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  1. Thank you Linda! Is it not fun now? Not that there is not a crave from time to to time but it is a hell of a lot easier now than a month ago!
  2. Welcome Kitano! There are great people here to share their experiences and wisdom with you. Listen and take note of all the help available to you. I'm glad to see you doing this at such an early age. 40 years here and I do wish I would have done it 26 years ago! Go for it and stay with it.
  3. Good for you Linda! I agree 100%. We are all different and I admire your fortitude and determination!!
  4. Lilly, I'm somewhat a freak when it comes to smoke. I hate the way it smells, that's one of the reasons I quit, after all those years. I was tired of always having to try to hide it. Gum always, cologne on almost all the time. Most people never new I smoked , this coming from them. I am not going to be one of those ex smokers that bag people that do smoke . My point was it is hard for me to to be in a vehicle that smells of stale smoke, smelling smoke on my wife is hard no matter how hard I try. I noticed it when we both smoked. I just hate it more now than ever. I will get over it or used to it, but do not have to like it. would rather be like this than smoking again. That I never want.
  5. OK Kate....great job fighting this off! It sucks!! and we know what you feel right now. I have been struggling this week for what ever reason but all I have to do is think about how I felt the first 4 days and it passes. Stay strong Darlin and you will do fine!
  6. Awesome Linda!! I can feel your your slight frustration lately. But I have to say you're a winner! Great job.
  7. Wantsit says with emphasis: No problem...we work together on this. Our choice. EZPZ
  8. NOPE Again!! This getting to be a habit!!?
  9. Sslip, The problem is I now find the smell disgusting. It just stinks...period. I won't tell her she has to quit because I never know what will happen with me, I'm not even 2 months in yet. But some times it does make it hard for me and at the same time pisses me off. It's her call..I hope I make so she will see the difference it makes with me and decides do it as well. We all make our own choices and mine is to not smoke . I'm thinking a new driver or putter this spring for my little reward.
  10. Thanks Sarge but not looking for a hedge to start again. I have no desire to. There are never any packs laying around or ashtrays full, as I stated we do not smoke in our home and haven't for 20 years. I do hate the smell now point blank. She knows it, but cannot stop. I do not want want it to be a problem but will say when in a truck that smells of smoke...that is a problem , and made it hard for me to deal with , you are no undeniably a stronger person than I am as that made me want to smoke worse than I have in my quit. I do have to deal with it...and will. Just looking to see how others did.
  11. Just out of curiosity...do any of you have spouses that continue to smoke? I'm finding it hard to deal with the smells at times. She doesn't smoke while in our truck and we never smoked in our homes, but when she comes in from having one I can hardly stand it. I try and remember it's only been a month and 8 days or whatever, and I don't want to be one of those people that start bitching now that I'm not smoking , but how do you deal with it ? Finding it tough right now.

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