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  1. Deep breathing - Meditation
  2. ChRiSpY

    WTF week,

    You can absolutely 100% do this. Much weaker has succeeded. I had the car trigger as well. I started keeping straws in the car. I would just pop one in and start chewing on it. or even get some suckers. You got this!!!
  3. ChRiSpY

    WTF week,

    Yeap stay busy.... before you know it you will realize that it has been some time since you thought about smoking. Then the next time it will be longer and easier (insert inappropriate comment here). Then one day you will realize that it has been a long time and smoking is no longer a "thing" in your life. THAT MOMENT is WINNING!!! Keep on keepin on.
  4. ChRiSpY

    Nicotine Gum

    Congrats on day 1 Marie. I too quit using Nico Gum. I found it very helpful because not only was I addicted to the Nico...I was addicted to the motion of it. The hand to mouth part. I found that if I chewed the gum it still gave me something to do. I did not even take it the whole time...nor did I reduce my dosage...or ween myself down. I found it easy to get off of. My aunt on the other hand is still chewing the NIco gum after many many (probably 7) years ago quit. Just be careful not to take it too long. The emotions/anxiety etc.. I would like to suggest some deep breathing exercises. There are several different routines you can use. Deep breathing led me to meditation which has been a game changer for me in my life. I can help if you would like. Whatever you do... don't smoke... be a winner. Keep on keepin on.
  5. ChRiSpY

    Just don’t smoke

    Easy Peasy *credit Sarge
  6. ChRiSpY

    Losing my way

    This is exactly what I would have said. Don't be fooled.... Nico is trying to get you back... one last ditch attempt to get you back to the dark side. Don't fall for it. You are doing something amazing and if you need reinforcement which it sounds like you do.. come here. We will tell you how amazing you are for WINNING. Keep on keepin on.
  7. ChRiSpY

    My Quit Day!

    Yo... what is your situation?
  8. ChRiSpY

    My Quit Day!

    As you can see from my profile pic, I am also a fan o' bitches. Anyhows... congrats on your quit. Today is going to suck...tomorrow is going to suck.. the next day will suck suck...hang on...stay tough and give yourself no other option. The payoff is soooooooo worth it. It is like a clean bill of health after a colonoscopy. The process itself kinda sucks... but the reward at the end of soooo AMAZEBALLS. Hang on.. keep on keepin on.
  9. ChRiSpY

    Best Quit Smoking Products?

    Nico gum worked for me. But be careful not to get hooked on it too. My aunt still chews the gum after many many years
  10. ChRiSpY

    Tough week

    If you were able to fast forward through all the bullsh*t then it would not mean as much. To fight and win your fight makes your quit stronger. keep on keepin on.. it gets easier.
  11. ChRiSpY

    Are your taste buds alive !!!

    You know... when I quit smoking my taste buds never changed. It was kind of disappointing.

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