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  1. Lol! I don’t think the doggie was what you’re in reference to young lady!!
  2. Wantsit

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    Imagine the way that must feel
  3. Come on Doreen!! I see that as bribery! Cute doggie ! Really! LMAO!
  4. Congrats Boo! You are a staple here.
  5. Well look at you Opah!! All Nicotine free still! Great job!! We knew you would do it!
  6. Don't even think about it Opah it will just make things worse. Don't put anything in your mouth you can light on fire. Ride it it out...it will pass. Listen to this people and you will pull out of it with flying colors I promise!
  7. Wantsit

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    He's a crack head
  8. Wantsit

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    He's one tough hombre
  9. So sorry for your loses Opah. These last 3 out of four months have been a bit trying here as well. But the strange thing is every time I thought about a smoke for a second it vanished as quick as it came. I didn't even consider lighting up. It has been 4 months and I feel totally different than I have in 40 years. I don't feel like I have to have the damn things every time something bad happens and it sounds like you are almost there yourself. Don't give in now because you're there! I saw first hand what it looks like to go through the pain of needing the Nicobitch and I didn't realize I was once that way. It saddened me see her go through the desperation of needing that first smoke of the day and not able to have it, it had been14 hours, being around our grandkids. I actually hurt for her so bad that I told her to please consider and try to think about putting them down. Done rambling but Great job Opah, and keep on keepin on!
  10. I just wanted to thank everyone. With out the support from everyone here I never would have made it this far. You people are the bomb!! Thank you all for being here when you're needed the most!
  11. Wantsit

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    I’m gonna ring your bell
  12. Wantsit

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    Keep it under your hat!
  13. Wantsit

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    I’m in hot water Im getting under the covers
  14. Wantsit

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    jillar is smoking hot!!
  15. The thing is you have to stay strong. Your friends cannot change because you do. I know, when I play golf with my buddies they feel guilty because they smoke in front of me. I tell them no worries...do what you need to do. I will say though...those smoking out there that are 10-15 ft from me sure smell good and that is the only time they do. The rest of the time I cannot stand the smell. You have to stay strong around them and learn to deal with it.
  16. Hello All- Name: Wantsit Quit date: November 2nd 5:46 PM Why: I watched my dad fight throat cancer, 5 bypass surgery. He lost all his teeth from radiation along with his ability to make saliva. His lungs were trashed and all I could do was watch him die a slow miserable death from smoking and I would light another up as I got in my pickup. After 40 years of smelling like a butt and waking up choking every day I decided NO MORE! It's been a bit of a struggle lately but have been able to say no the little monster that keeps nudging me the last few days. He can knock but isn't coming in. I like being a non smoker and do not ever want to go back there. I do not want to ever feel like I did for a week and half. I am one day at a time, but it works. This place and you all have been my salvation during this. To that I say THANK YOU!

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