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  1. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    What a funky monkey
  2. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    I 'm looking good in this suit.
  3. Wantsit

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    That a girl! We'll get this. Glad you're good. Keeping our toes warm today as well. Stared out at 0 this morning with light snow here in the land of, Oz so can relate to your weather. Have a great weekend and be sure to wear red tomorrow. GO CHIEFS!
  4. Wantsit

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    How you doing Linda? I've been thinking about you today. I hope you have found some peace after a rough day. Stay strong , and know you're in our thoughts.
  5. Wantsit

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    You Linda are the bomb!! Always remember that. We need the sunshine you bring here. Chin up and be proud for all you've accomplished.
  6. Wantsit

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Linda , you helped talk me off the ledge the other day when I was going over. You have done so much good and have helped so many people here with your kind words and caring. Now it's our turn. Hang in there and stay strong. You are a super lady! Don't let anyone make you think less. You can and will do this, you have worked to hard to go back now. Stay true darlin and know we are all thinking and wishing you the best.
  7. Wantsit

    First big test

    Wow...here we go. My first huge test and crave since the beginning of this adventure. Just found out the company I work for is being sold. Tital waves right now. What’s b!tch.
  8. Wantsit

    Monday 14th January 2019

  9. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    That's what I thought
  10. Good post jillar! The funny thing is there was a time I felt like I was dying for one. I don't mean ha ha funny.
  11. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    I'm about to have a wreck
  12. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    The nerve of you
  13. Wantsit

    First big test

    I just want to begin this by saying thank you to all of that are out there supporting us that are liable to stumble. I had the perfect chance and excuse to fail but didn't , and who knows what will happen in the weeks to come but I haven't yet. I feel most of my strength has come from my support and knowledge that I have gotten from a few very good people here. THANK YOU! I have the utmost respect for all of you.
  14. Wantsit

    Saturday 12 January 2019

  15. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    Blue morning blue day.
  16. Wantsit

    Friday 11 th January 2019

    NOPE I say!
  17. Wantsit

    New trigger

    You're right recip-I'm not that type of person and wouldn't act that way to begin with. And I do like you said , know what it's like and do not want to be there. I am finding this out with my wife. After all these years of being together this is separating us at times . I do feel sorry for them because it just plain sucks.
  18. Wantsit

    New trigger

    Oh how right you are! They walk through there with their noses in the air and fanning their hands acting as though they are going to pass out. It makes you want to say...GO AROUND! LOL! This year I will get to set with all the stuck up people on the other side. Did you ever notice that? The nonsmokers always seemed a little snootier on the other side of the ship. Maybe spending time over there will lift me up to their level! After all...I am a non smoker right now. Thank you for shedding a different light on this for me!

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