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  1. Great job on the SOS Steven. At first the dreams can be disturbing, after awhile it is just another blip on the road. I still have the occasional dream about smoking and it can unsettle me but when I wake up and realize it was just a dream I am ever so grateful for the quit. I freak out more in the dream than in real life but, again as I awaken I celebrate the quit even more -- it helps me keep grounded and focused so that I never deal with nicotine again. Good going on realizing what was going on and using all the tools available to you!!!
  2. No throwing on fires right now, we have enough fires out here in the west. But I will use the number of not smoking 29,720 as inspiration to continue.
  3. As much as I was into a lot of Rock and Progressive Rock at the time I have to admit that this song (and group) I strangely liked and always reminds me of my entering of my teen years. And to Johnny5 I accidently saw Starland Vocal Band by accident in Washington DC in 1977 -- story is too long and too weird!!!

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