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  1. Best Quit Smoking Products?

    Nico gum worked for me. But be careful not to get hooked on it too. My aunt still chews the gum after many many years
  2. Tough week

    If you were able to fast forward through all the bullsh*t then it would not mean as much. To fight and win your fight makes your quit stronger. keep on keepin on.. it gets easier.
  3. Lin-quitting Is On The Lido Deck!!

    Nice work.
  4. Are your taste buds alive !!!

    You know... when I quit smoking my taste buds never changed. It was kind of disappointing.
  5. Some News

    Congrats Gem..that is awesome. Do you know who the father is?
  6. Quit smoking app

    That is pretty cool
  7. My fb timeline reminded me!

    Nice work
  8. Any Walking Dead Fans?

    What are you pissed about Ds...Carl? I heard that was not in the comics...and I know you have read them. It caught alot of folks off guard I guess.
  9. Super Newbie just signed up

    Welcome and congrats on your awesome decision to live longer. Stay strong and FIGHT until you are free. It is soooooo worth it. Stay close...stay accountable. Keep on keepin on.
  10. Crazy smoking dream

    I had several smoking dreams in my 1st year of quit. I would wake up horribly miserable until I realized that it was just a dream. I truly think that it helped me keep my quit.
  11. BAT is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    4 Years is Bombdigs... congrats.
  12. Very odd withdrawal symptoms (help?)

    Welcome and congrats on your awesome life changing decision. Nicotine is a powerful drug that your body has adjusted to living on. Now it is gone.. you are healing and your body is adjusting to not having it. Some pretty fcuked up stuff if you think about it. So yeah... I had the same fog. Fight through it...it does not last long.
  13. My turn i guess. (trigger warnings)

    You are on your way and nicotine is giving one last ditch effort to bring you back. Be strong and fight for what you want. The feeling will soon go away and you will come out being/feeling like a winner. Keep on fightin' on
  14. I quit. That's that.

    Buckle up and stay strong You should hook up with Yippy for a "quit buddy" Accountability is another tool. Keep on keepin on.

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