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  1. Hi everyone and thank you for the messages on my One Year Smoke Free Anniversary! It's great to be able to say that when I never seemed to get through more than a few days or weeks smoke free in the past. There have been a few things that helped this time; Quit train is one, the terrible shortness of breath and bad cough I was experiencing and also the fact that Covid hits smokers much harder than non- smokers. I quit during a lockdown and was hit quite hard with depression at that time, but I decided to just go with it...and eventually I came out the other end of the depression. These days things are much better in my world, there is plenty of live music around again and I play myself with friends every now and then. I had to spend three days in hospital four weeks ago, to have a small operation (nothing too serious!) and again I am SO GLAD I'M NOT A SMOKER as I had to have an anaesthetic and I know that in the past I would have been battling with withdrawal symptoms. So all in all it's been a tough journey but well worth it. I love being a NON SMOKER!! Thanks again everyone.
  2. Congratulations on ten months Gus! I'm nearly there too...all the best.
  3. Thank you so much everyone! I'm really happy to have made it to six months smoke free, it's been a hard six months with many Covid lockdowns but the more I hear about Covid the more I am glad that I have quit the cigarettes. The state where I live will start to open up again soon and then the chance of catching it will rise, but I am double vaccinated now so hoping that I am protected to some degree. I feel like a non-smoker now, it takes a while alright and can't imagine going back to my 'stinky' self again! I think I have put on some extra weight since being a non-smoker (and through Covid lockdowns) but I'm not too worried as I can breathe and exercise much better now. Thanks again everyone, I never thought that I would make it this far as I was quite a heavy smoker but....if I can do it anyone can!!
  4. Thanks so much everyone! Yes I have to say I am pleased with myself for getting to five months smoke free. Even my doctor congratulated me recently and said that all the Covid lockdowns we have endured must have made it even harder. Well it has been more challenging during these times of course, but quitting smoking seems to have lead to other good things opening up in my life! We are just about to emerge from our 7th lockdown tonight at 11.59pm, the sun is shining and Winter is behind us. Feeling good.
  5. Kris, during lockdowns single people are allowed to spend time with one other single person, to reduce social isolation. We are allowed to visit each others houses etc. where as others aren't allowed to visit. I have two 'bubble buddies' although we are only supposed to have one...but I'm comfortable with that.
  6. Yes Kris, outrageous price for cigarettes, I was paying around $63 for a pack of 40...most of the money goes to the Government. Luckily we are allowed to have a 'Bubble Buddy', but it's still very tough for those of us who are on our own.
  7. Not too good here in Victoria, Australia either. Another strict lockdown has been announced and it starts in one hour! Again for two weeks. Seems to be the only time I struggle with being quit these days...but I'll get through it once again I'm sure. At least the sun is shining and it's a little warmer outside.
  8. Well done Katgirl........3 months is wonderful!!
  9. Gus, yes I sure do remember the early days of my quitting, hell! That's why I don't want to go back there! Hope that you are doing ok too.
  10. Thanks everyone! Jordan7 lockdown has been bad at times as I'm on my own...especially when the weather is rainy, but I just keep going. Haven't slept through it but very hard to get going in the mornings when there's not much to do during the rest of the day. Our current lockdown is likely to be extended too. We all just have to keep going...somehow.
  11. Well I just clocked up four months of not smoking! Feeling pleased with myself as a lot of that time has been spent in strict lockdown...which we are in again at present. It's been tough at times but there have been plenty of rewards. I have heard that many people have gone back to smoking because of the hardships of lockdowns, but I'm doing ok!
  12. Robbie

    Damm virus

    Damn, damn, damn we are back in lockdown again; less than two weeks of freedom this time! In fact a large part of Australia is in lockdown at present. The Delta variant is really taking off here. I struggle with loneliness and boredom at times during lockdowns, am not a home body at all! Have an occasional thought of smoking but no serious craves thank goodness. I had a pleasant weekend planned, concert, movies and visiting a friend, all cancelled. It would be so much easier if the sun was shining...hopefully in the next day or two. This is the sixth lockdown and I feel that the effects on ones mental health are cumulative, but there really is no alternative. Just glad that I don't have a job to lose and sorry for all those that do. Hoping that my favourite live music venues can survive another lockdown.
  13. I'm happy that I can taste and smell properly again...had no idea what I was missing out on all these years! Also my clothes, house and car no longer smell of smoke...it's great!
  14. I have been watching a lot of movies as we have been in strict lockdown for 12 days...just got 'let out' today...and I've been noticing how many people smoke in them! I watched a French movie last night and part of it was about a woman who runs out of cigarettes and has no money to buy them. She is chasing cigarettes all over the very beautiful countryside! Everyone seems to be smoking. Then today I watched a wonderful Israeli movie about a cooking competition and all the chefs seemed to be smoking all the time. Maybe I'm noticing this more because I have quit, I'm not sure. I know that smoking is so much part of these cultures and in Europe or the Middle East it is not 'looked down on' the way it is here in Australia. I seem to remember smoking being phased out in the movie industry a few years ago, but it certainly has made a huge comeback. I didn't expect to be confronted with these images so much, so I guess I was surprised. Luckily it doesn't set me off craving, but I can't help noticing. I don't see it on everyday TV, but in many movies. Anyone else noticed this?
  15. Robbie

    Damm virus

    It has become bad here again in Australia too. Lockdowns everywhere. We have had our lockdown extended by seven days...some times I find it almost unbearable as it's freezing cold with heavy rain, so can't even go out walking. Also, the days of not communicating with another human being are soul destroying for those of us who live alone. I speak to people on the phone, but it is just not the same. Depression and anxiety rates must be very high in these situations, I have experienced both during this lockdown and I fear that there are many more lockdowns to come. It's as if we have to invent a new 'lockdown life' but I really have no idea how that looks....

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