feel sometimes like you feel now, that it would just be over. We think that we are hurting so bad that it will not get better, but it will, we have to let our mind go to think of things we love, things we did love to do. Just memories can lift your spirit. Try to think of those when you are trying to get to sleep, it works and I will usually have good dreams of those memories. K
  15. My message quit smoking or not if you really, really want something something and you have worked hard to have that thing you should have it. I will also say that I think your time and money would be better served by a get away with your wife. You have guns..nothing is more important than making memories with your love. Seems like you could use a break from work and more time with the Mrs. Just my 2 cents. My best wishes what ever or where ever you choose, when we get to this age we should enjoy what we want. That is what I try to do. K
  16. I see so many and much around me as normal that I have never felt, I guess what other people would call normal. I am not going into detail why I feel so called "different'. We all have some issue to deal with. I just know that I have had a good life, I am happy with the life I have. It is nothing special to anyone else but me. I do wish I had quit smoking sooner, I think that would have been a better choice but I can't change that now, I can only change what I do now. That gives me some peace, some power, control of my future. K
  17. I love it too! I am up to date on it, normally watch on PBS every season. I think almost everyone smoked in that era time period, they at least did not know what we know now. Like they say, live and learn, that's why we quit! K
  18. Opah, You do have the right to smoke, you are smart and strong enough not to do it. That makes all the difference sometimes. K
  19. I am and will get thru it, just been a bitch this month, LOL K
  20. I sure hope that is true cause I have been losing my MIND! Thanks K
  21. I get it, I still wish I could smoke but I just tell myself that I can't now that I really know it is affecting my health. This 3rd month has been a beast. Constant wanting, craving!!! But I know that it is okay, or normal, that we all think/feel it because of the change we are making. I just also know that I am not going to act on it. If I have made it this far I can take it a day at a time. K
  22. Make yourself some rescue bags, one each for the car, purse. desk I keep gum, hard candy and straws cut in half. I don't work anymore but I would put one in desk for sure. That way you will always have something available for distraction.
  23. Opah Know how you feel, some days are just crap days, bad that we just can't seem to pull out of it sometimes. Tomorrow is another day, for now just take it easy and think may be better when the sun comes up. K
  25. Still on the train, last one I took was way back in 1963 when my Dad died in the Air Force, taking his body home for burial. I was only 3, feel like he is riding with me to keep me strong. K

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