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  1. You are exactly right Dave. I work with a guy that does this and the smell is 100X worse.
  2. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    He’s got a new flame.
  3. What an inspiration you've been Linda. I'm very happy for you.
  4. Congrats Recip and thanks for all you encouragement and words of wisdom you provide here. It has meant a lot and helped me throughout the last 3 months!
  5. Thank you cat! It has and is. I love not being captive to such an ugly vice. I know We have stay aware but it's going to be okay! Thank you!!
  6. I want to thank you all!! You have made this so much easier than I anticipated . Not easy ....but easier! I couldn't have done it without you. THANK YOU!
  7. I’m glad to hear things are becoming a bit more bearable for you lately Linda. Keep being strong, I know I have found I rarely think of a smoke anymore. it Just doesn’t appeal to me now. That being said, I know what can happen really quick and keep that in the back of my mind. Stress is a major player in this little trip we’re on. Keep it it up , you are doing great!
  8. That was an outstanding read MLMR. Thank you for sharing and stay true to yourself.
  9. You crushed it my friend!! I hope to make it this far!
  10. I'm starting to see the weakness of the smoker or the addiction. I had several people that are with the company buying us out come to our facility today. One of the guys asked where the smoking areas were. I told him and he wanted to know if I wanted to join him. Maybe I just look like a smoker...I don't know, but I told him I was almost 3 months quit. He started to tell me that I had to miss it! I said no...not at this time that I was ready to quit when I did. No way...his wife was trying and was having a terrible time. I told him it was easy...I did it a 1000 times before!! The whole thing is, he kept trying to get me to go out and join him. He couldn't take no for an answer. That is BS! I don't want to smoke and he was trying as hard as he could to get me to go out with him. What does it take to be able to just say no? Didn't do it and proud of it. But why push us? To make themselves feel better? It's hard enough for the most part without being goaded...makes me want to say go piss up rope! Sorry just saying!!
  11. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    It's as light as piss on a rock
  12. Said perfectly! Thanks for helping put all this in perspective.
  13. It's Saturday here but NOPE!!
  14. Very proud of you Linda in more ways than one. They are our parents and we have to be there as we can for them now that the shoe is on the other foot. I know how difficult things can get but hell, it couldn't have always been easy for them. I'm going through issues with my mother now and would have never dreamed this would happen. Ha ...I was always her favorite and now i can't even talk to her, but will do what I have to, to have peace with myself. Super proud of you for keeping the quit, and stay strong there is only room for improvement.

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