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  1. Martian5

    Introducing myself

    Welcome aboard and thank you for taking this journey with us. As you stated this is not your first rodeo so you know what to expect though each quit can present with some difference. Just remember to come here often for research, help, or just to have some fun -- and remember that daily "NOPE" pledge, it truly has helped me.
  2. Martian5

    Saturday 23rd June 2018

  3. Martian5

    Jules1977 is 7 months Smoke Free!

    Jules, 7 months is fantastic -- make sure you make time today to reflect and celebrate!!!!!
  4. Martian5

    KT1973 is 9 months Smoke Free!

    KT awesome job on the 9 months, way to go!!!!!
  5. Martian5

    Grund is 10 months quit today!!

    Awesome job on that 10 months Grund, doing well and getting closer to the lido deck -- take time to celebrate!!!!!
  6. Martian5

    Another stab at the Devil!!!

    Tammy welcome aboard, glad you decided to make the journey with us. Just remember to stick with us and come here often -- it helps so much!!!!!
  7. Martian5

    Friday 22nd June 2018

  8. Martian5

    Wednesday 20th June 2018

  9. Martian5

    Tuesday 19th June 2018

  10. Martian5

    Novokezdet is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Novo -- Great job on the 2 months, congrats!!!!!
  11. Martian5

    Ren is 3 Months Smoke Free!

    Awesome job on the 3 months Ren -- take time to celebrate ---and it does keep getting better!!!!!
  12. Martian5

    Officially a former smoker

    Wayne, thanks for the post. I have seen my doctor twice since I quit and she really stated that I needed to quit (blood work was not good). Since I quit the doctor has said little even when the blood work came back she just noted that all levels normal --- no "good job" or any type of congrats. I see her just after my 6 month mark so I will see what happens then. By the way the doctors nurse does not even recognize the fact that I smoked. Seems like your medical team (as well as mine) would really recognize the quit.

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