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  1. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

  2. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

  3. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

  4. Sslip

    New To This Forum!!!!

    Welcome aboard MwBenson. Good to have you here with us. That's a nice quit you have going there, you should be enormously proud of what you have achieved so far. Hope to see you around.
  5. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

  6. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

  7. Sslip

    Kermit is 8 Months Smoke Free!!

    Huge congratulations on 8 months quit Kermit! It's great to be part of a January quit group that are doing so well. Keep celebrating these milestones, you have earnt it.
  8. Sslip


    Great to see you preparing for the more difficult days. It shows how much this means to you. Stick with it because these are the days that truly make or break a quit. One god awful cigarette and it takes an age to try again. Shout if there is any way in which we can help. You have this.
  9. Sslip

    Wednesday 19th September 2018

    A tired and bleary-eyed nope!
  10. Sslip

    this is HUGE!

    Fantastic news Christa. That's a big event you just got through there, not just unscathed, but with flying colours. Be very proud of yourself this past weekend.
  11. Sslip

    Tuesday 18th September 2018

    Late today, but Nope!
  12. Sslip

    The Last 3 Letters Game

    Evokes responses seriously
  13. Sslip

    This or That game

    Okay if u have to choose one then peppermint. I'd prefer the raspberry but you can pick up that combination of sweet and tart elsewhere. Burger must have cheese or do without?

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