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  1. Sunday 21 st January 2018

  2. Two weeks

    Keep it going Octain, since were so close to each other on quit date I follow your posts and what your are saying and are doing greatly helps me keep me motivated. Keep up the good work, we can do this.
  3. Resting heart rate

    And it only gets better as your quit goes on. I am on day 16 and I am surprised at what has improved, especially after 40 years of smoking. I was well aware of how the lungs were affected but I was not really aware of the damage it was doing to my cardiovascular system (even though it was told to me and I had read about those negative effects I just was in denial about it). Since my quit date not only has my heart rate gone down but my blood pressure has beginning to really improve. Keep it going it will only get better for you and use this knowledge of how the health benefits are improving for you to get you thru any difficult time, I have and it has really helped.
  4. Friday, Jan 19 2018

  5. Super Newbie just signed up

    Welcome Katie. Listen to the others and read, research and reach out as needed. Everyone here is a great help. They all have been at my side for the last two weeks. It is not easy but it is not all that hard, just commit and remember 1 hour 1 day at time and remember NOPE -- Not One Puff Ever (believe it or not that one statement has gotten me through a couple of tough times this last couple of weeks and this site as well).
  6. Monday 15 th January 2018

    NOPE !!!
  7. Sunday 14th January 2018

    NOPE!!!! I will not smoke today
  8. Newbie Roll Call!

    Joel, thanks for the links I will definitely follow up on them. I had seen the first one already and that was a big help for me. I did have that fear but now going through see that yes there is some physical withdrawals but that going thru with the quit I saw that this is doable and that most of the fear was only in my mind. Again thanks
  9. Newbie Roll Call!

    Just noticed this post. I moving along at 10 days in now, never thought I would get here after over 40 years of smoking. Now I am seeing the benefits starting up -- never knew fresh air could be so good
  10. This day last week

    Octain you are doing great. I too am beginning to breath better (much better in fact) and this is really motivating me on this journey -- lungs not hurting. Saw my Doctor yesterday and she was ecstatic that I had gone a week. Also what really surprised me was a smoker had sat a couple of seats away and the smell of smoke was overwhelming to me (the person was not smoking at the time) no wonder some people would avoid me when they could in the past. Keep pressing forward you have this.
  11. Saturday 13 th January 2018

    Another Nope for today

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