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  1. Oh how right you are! They walk through there with their noses in the air and fanning their hands acting as though they are going to pass out. It makes you want to say...GO AROUND! LOL! This year I will get to set with all the stuck up people on the other side. Did you ever notice that? The nonsmokers always seemed a little snootier on the other side of the ship. Maybe spending time over there will lift me up to their level! After all...I am a non smoker right now. Thank you for shedding a different light on this for me!
  2. Wantsit

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    WeegieWoman out of control hungry!
  3. Wantsit

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    Just eat it and be quiet about it
  4. It is strange , the things that bring on craves. For me one is staying in Hotels. I know it sounds strange since you cannot smoke in most of them , but we've stayed in two the last month and a half and after we get settled in and pour a drink I really would like to go out and have one. It passes quickly but it's been about the only time I really have a stronger crave. This scares me as well because we are going on another cruise in April and I told my wife last night that has me worried even though I haven't really struggled much lately. There is something about setting there with a drink in your hand , soaking in the sun , listening to the Caribbean music and looking out across the Ocean while enjoying a smoke. She said she would hurt me if that happened...promises, promises , I told her. But seriously, that has me more concerned than any time since I've quit. I'll make it through but just thinking ahead.
  5. This make me want another dog! There's nothing like them!
  6. Better later than never. NOPE!
  7. Wantsit

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    They're going to make a hand.
  8. Wantsit

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    He is way out there!
  9. Wantsit

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    What's the good word?
  10. Tital waves Jaime!! But as time goes on it gets so much better I promise. Before you know it it you won't even think about them or at least very long Stay strong and adjust the way you think and break your habits you used to have when you would light up. It will surprise you just how much is habit and not need. You will get passed this and feel so much better.
  11. Thank you all again. I just want you all to know how much you've helped me through this journey. The wisdom, compassion, understanding and BS here has made this so much easier. I just want you to know you've made the bumpy ride so much smoother. Once again, thank you!
  12. Wantsit

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    Going forward we need to change a few things.
  13. Thank you Whispers.
  14. Thank you all! Was thinking to myself the other day just my luck...I quit to late.
  15. Thank you Jillar. I've felt all the above. I did go to the Dr. about 4-5 months ago and at that time everything looked good. Thank you for your response...it's made me feel better for the time being.
  16. Stay strong Lia...it won 't be long until you love the smell of NO SMOKE on anything you wear! And not being looked at like a piece of poo when you are out smoking in the corner of where ever you are. Tomorrow will be 60 days for me and I have to say, it hasn't been quite as hard as what I was afraid it would be, but I have certainly had my moments and still do. Just remember the first week and how you felt and hopefully that will keep you from going back to that point. It has worked for me so far, as I never want that feeling again! Good luck...you can do this!
  17. Thank you! I've noticed it for about the last 2 weeks and it just had me a bit concerned. I really haven't noticed any junk since I've quit and I figured after all those years I would have. Just more coughing than usual and the above mentioned.
  18. Overall I feel 100% better than I did 60 days ago. But I have noticed that my breathing seems more labored...maybe shorter than it did before i quit. I feel it working out , in bed or just setting . I do have an inhaler I use when necessary but it seems worse than before. I know what this is from , just wondering if any of you noticed this when you quit.
  19. Nope!! Two months tomorrow!! Would you look at that!
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    I'm always the last to know!

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