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  1. I just thought I would drop by to say that today was the first day during this quit that I felt really happy about not being a smoker! This is big for me as I have suffered from quite bad depression and loads of tears through most of my quit attempt, but today I felt really good about it...so many things; I can smell again, enjoying the taste of food, I have spare cash (bought myself some nice food while listening to live music), noticed it's a little easier for me to breathe and I'm no longer worried that I stink of cigarettes when someone comes close to me to talk. I have no idea how long th
  2. Can't seem to get my ticker to stick! Followed these steps and keeps disappearing... Oh, it's worked after all! Wow...over $700 saved already....mind blowing!!!
  3. Thanks everyone, it was tough but I got there!!!
  4. Thanks for your support folks, the people I personally know who have quit smoking don't seem to have had such a mental battle like I have or maybe they just didn't talk about it. I was talking with someone yesterday and he told me that I was "obsessed with nicotine!". Well, yes I'm sure I am as it's been a daily part of my life for more than forty years now...always making sure that I didn't run out or had enough for the day etc. etc. In more recent years I was smoking 'rubbish' cigarettes because of the outrageous prices here in Australia or switching brands to try to keep the cost down. I s
  5. One month and one (half ) day! Nine more days and I will be up to my longest quit of 40 days! Looking forward to when I don't count any more
  6. Very interesting reading this post, I can understand that once we are over the initial phase of getting the addiction under control, there is much more work to be done. I hope I'm up for the challenge!
  7. Hi everyone, I was really struggling with depression last night, very low mood and lots of tears...but I had a good sleep and made it through to a new day. I was having thoughts about smoking quite a bit as there is no doubt that it gives an artificial (and deadly) lift to the brain, that rush of dopamine which I have no substitute for. I don't even drink coffee or drink alcohol, so no relief there! I pushed myself out for a quick walk in the dark and that seemed to help a little. I am on day 31 and hoping that my brain chemistry will slowly adapt to not needing that rush, as it's supposed to,
  8. Very powerful article...thank you.
  9. Hi Gus, my advice is to not try to stop the tears, I cried for days after quitting and still do sometimes. I read an article that states that quitting smoking can bring on symptoms similar to clinical depression and I'm sure that is true for some of us unfortunately. Don't know about you, but I'm worse (with depression) in the mornings and I think that first cigarette of the day used to sort of 'shock' my body and brain into alertness. But what an awful way to wake up with a cocktail of chemicals blasting through the brain and body! I try deep breathing in the mornings now, which sounds simple
  10. Thanks everyone for your messages, it means a lot to me! Good to meet you Gus, and I'm so glad that you survived 'Hell Week', I've put myself through this a few times as I stopped smoking and then started again about four times this year...I decided I couldn't keep doing it to myself and found this forum. You are doing so well to be up to six weeks! Abbey, yes the tears are quite exhausting and one friend suggested to me yesterday that I'm clinically depressed which I'm sure that I am, but I just have to stay with it and hope that it lifts as I continue staying off the cigarettes. Luckily here
  11. Hi everyone, I'm battling so hard! Up to 21 days quit still, but I caught a nasty head cold three days ago and have been stuck at home on my own feeling bad. I certainly use activity as a means of staying away from smokes and it works very well I find, so I'm now on day four of just hanging around at home with not much energy or things to do and thinking more and more about having a cigarette. It is actually the last thing that I need as I have a congested nose and cough, but the long empty hours mean my thoughts turn that way more often. I struggled to the supermarket and was fearful that I w
  12. Dianne, most people will agree that the first three days are the worst when quitting, so you're through one of them. Do you have a plan to help get yourself through? Lots of helpful suggestions here; walking or any form of exercise, drinking lots of fluids, keeping busy and the company of a non-smoking friend if possible. Plenty of sleep will help too. You will have to trust us that it will get better! I'm only on day 14 after multiple attempts to quit and this forum has helped a lot. I have breathing problems too and for some the improvement is huge after quitting, but for me it's slower as I
  13. This is lovely, I guess just knowing that people here take the time to post means that they care. Sounds very tough Kate, but you got through it!
  14. Thanks everyone and Craig, for your heartfelt post. I had tears in my eyes reading it. I am trying to be kind to myself and just let the feelings and cravings come and go as you suggested. I realise that a lot of what I am experiencing is due to the chemical addiction and it's not just nicotine but hundreds of chemicals that my body has to adjust to going without, and that's just the physical side! The mental cravings can linger on. Mostly I'm doing alright as if I think about having a cigarette, I also think about starting to cough and trying to get my breath again...horrible! I find this for
  15. Yes I have had strong feelings like that too Barb63, I cried almost non-stop for the first three days of this quit. I also felt like I may have a breakdown at times, but I'm feeling more 'stable' now thankfully. I'm eight days off the cigarettes. You are doing so well and to not have a cough or breathlessness anymore must be a huge boost to your confidence! I'm not coughing now, but still short of breath at times, really hoping that improves. Sometimes I get an urge to smoke and it's a bit like someone punching me in the stomach, but I have to stay strong as I really can't go back to smoking.

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