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  1. It has become bad here again in Australia too. Lockdowns everywhere. We have had our lockdown extended by seven days...some times I find it almost unbearable as it's freezing cold with heavy rain, so can't even go out walking. Also, the days of not communicating with another human being are soul destroying for those of us who live alone. I speak to people on the phone, but it is just not the same. Depression and anxiety rates must be very high in these situations, I have experienced both during this lockdown and I fear that there are many more lockdowns to come. It's as if we have to invent a new 'lockdown life' but I really have no idea how that looks....
  2. There is a lot of community pressure to get vaccinated here I find. People ask each other if they have had it all the time and discuss their experiences with side effects etc. I have only come across one 'anti-vaxer' so far and he will probably find it difficult to get employment without it, down the track. There is some concern about blood clots with the Astra Zeneca but the risks are low compared with the health risk of catching Covid. I don't think I would survive Covid if I caught it as my lungs are damaged from years of smoking. Another good reason to be avoiding smoking....must add that to my list!
  3. Have just started another 5 days of strict lockdown statewide. I'm not 'SOS' craving but thinking about smoking again on and off...definitely that old comfort thing again. Also felt like smoking after my Covid vaccination last Wednesday. It's probably because I do all this stuff on my own and it's tough. I was quite anxious about the Covid vax as one person I know was sick after it for four days. Anyway, I've been mostly ok with minimal side effects so far. As for smoking, well it's just a thought that comes and goes....so last night I went and bought ice cream again and ate quite a lot! Ha Ha! Strawberries and cream this time...it seemed to help.
  4. I had a very vivid dream last night that I was smoking cigarettes! I also was aware in the dream that I had quit, so I felt terribly disappointed in myself. Very interesting experience. I was so very relieved when I woke up and found that it wasn't real! Phew!!
  5. Katgirl, very cool that you're doing this too!
  6. I replaced my old car this month and I'm sure I have more money which went towards that! I used to smoke in my old car and it smelt bad, took me lots of cleaning and air freshener to get it reasonably ok...luckily the buyer wasn't too fussy! It's so good to have another car that smells clean and fresh; I want to keep it that way always.
  7. Thanks so much Jillar, yes it is so much easier now...I often go a few days without even thinking about smoking. It still feels like a miracle sometimes! I celebrated yesterday as there is a time difference of course!
  8. Well personally I'm not worried about using Quit Train as a crutch at this stage in my quit. (I just watched the video). We all depend on technology these days...some people are seriously addicted to Face Book for example, but I'm not one of them. I was just curious about why it was down and yeah, I would miss the site, but I have other strategies too for dealing with my nicotine addiction now thankfully!
  9. Hi everyone, the Quit Train was off line for quite a few hours, maybe for maintenance? Went to check in on everyone and the page just had error 500. Anyway, looks like it's all ok again...I realised that I would miss it if it disapeared!
  10. Kate, I felt that cigarettes lifted my mood too, but I'm convinced that it's only a 'quick fix' and that long term, cigarettes only add to one's depression. I am on anti-depressants and I pretty much cried for the first three weeks of quitting smoking, but now I find that I feel generally a lot better. Being a smoker is depressing in its self, feeling controlled by nicotine, the smell, the expense, the long term health effects etc. etc. and all those chemicals must surely mess with the brain! I am in the middle of Winter here in Australia and there isn't much sunlight so I tend to suffer from seasonal depression too. For me, I know that I would be coughing all through Winter if I was still smoking and that alone has been worth the difficulty of quitting. I hope that you can find an alternative to nicotine to lift your spirits. Try not to add to your misery by smoking again after more than one year quit! All the best.
  11. Ice cream was also my 'go to' when I had cigarette cravings during a Covid lockdown! Even in the middle of winter it seems to help sometimes. Blood orange with dark chocolate or Queensland mango with coconut and white chocolate! Yum! Sorry you've had such a bad time Kate18, I suffer from depression too and it can come over you at any time. Going for a walk definitely helps as it gets the endorphines moving and also calms the cigarette cravings. So glad that you stayed strong, it would be heart breaking to lose a twelve month quit. All the best.
  12. Thanks so much everyone, you are a great support and I really appreciate it! I'm now heading for 90 days which is 3 months...woo, hoo! I've been warned about 3 months though as it can feel like we have it under control and maybe could be tempted, so I'm very wary. I was talking to a woman last weekend who is three weeks quit and she said "Oh I can just have the occasional one." and I said "No, it doesn't work like that, you just can't smoke! One will lead to many." So it's the same for me. NOPE. I'll post again here when I have reached the 3 months mark. Cheers everyone!
  13. Great work Steven, two weeks is excellent! Yes it doesn't take long for the benefits of quitting to show. I'm still amazed at how much better food tastes and I enjoy smelling lovely things everyday...this didn't happen when I was smoking. You will notice that too! And knowing that you don't stink of cigarettes is a great feeling. Here in Australia, cigarettes are outrageously expensive; I was paying $63 for a packet of 40 and it made me want to cry! (Have a look at my counter). Not even good quality either, rubbish cigarettes from overseas. Welcome to the Quit Train and freedom from that horrible addiction.
  14. Wow great work Gus, 100 days has a lovely ring to it! Sorry that you have job stress to deal with, but once you find a job, you will have less time to think about smoking. I'm retired and find that being bored some days can be a challenge for quitting. One of my friends quit for more than 200 days and I was so proud of her and then along came a strict Covid lockdown and it brought her undone. I was so sad when she told me and she is still smoking. That and other kinds of stress can make us think that a cigarette will calm us, but we all know now that smoking actually sends our blood pressure up! All the best Gus, you're doing great!
  15. I have just been re-reading some of my earlier posts...man, it's been a rocky road alright! So pleased that I feel I'm over the worst of quitting, no way would I want to go through all that again. Of course there will still be challenges, but the days of crying seem to be past. Some days I deal with seasonal depression as the sun doesn't shine for a week or more and my spirits plummet. Fortunately there is more live music around again, so for now I am out there enjoying myself! Who knows, we could be in lockdown again any day...this pandemic certainly makes us 'seize the day' and make the best of the good times when we can. Glad to be doing this without a cigarette in my mouth!!!

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