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  1. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

    0 Day off in the week is always good, hope that to do list doesn't take all day. I'm good, today and tomorrow at work then a couple of weeks off Is Mumbai a little less rainy today Tammy?
  2. Sslip

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Maybe think a little harder about going with the fluffy treat next time?
  3. Sslip

    Word Association Game

  4. Sslip

    Linked Words Game

    Horse trade
  5. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

    Hey Fluffy, are you good this morning? 1
  6. Sslip

    Change A Letter Game

  7. Sslip

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Do the weans appreciate the pool more than you would appreciate the hot tub?
  8. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

    1 Good day all!
  9. Sslip

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Is that still refreshing the parts other beers cannot reach?
  10. Sslip

    Game *The answer is a question*

    You're not talking about the Coors lite are you?
  11. Sslip

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Is it not more a cold beer kind of experience?
  12. Sslip

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Don't you think I prefer the idea of the hot tub though?
  13. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

  14. Sslip

    Game *The answer is a question*

    You're kind, why don't you bring it over, you could pay a visit to the UK as well?

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