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  1. Congratulations Octain! Well done!
  2. Sparky, As you can see I am very early into my quit, a month and a day. All I can say is that the people on this site care. I had quit once before but this time is totally different. I want it...like I have never wanted anything. I realize I could fail but I'm not worried about it right now. Is it easy nope but it is easier. I hate cigarettes...the smell , the stigma everything about them. My wife still smokes, and that is something that weighs heavy on my mind. Most people asks if that makes it harder. I can honestly say no now. I'm not the one that smells like smoke and trying to find a warm place to blow one when we go somewhere. There is no smoking when we are traveling unless we stop and she can get out of the truck. I am not one of those holy rollers...yet... but cannot ...do not... want to be around it. I wish she would at least try again , but she must not be ready. But that aside , listen to these folks because they are the best, and genuinely care. I will stay quit, I feel it this time and hope that you get that same feeling back. Good luck and like they say..NOPE!
  3. WOW !! Thank you everyone! I have to say it feels like a huge deal. I don't remember the last time I looked forward to something like this...that had such a mental meaning so powerful. I have enjoyed all the banter , and the comments along with the encouragement each one of you have made or been a part of , it has certainly made these last 4 weeks a lot easier than I was expecting. I still struggle at times but lately it seems to be a fleeting moment compared to what it used to be and I believe this site has been a huge part of my success to this point. I know it's not over...just a first step. But once again ,THANK YOU!! for all your help and insight with this journey.
  4. LOL!! I'm an asshole as well! But you ladies make me laugh so it's all good!
  5. Hey Stewie...two more days and you'll owe me a party for beating that "motherfucker nicodemon!! I am going to do it- NO DOUBT!!
  6. A big thank you to everyone!! I realize I have a much longer road ahead of me but I just want everyone to know that you all make it much easier. I look forward to just popping in here if only for a minuet each day. You have helped me make my life better by you knowing the feel of this! I have a high stress job so it would be easy to blame a relapse on that, but just the encouragement here along with the challenges to stay quit makes it different this time. Thank you!
  7. Okay- it seems to have been a long time but here it is. Damn I feel good today !! First day without an overwhelming crave even for a minuet. I know it's not over but it felt GREAT for one day! I still have a few hours before sleep but have enjoyed it SO much so far. I just want it to continue. A person shouldn't have to want to feel this way. I just want to be able to say NOPE the rest of my days. Have a great night everyone!
  8. Great job Cader!! I'm chasing you...5 more days.
  9. Welcome Leon. As you can see I am just beginning my quit this month. The people here have been super and the information available is limitless. Everyone has gone through exactly what you will go through and will be here to help without judgement. Keep the faith!
  10. You guys are the bomb!! Thank you for all your positive thoughts!
  11. Thank you jillar. I hope so because up until now I've done really well. We buried a friend of mine today...62 years old because of lung cancer. Have to stay strong!
  12. My dad smoked over 40 years. Had 5 by-pass surgery, half his voice box removed, COPD, and had quit for 26 years. We had just got done eating a great breakfast...pancakes , eggs, bacon , and a great cup of coffee. I watched him push himself away from the table and reach for his pocket. I couldn't believe it. I said really? He said you don't understand I could smoke one so easy right now it would make your head spin , but it will pass very quick. That is how strong this is. He died because of smoking and I still crave it on a daily basis. I feel guilty for how I feel and think how can you quit and crave it after 26 years? I know it will take time but pray every day I can withstand the temptation. This sucks! How can something like this control your life? I have quit what I thought were a lot worse habits as a youngster and realize now just what kind of grip these nasty things have on me. I hate it!
  13. LOL!! Stewie. Thank you and you have a deal on the celebration!
  14. Thank you all. I wasn't prepared for the want yesterday, if you can call it that. I appreciate all the feed back. Today will be better.

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