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  1. mtbjay

    Thursday 09/25/2014

  2. mtbjay


  3. mtbjay

    Round 33

    because of the cravings and stress at home. Simply put, because i found an excuse too.
  4. mtbjay

    Round 33

    Thanks everyone! Thanks! And yes, Mountain bike jay. Kinda hard to go spin cranks with lungs full of death. Ugh... Thanks Sandy! You're right, sometimes you think your giving up a friend. A ridiculous thought.
  5. mtbjay

    Round 33

    Hello everyone! Today is quit day 1, again..... I don't know what makes me more upset, the fact that I let my last quit go, or the fact that now I have to do this again.... Anyway, Im back on, feet planted firm and ready to enjoy oxygen again. How's everyone else been doing?
  6. mtbjay

    Monday, August 4th NOPE Pledge

    Nope for today.
  7. mtbjay

    Life as a non-smoker

    Nice! Settle in for the ride, stay close to the board. Welcome back to freedom.
  8. mtbjay

    I can"t think of a title.

    That's fantastic!!! Nicely done!
  9. mtbjay

    Hello :)

    Welcome! Glad to have you here!
  10. mtbjay

    Junkie thinking #3 revisited: the vent

    Sorry, im late to this post. But can I ask, how many of those cigs did you smoke a day before you quit? Remember how easy it was to breath, and how easy it was to catch your breath before you relapsed? Remember when you relapsed? Remember when you had little money left, and had to choose between your drug, and food? Remember that day you went to the doctor, because you weren't feeling quite so well? Remember looking at the test results, thinking to yourself,"If I had known I would get lung cancer, i would have never relapsed!!!"? Remember the months that followed? All the pain and suffering you had to endure, knowing you would be dead in six months anyway? Remember taking the final trip back to that same hospital, only to be laid out on a bed and left for dead? Remember the machines that you drew life from? Remember your family and friends watching you rot away into nothing, as cancer tore through your body in a matter of weeks? Remember when they had to watch you be put in the ground? Remember that? This is you one day. Don't ever smoke another cigarette. Understand?
  11. mtbjay

    Friday, July 25, pledge

    Happy Birthday! Also, I got a little NOPE for ya, right here. B)
  12. mtbjay

    Thursday 24th of July NOPE

    A little late, but NOPE!
  13. mtbjay

    Jay (Mtbjay) makes ONE WEEK today

    Thanks everyone! Devildoll let me know this was going on. I had a wild day, I ended up having to go to ER for a strange allergic reaction, never had anything like that before. Hence my absence from the site today. I made it! The last two days have been rough as far as cravings go, but I'm doing ok. Thanks so much everyone!
  14. mtbjay

    Wednesday 23rd July n.o.pe


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