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  1. NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad to say I will not be posting much from this point on. At this time I need to focus on looking to the west and try to enjoy the sunset. I thank you all for you have been such a blessing and have done more for me than you will ever know. The support and socializing have been amazing and contributed so much to my quit. Stay the course and stay strong for the quit -- the journey has been and will be worth it!!!!!!!
  2. Way to go Bat -- 6 years is amazing, make sure you celebrate!!!!
  3. Great job on the 32 days and the health benefits only get better!!!!
  4. Yes I am just getting over a cold also, my first one since I quit two years ago. I did feel under the weather for a few days but boy compared to when I smoked this was a breeze. When I smoked I would wake up in the middle of the night coughing really bad and could not breath well at all (in fact my son almost took me to the ER on more than one occasion). This time I had no real problems with coughing or breathing. The joys of quitting ---- they just keep adding up!!!!!
  5. No ---- This is a great deal and a huge accomplishment -- the first week is a difficult one to get thru and you have made it. Congrats you are doing great!!!!
  6. Congrats fellow traveler we sure have come a long way. Enjoy the freedom and I hope you celebrated well!!!!
  7. NOPE -- it is so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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