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  1. Love your motivation section -- awesome and will give you help in the future-- Keep strong and soon you will be able to fill that "something" feeling. (and yes I had the same feelings)!!!
  2. Maybe catching up on rest?? Work?? Maybe some pirating somewhere out there!! Let us know
  3. Great job coming here -- it can really help. As Jillar says deep breathing, short walks, the air cig, and also try hard candies or drinking cold water (or juice for blood sugar). You are keeping strong!!!!
  4. Hope to see this around here -- good analogy that is easy to understand without negative/scary stories (those can turn off people more than help -- just show the simple facts like this).
  5. I agree with what Sazerac said. Also you are early in the quit so right now narrowing down a specific trigger may be difficult (though it does not hurt to try and identify now to help in the future). This can be done -- drink cold water, deep breathing, and maybe a short walk -- also come here often!!!
  6. MLMR congrats on the 11 month mark, you should be seeing the bright lights of the Lido Deck by now. You have brought a lot to this board and should be proud of your achievements and you had better take some time to celebrate today!!!!
  7. Romancing the cigarette especially in the early part of the quit presents one of the hardest hurdles to get over and likes to pop up every so often later in the process. You can get over this and in fact you are doing the right thing -- recognizing the problem, admitting that it is difficult, then coming here to post about it. Strong stuff and showing that you are trying to commit yourself to this quit -- good job. You can do this!!!
  8. All right I will go with BBQ and Beer, I will definitely smell of this in the next hour or so!!!! (give a male view of things)
  9. Very well could be, I know that possibly there had been something about that in the news many years ago though I never saw something final on that. I have really never noticed anything different about the odor of cigarettes other than I cannot stand the smell of them now !!!!!
  10. You are becoming more aware of the smell that cigarettes produce when you get away from them even a short while. I think I was just completely accustomed to the smell that smoking created (I also grew up in a household of smokers)!!!
  11. Fantastic job on day 4 -- you are doing great. Glad that you posted what you felt, hopefully it will help keep you focused and understand that the cravings can sneak up on you. As to this being the hardest day just keep committed and if need be come back here especially if you need to post an SOS. You are doing good -- pat yourself on the back!!!!
  12. Fantastic -- and it only gets better day by day, hold on to that!!!!
  13. The Man in Black -- has my vote -- Johnny voice is nothing but magic!!!!
  14. Great Job, take a hour at time -- a day at a time and keep reading and posting -- it can really help!!!
  15. Your doing good Michelle -- drinking cold water, deep breathing and coming here will help you out a lot!!!!
  16. Great job on the 2 month mark Richard. Congrats and you had better take some time to celebrate today!!!!
  17. Welcome aboard hellkat glad to have you along for this journey. I like that you are remembering things from your past quit's and using the journal from your past to gauge where you had been and also what mistakes you have made, leaning from your mistakes is important. Now is the time to focus and commit to quitting. Come here and post often for questions and education, for socialization, and yes for rambling (we are good at). Using the NOPE pledge section each day is a great way keep your focus!!!!!
  18. Not brave, kind of stupid -- and drastic, I really wanted to succeed and I kind of went all out -- anything to quit. I am really surprised that I really do not miss coffee at all any more but it was tough at the time!!!
  19. I will nominate Jillar's Air Cigarette !!!! I used it and I know others and it worked great!! I used a blue straw and cut it down to cigarette size, still have it
  20. The early morning was tough on me also -- when I had the strongest craves for a cigarette with a cup of coffee. I went a hard way to combat and I drank cold juice or water first thing in the morning then deep breathing (I would also use the Jillar Air Cigarette also). And yes I went all stupid and quit coffee at the same time, I knew that would be a huge trigger for me. It was very tough the first couple of weeks but I got thru it and the morning crave faded the fastest of all the other craves since I focused on it so much and since it was the biggest trigger for me it gave me the confidence to conquer all other craves. And yes I have not had a cup of coffee since I quit smoking, very hard to believe!!!!!
  21. ^^^^^Yes this, when I read about Jillar's air cigarette I made one right away and it really helped -- great idea!!!!!
  22. Ah thunderstorms -- love them. Don't get them up here often but this summer has been the exception -- have a couple big ones the last couple of weeks, even had an EF0 tornado in Portland across the river (no serious damage or injuries). Love the light show, the heavy rain, the booms -- great way to go to sleep!!!!

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