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  1. Martian5

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    Linda -- as they say "It is never too late to quit" and for me that is the truth, after 44 years I have got myself to this point. Do not let that type of thinking get in your way, conquer then celebrate. The cravings will get less intense and less frequent, just let yourself know that you can get through the craving and keep doing what your are doing --- coming here and vocalizing the difficulties you are having, it is showing that you really want to get through this and we will do what we can to help you on this journey.
  2. Martian5

    Hello everyone

    Blur, all above have covered the process pretty well. I too did not have a real plan, I just came to the conclusion that not only did I need to quit -- I really wanted to quit. Coming to this forum has helped greatly -- the articles to educate yourself, the videos, and then there are the people, all truly helped me get to this point. Just make the decision to leap and we will be here to help you along the way.
  3. Martian5

    Monday 20th August 2018

  4. Martian5

    Finally found from QSMB

    Welcome aboard niecie. All here are pretty good people though it can get strange at times.
  5. Martian5

    Sunday 19th August 2018

  6. Martian5

    Saturday 18th August 2018

  7. I just take a look at my ticker below -- It not only shows me how much I spent on smoking and how many cigarettes I smoked and that number of cigarettes over just a 7 month period had to have damaged my body (especially if you look at 44 years of smoking). NOPE Ain't going to happen no more!!!!!!!
  8. Martian5

    Friday 17th August 2018

  9. Martian5

    Hello (Intro)

    Welcome aboard Christa. Sorry about the difficulties but I am glad that you have made the decision to quit again -- now lets make this the sticky quit. There are many people here that will give you some great advice and welcome you with open arms. Just remember to come here often to research everything you can about this addiction, play some games, meet some pretty wonderful (and sometimes strange) people. Also remember to do your daily "NOPE" pledge -- it really does help.
  10. Martian5

    Thursday 16th August 2018

  11. Martian5

    Kelly is 9 Months Smoke Free

    Kelly, 9 months that is just awesome. Keep it up and remember to take time to celebrate!
  12. Martian5

    Wednesday 15th August 2018

  13. Martian5

    Wren18 is 7 Months Smoke Free

    Wren awesome job on that 7 month mark -- Keep it going!
  14. Martian5

    Tuesday 14th August 2018

  15. Martian5

    Quitting again

    NOPE-- that really is the trick, it will truly help you. Find your reason then stick to it because it really can be done -- You Can Do This!!!!!!!

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