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  1. Great job on the 5 month mark DizzD. Congrats and make sure to take time and celebrate!!!!!
  2. New article on vaping illness and the numbers are up. This I truly hope helps towards more research and regulation. And yes Wayne I agree that numbers could be related to more young people vape. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/17/health/vaping-lung-disease-states/index.html
  3. Seen an article from USA Today on this yesterday. More reports from more than a couple of states coming in on this so now we hopefully get some more action on this. Is kind of strange that impacts seen are mostly on younger people at this point but at least should create more research!!!!
  4. 11 months -- great job. Only 1 more month to that big celebration so you had better start packing!!!!
  5. Kdad hard to believe that you are at 11 month already -- great job. Those lights on the lido deck should be getting pretty bright now, you are almost there. Congrats on all the work you have put in!!!!
  6. Awesome job -- congrats on the 4 month mark. Hope you celebrated in style -- Keep The Quit, you are going strong now!!!!!
  7. Well hope this comes out ok. I am well into spending my saved money from quitting. Most all of you know I am having major dental work and most of the damage was created from smoking. Anyway had my last oral surgery today -- that was $1100.00 and will include a crown on another tooth. In 3 weeks I get my impressions for really high quality partial dentures and that will add $3800.00 on top of another 1000 spent for the first oral surgery. Anyway had some good meds at the office to get thru and some good meds to get me thru the next three days --- on the down hill roll now and in a month or so will be able to eat somewhat normally and be proud of my smile. Sure glad I saved that money, I would like to have travelled some but in the future I can take care of that. Anyway on the mend and on to a better smile. No regrets -- I did this to myself and I will get it taken care of now that I have the means and the motivation!!!!!
  8. Solo congrats on the 7 month mark. Great job and remember to take some time to celebrate!!!!!
  9. 1 month -- great job. You are seeing many of the benefits now and the great thing is that you will see many more benefits. Keep strong and celebrate this fist month of being smoke free!!!!!

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