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  1. Hey guys. Its juan. I wanna be honest even though i am ashamed i could not quit smoking. That is why i left the forum. I want to quit again. But about my personal life you should know a few details that iam ashamed. Thank to god i dont have money problems. I have a rent from my apartment but i live in my mothers house. Unemployed and with a lot of free time. I had a depression very strong last year and im seeing a doctor for this. The thing is i smoke to kill time. I really want to quit but the free time its killing me. I just wanted to be honest. I really had a rough time with mayor treatment resistent depression so its not like i dont want to study or work. I could not get out of bed im 32. Used to be a rugby player. I started the gym 2 weeks ago. sorry for the bad spelling. I have not writen in english for a few years. thank you all. The problem is lots of free time. And depression
  2. Sorry for the spelling. I did not Mean to disrespect the forum. I just typed really fast. This Wont happen again.
  3. Guys im back, i missed the sarge (especially) and all of you Im Juan from argentina, Ive lost 45 pounds training football and lifting weights all this running while smoking Been working studying I really missed you guys. I wont promise anything. I just wanted to know my situation. Ive read 3 books (allen carr also) about nicotine Ive read the forum I Pretty much know how this works and triggers, ive been traying to stop every day for the pas 2 years and thing is the time i quitedd for 1 year i didnt read ]ANYTHING. Its sad beceause every time i try know i feel i wont make it, each try is fail and is vicuos masoquistic cycle, each try confirms i cant. The time i quitted for 1 year and half wasnt a try, was a resolution, and i was happy about it, no because of need or fear but to improve in my training. IT WAS VERY VERY EASY. I have a different psycology now and a different brain. Like a said every fail makes it worse and MAYBE IT MAKES A LOT HARDER THAN IT REALLY IS. aNY THOUGHTS APRICIATE IT. love Juan. From argentina maradona and Messi lol
  4. It not a bad idea sharon. Im actually on vacations until January 5
  5. Guys im still smoking college semester has ended and i did well. I have you all in my head and in my heart every day. I just did not come in because i feel really weak. Dont know why but all these six months ive been trying to quit and i cant last 1 day I dont know what im doing here i miss you but i wont be back until i can stay quit for at least 2 weeks. Because really im a guy that dont waste others people time.
  6. Im Going Cold Turkey using chewing gum. I ve learned that 1 cigarrete leads me to 20 a day again. I dont know if this time will be the one but i have water next to me all the time i think that is my key. Water and Chewing gum
  7. yes it was very interesting, so sharon how we manage the chimp ? without smoking?

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