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  1. You have been one of the ones I've admired since I came on board MLMR. You have my thoughts with with you. Hang on and stay strong you are one of the best. Just be what you have to be. You have lot's of support here. I know I'm late here but still thinking of you.
  2. You’re the bomb Linda! Thanks for all you support here.
  3. Thank you! This has place and everyone here has been awesome. Thank you all for the support!
  4. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    Well that really bites!
  5. Congrats Boo great accomplishment!
  6. I’ve found hot fudge shakes will take care of those craves as well Desperate!
  7. Not breathing or struggling too is a horrible feeling. After smoking close to 40 years it’s a wonder I can breathe at all. Our bodies must be tougher than we give it credit for. I hope they get you taken care of sooner than later. I just didn’t think it made any sense that you could quit smoking and breathe worse than what did while smoking. I think that is one reason it’s been somewhat difficult for me of late. Best wishes Abby.
  8. Lol! I don’t think the doggie was what you’re in reference to young lady!!
  9. Wantsit

    Phrase Connect Game

    Imagine the way that must feel
  10. Come on Doreen!! I see that as bribery! Cute doggie ! Really! LMAO!
  11. Congrats Boo! You are a staple here.
  12. Well look at you Opah!! All Nicotine free still! Great job!! We knew you would do it!

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