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  1. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    Keep it under your hat!
  2. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    I’m in hot water Im getting under the covers
  3. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    jillar is smoking hot!!
  4. Wantsit

    I failed today.

    The thing is you have to stay strong. Your friends cannot change because you do. I know, when I play golf with my buddies they feel guilty because they smoke in front of me. I tell them no worries...do what you need to do. I will say though...those smoking out there that are 10-15 ft from me sure smell good and that is the only time they do. The rest of the time I cannot stand the smell. You have to stay strong around them and learn to deal with it.
  5. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    She is hot!
  6. Wantsit

    Who's on the train...

    Hello All- Name: Wantsit Quit date: November 2nd 5:46 PM Why: I watched my dad fight throat cancer, 5 bypass surgery. He lost all his teeth from radiation along with his ability to make saliva. His lungs were trashed and all I could do was watch him die a slow miserable death from smoking and I would light another up as I got in my pickup. After 40 years of smelling like a butt and waking up choking every day I decided NO MORE! It's been a bit of a struggle lately but have been able to say no the little monster that keeps nudging me the last few days. He can knock but isn't coming in. I like being a non smoker and do not ever want to go back there. I do not want to ever feel like I did for a week and half. I am one day at a time, but it works. This place and you all have been my salvation during this. To that I say THANK YOU!
  7. Wantsit

    Friday 8 th febuary 2019

  8. Wantsit

    How it used to be

    You are exactly right Dave. I work with a guy that does this and the smell is 100X worse.
  9. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    He’s got a new flame.
  10. Wantsit

    Linda Thomas is 6 months smoke free!

    What an inspiration you've been Linda. I'm very happy for you.
  11. Congrats Recip and thanks for all you encouragement and words of wisdom you provide here. It has meant a lot and helped me throughout the last 3 months!

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