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  1. Sparky

    Monday 10th December 2018

    NOPE!! Though I wanted to!!!!
  2. Sparky

    A to Z TV Shows

    Mork & Mindy
  3. Sparky

    Phrase Connect Game

    You've got to be kidding me!
  4. Sparky

    Relapse help

    Thanks for the link, I needed that today! While driving around doing errands today, I was getting antsy, and then feeling depressed and down. Still do a bit. This feeling that I'm denying myself some sense of pleasure.
  5. Sparky

    Saturday Poll: Toilet Paper... over or under?

    Under... think about it, it makes better sense if you're trying to rip paper off the roll with one hand. I'm so glad we are exploring impactful topics like this one, instead of smoking. 😆
  6. Sparky

    Phrase Connect Game

    There's nowhere to go but up
  7. Sparky

    "I will..."

    I just had my last cigarette after my relapse, and figured to write down some "I will..." statements to help. Hopefully others will join in too, at whatever stage you're at - thinking of quitting, well into your quit, a relapser, a supporter. I will not smoke again. I will remember how empowering it was to quit years ago. I will always hold on to the pride I have felt for more than 3 years, and reclaim it. No one, and no cigarette, will deny me of it. I will not forget that this is a choice I need to make daily. I will not miss the nasty cigarette smell. I will focus on how great my body has felt after my first quit, and the great changes I made to my diet and working out. I will remember how deliriously happy my family and friends were when I quit. I will remember the shame I felt the other day when I was looked up and down by a stranger in the store, asking me in disgust "why are YOU a smoker??" I will cherish the support found on this forum. i will not forget or disown my original quit. I will think about all the great people in my life who have always knew me as a non-smoker. I will forever say out loud when I see a cigarette "Please. I'm better than that." I will protect my quit.
  8. Sparky

    Relapse help

    I'm done. Lighter drowned, butts outside in the trash on the curb.
  9. Sparky

    Relapse help

    Tomorrow at 8 pm. (I know some disagree with picking a specific date/time)

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