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  1. Awesome on the 4 year mark. Congrats and celebrate the day away!!!
  2. Welcome Christian you are making a great choice in quitting. Those above have already given great advice. The physical withdrawals only last a few days and are a pain to get thru but can be done with focus and commitment (and some cold water and deep breathing techniques). The work comes after that in re-educating yourself on living a smoke free life and getting thru the craves. Coming here and going thru the site can help with that be it education, asking for advice, or just socializing -- it really can help. Keep strong, this can be done!!!!
  3. Welcome aboard Vivianne glad to have you along. This is a great place to find others to help motivate you and help you along for this journey. Congrats on quitting, just keep focused and committed and you can do this!!!
  4. Congrats on the 6 year mark MQ. And many heartfelt thanks for all that you have done!!!!
  5. Yes there can be some rough days but it seems like you have built up quite an arsenal of tools to help you maintain the quit. Also those whispers become even more quiet over time. Way to keep strong!!!!

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