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  1. Wantsit


    OK MLMR...you are exactly 3 months ahead of me and I need you to stay strong for the both of us! I am trying follow you through this so stay cool. You can do it..I remember driving by the last Quick Shop on the outside of town every night on my 30 minute drive home from work thinking....keep going do not stop! You know what? I didn't and that was the best thing I did for 2 weeks! Just keep the faith, I'm finding it's already easier than I possibly thought it would ever be, but I guess I'm lucky. I have to stop because I know if I don't... I loose. Call it what ever you want , but I feel it. I can finally breathe again , and if I start again I am afraid I wont be able to stop. Stay strong and I bet you it pays off big time!
  2. Wantsit

    Saturday 8th December 2018

  3. Wantsit

    Octain is 11 Months Smoke Free

    Congratulations Octain! Well done!
  4. Wantsit

    Relapse help

    Sparky, As you can see I am very early into my quit, a month and a day. All I can say is that the people on this site care. I had quit once before but this time is totally different. I want it...like I have never wanted anything. I realize I could fail but I'm not worried about it right now. Is it easy nope but it is easier. I hate cigarettes...the smell , the stigma everything about them. My wife still smokes, and that is something that weighs heavy on my mind. Most people asks if that makes it harder. I can honestly say no now. I'm not the one that smells like smoke and trying to find a warm place to blow one when we go somewhere. There is no smoking when we are traveling unless we stop and she can get out of the truck. I am not one of those holy rollers...yet... but cannot ...do not... want to be around it. I wish she would at least try again , but she must not be ready. But that aside , listen to these folks because they are the best, and genuinely care. I will stay quit, I feel it this time and hope that you get that same feeling back. Good luck and like they say..NOPE!
  5. Wantsit

    Monday 3rd December 2018

  6. Wantsit

    Sunday 2nd December 2018

    Nope not today !
  7. Wantsit

    Wantsit is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    WOW !! Thank you everyone! I have to say it feels like a huge deal. I don't remember the last time I looked forward to something like this...that had such a mental meaning so powerful. I have enjoyed all the banter , and the comments along with the encouragement each one of you have made or been a part of , it has certainly made these last 4 weeks a lot easier than I was expecting. I still struggle at times but lately it seems to be a fleeting moment compared to what it used to be and I believe this site has been a huge part of my success to this point. I know it's not over...just a first step. But once again ,THANK YOU!! for all your help and insight with this journey.
  8. Wantsit

    One Question

    LOL!! I'm an asshole as well! But you ladies make me laugh so it's all good!
  9. Wantsit

    Where does it come from?

    Hey Stewie...two more days and you'll owe me a party for beating that "motherfucker nicodemon!! I am going to do it- NO DOUBT!!

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