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    Late at night when nothing is going on I come to the board. This was the best find yet, I actually wet my pants laughing, not a full out pee, You older ladies know what I mean. A good laugh, a cough or sneeze can cause a little leak.
  2. I am here, THANKS to all of you! You are the winners here! You all make such a difference for so many people. I have just been under the weather yet again.
  3. @intoxicated yodaSorry you are having such a hard time. I think we all get that feeling sometimes, a big empty hole that nothing will fill. We feel so bad we don't know what we're feeling. We just know it is very uncomfortable and we want it to go away. Has taken me a lot of reflection over the years to figure what it is for me. Anxiety, depression, grief and guilt all play into the development of my black hole. I know where it comes from now, those feelings still sneak up on me. All I can do is accept the feeling. Know it will pass as it has before, It will be okay, you will figure it out and find a way to find your calm again.
  4. I agree totally, no matter how hard I try I can't come close to my Mom or MIL. I like to say they taught me to love good food. They are both gone now but my weight is worse now. Just old age and the fact that I can't do many active things like in my youth.
  5. Having another night of awake, nowhere to go, no one to call. This is where the panic sets in, will I ever fall asleep. Makes me think of my now long ago enemy. I could see this enemy again. They are right around the corner. The thing is the effort to get dressed and drive around the corner to see someone I hate is not worth it. So I am here on the couch with the remote and my new friend, Netflix. Hope you are asleep and dreaming of lottery wins and tropical vacations.
  6. You had done so well at your ninth month. At ten months you have your quit baby, now it sleeps thru the night and is walking easily through the day. It makes me giggle with delight!!
  7. @jillarThanks so much, got them ordered! Hope we don't have to use them.
  8. @intoxicated yodaand @KELA double congratulations to both of you for your quit and for the strength to tackle other things at the same time. I know I could not do it, I can only focus on the quit right now.
  9. @jillarHow do I do that, maybe not a bad idea to have a test on hand. Thanks!
  10. Wow, that is beautiful and terrifying at the same time. You be careful. I know you have dealt with this before but WOW!
  11. @KELThanks for the info, I was just going off of situations that I have experienced in the medical and health insurance area. I had to learn a great deal about many types of health insurance including Medicare while caring for loved ones. I was not offering a legal opinion, I said that she should check her policy and if there were not specific things listed as not covered she should not be worried. Yes, she should contact her carrier if she has questions. It is imperative that we all have clear and concise rules we need to follow for our coverage. I have had to take things to task with Aetna, Medicare, Humana and the federal government who provides my insurance and my husbands before he passed. Sometimes insurance will deny things but when push comes to shove and you have your documentation regarding the issue you will be covered. That is the nature of some insurance carriers, they deny hoping they will not have to pay, expecting you to just give up when they deny a claim. Thanks K
  12. I just knew you were a cutie! Your wife has good taste in Teddy Bears. She has someone that protects, provides, and worships her. She is truly blessed!
  13. @KEL I am confused, your earlier message said there were legalities to the post I made. You now have deleted your post without the clarification I needed and changed another one to @Kate18. You stated that your message was not well received, I don't know what that means either. There is no need to reply to me but if there is a problem with the information I posted please send a PM to @Kate18 so she knows if there could be a problem with her insurance. Thanks
  14. @Opah, that was just a sweet, kind, loving response. I don't want to stay here for the finale if that means what I watched my Mom go through. She passed at 90. I will be happy to go when my mind is gone. I knew you were just a big teddy bear that carries a big gun. You had me fooled for a little while but now I know who you are!
  15. I am not going there. There are things out there, no matter what we do. We are just humans and I do not and will not judge anyone for anything they may or may not do. I have/had smoked for forty years of my own accord. I have eaten whatever I wanted for that seem length of time. The only time I have been asked any questions about this was for life insurance, I answered truthfully. I have never had any questions about my health insurance. They know everything as they get the information from my doctors. I have not had an increase in premiums that was not given to everyone on my plan. I did quit smoking because of my plan. They started including cat scans of the chest as a preventive care, just like pap smears, mammograms and colonoscopy. Things were found on my scan showing the beginning of emphysema. There was no doubt in my mind. I have watched others suffer this fate and is not for me. I quit smoking. It really came down to a simple question. Am I going to quit smoking or die a slow and painful death? I quit smoking. Now I am still overweight, I am still eating things I should not only because I know better. The truth is I love good food. I need to be more active. We are all stuck with some problem, I just admit I have the problem. I will deal with this one when I feel like it. You will not be denied coverage for anything if it is not stated from the get go that the condition was excluded from your plan. COVID weather you are vaccinated or not will be covered.
  16. I see that you have come for a check in on the board.  Are you doing okay of do you need some help.  We are always here if you need us.

  17. Is the site down or locked?


    1. jillar


      It was probably getting worked on @Kris

  18. Kris

    New look

    It seems to okay to me. I am not good with tech but I am finding my way around. I don't understand what your Grrrr is for but as long as I can get here for a dose of strength I am good. Thanks Kris
  19. My mom had dementia. when she got a UTI, she would go totally off. Introducing me as here 16 year old daughter. Not knowing where she was, even though she had been living with me for some time. It is a scary time trying to figure things out.
  20. We have a peach festival here in July. All the fresh peaches you could want, you can even buy a bushel. They also have a huge farmers market there with everything you could want. They close down the city square in Weatherford Texas. There are vendors of arts, crafts and food.
  21. Kris

    New look

    Thanks @jillar I am lost right now.
  22. I am or was a pretty good cook when I had people to cook for. Now it is just me. Most of the time I do not feel like it. I try to cook a casserole once a week, the rest of the time it is the easy or quick stuff. Baked chicken, steak, salad. I wish you lived closer too! Most of my true cooking was done for others.
  23. Kris

    New look

    I am going to have to say, I am confused and will have to figure out how to do stuff again. Be patient!
  24. Recipes my mother inlaw used to make. Yesterday made casserole of layered mushrooms and eggs and sausage balls. Good for any meal. Honey and cinnamon butter as well. I really miss my inlaws! I married into a great family!

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