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  1. Not a new year's resolution on purpose, but tonight is my first night without a drink. I'm going to not drink during the work week. I'm not happy with how my mid-section looks. A 5 pound tire. For all my good eating habits, exercise, pilates, plenty of sleep - I'm convinced that the daily wine is the culprit. So far, OK. Though it's only 6:24 pm. I'm looking forward to dinner and then curling up and listening to my iPod until I fall asleep ?
  2. Ha yes, gritting my teeth. Tough craving but I'm OK. It's that weird quitter's lung feeling. Breathing is great, but the craving is right there. Like if I had a cigarette, it would make my chest feel better.
  3. Sparky

    True or False

    False. I have before, and didn't like it. I need separate work / home spaces! TNP is a huge Lady Gaga fan.
  4. Sparky

    This or That game

    Sing in car. with a great tune playing. East Coast or West Coast?
  5. Hi Jaime, congrats on quitting! When I quit, wondering if I will "still be me" was a fear that I thought about. Smoking was an integral part of my life for 19 years . And virtually everyone in my life knew me as a smoker. But I and many others here will attest: YES you will still be you. And, a healthier, better version of you. A more CONFIDENT you, knowing that with each passing day, you conquered one of the most difficult addictions out there. All of the things that you enjoyed as a smoker - that sunset, socializing, etc. are still here for you to enjoy, and always will. And you do NOT need a cigarette for any of them Re: feeling tight in chest, this is a common sensation many of us had when quitting. Please don't be alarmed or afraid enough to go back to a cigarette. Your body is going though a massive, great, awesome resetting and cleansing. It's performing natural functions (that were hijacked for years by cigarette smoking). Stay close to this board for advice, and ask any questions that you have. Keep it going!
  6. Yes, I'm experiencing this for the past couple of days! I remember a heavy-on-chest feeling during my first quit too and yes it's just the lungs repairing and clearing.
  7. NOPE. Smoking is simply not an option.
  8. NOPE (x3 in case I don't log in over NYE break!)

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