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  1. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    Welcome aboard Rusty. Glad you found us. Some good people here that will help guide you on this journey. Great job on the 80 hours. Just come here often to read, be entertained, and to reach out as you need. And remember to NOPE daily it really has helped me.
  2. I failed

    Hey Pumpkin -- sorry you are going through a rough time. There is a lot of good advice above and I hope you follow some of it. We are here not to judge but to support you along this journey. However, I hope you quit sooner than later it will only be better for you. I really like some of travelingsunny's advice, it is spring get out and enjoy nature (I know that France can be beautiful in the spring. Anyway hoping you the best and please come often to post -- we will be willing to help.
  3. Tuesday 24 April 2017

  4. Day 3

    Sunny you can do this --- You have been doing the right thing the past 3 days by coming here, you know you need help and you are coming to the right place -- takes a lot of guts. Try the deep breathing techniques and a glass of cold water can help. And come here to NOPE all you want till you get through this.
  5. Opah is 1 Month Quit Today!!

    Opah -- outstanding job on your 1 month. It can be difficult that first month so take some time to celebrate and reflect then continue forward. Congrats
  6. Jules1977 is 5 months Smokr Free!

    Jules, awesome job, congrats and have a special reward today,.
  7. KT1973 is 7 months Smoke Free!

    7 months, awesome job -- congrats on your success so far
  8. Day 2

    Yes keep "NOPEing" and deep breathes, maybe some cold water --- You Can Do This!!!
  9. New Beginning

    Welcome aboard Novo, it is nice to have you along for the ride. There is so much in life that can hit you like a truck but quitting cigs will help you. Remember to NOPE at least once a day (sometimes a couple three times a day is needed), it has helped me make it through this journey. Come here also for the education and the support often.
  10. Day 1

    NOPE to your hearts content, anything to help you through today and the next couple of days. Come here often, we will do what we can to help you through -- you can do this.
  11. 1% Pledge

    Statistics -- When I took my 2 required stat classes in college my instructor included in his intro "how to manipulate the truth with numbers". If you read all the statistics on quitting, NRT or not, it shows that we basically do not have a chance. Well to all that I agree with you, pure BS. Seems like we all here are doing OK and I am doing it with doing my daily pledge and posting on this site using all of everybody's motivation to go forward on this journey. Do NOT look at the statistics, come here and vent or ask questions or just talk -- we can all Keep The Quit by working together.
  12. Does 420 re-ignite tobacco habit?

    There were a couple of reasons I began smoking, both in the military. Smoking a cig was used (by me) as a replacement to smoking a joint when I could not partake toking on a joint so to me YES it would trigger a crave.

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