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  1. Have been feeling the same. We have worked so hard to get to this point and once we hit the milestone our old addiction tells us how we rewarded ourselves in the past. Proves that we need to still guard ourselves from relap at all times. As you know it will pass - set your next milestone - 2 years. Ps. I was talking to a fella just recently who relapsed after 24 years - can you believe that - 9 years later he is still smoking and is fighting the battle to try and quit again.
  2. Congratulations
  3. Hi Jamie I was you 12 months ago. 31 years of smoking and I started at 13. Everything you said is almost word for word of what I would say and how I felt at the time. My best advise to you is:- - no matter what happens just find a way to keep your quit and go that extra minute, hour, day. Because soon enough it will get easier and you will notice down the track how much better you feel, let alone the feeling of freedom which is awesome. Ie. not having to worry about planning you day around smoking, where are my cigs etc. I’m still waiting for the day however that cigs don’t come up in my routine checklist before I leave the house. ? All the best. Be strong!
  4. Thankyou everyone. What a journey to say the least. You all know what’s it like. I can’t believe I made it. Haven’t really celebrated the occasion, but I was counting down the days / hours until the moment.
  5. I feel exactly the same after the same amount of time. Keep it up ??

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