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  1. Martian5

    Monday 10th December 2018

  2. Martian5

    Sslip is 11 Months Smoke Free!

    Shane, 11 months is just amazing -- congrats. Many people to include you going to the Lido deck in January, I will see you there!!!
  3. Martian5

    Relapse help

    Sparky, great that you stopped smoking. You mentioned you felt like you were denying yourself some sense of pleasure -- look at that thought as rubbish. You are giving yourself more pleasure as the benefits of not smoking will begin to add up -- you are giving yourself a new sense of freedom, enjoy it!!!!
  4. Martian5

    Sunday 9th December 2018

  5. Martian5

    Saturday 8th December 2018

  6. Martian5

    Update thoughts

    Thanks so much for your words Parsley. Your quit seems to going good now. Never be afraid to add your comments. Your simple but effective way of documenting your quit can and will help so many people, they will see that though there are difficult times you can quit this habit and reap many rewards !!!!
  7. Martian5


    As said deep breathing will help. Good job on posting -- shows your desire and strength for this quit. These craves sometimes come out of nowhere but they do decrease as time goes on. Look and concentrate on the benefits that you have gained over the last 3 months and focus on those. It does get better!!!!
  8. Martian5

    Friday 7th December 2018

  9. Martian5

    Jayhawk is 5 Month Smoke Free

    Awesome job on the 5 month mark Jayhawk -- you are moving along strong now. Take to time to celebrate -- Congrats!!!!!
  10. Martian5

    Thursday 6th December 2018

  11. Martian5

    Octain is 11 Months Smoke Free

    Well Octain, congrats on the 11 months. Did you ever think back in January we would almost be at the 1 year mark. Times are better now -- enjoy the day -- next stop the Lido Deck!!!
  12. Martian5

    Wednesday 5 th December 2018

  13. Martian5

    Martian5 is 11 Months Smoke Free

    Bakon -- Dinner out tonight after an afternoon of goofing off with my grandson and getting a pair of sunglasses -- that light at the end of the tunnel now is so damned bright it is getting hard to see !!
  14. Martian5

    Relapse help

    Sparky, welcome aboard for this journey. Others will come by soon that will have good advice on relapsing. I would suggest that you look thru all the educational material here on the sight and I am sure there is a video on this in the video library. Education is all powerful. You must understand that smoking does not solve anything and can only make things work. Please go through all this is on this site. We will be here to support you and hopefully answer questions you might have. Also QSMB is no longer any several of the members of that site are now here on this site -- you may recognize the names as they come up. Anyway when you are ready to quit again we are here to support!!!
  15. Martian5

    Tuesday 4 th december 2018


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