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  1. c9jane29

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    Edited to say it would not let me take the jillar quote box off, but I'm sure the sentiment would be the same
  2. c9jane29

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    Or Google addiction and the changes it's made in you mind and body...early on, education was key for me. Do you do things for yourself, like ever? Quitting is one thing can selfishly I dulge yourself in. Eat all the chocolates, take 3 baths a day, go get a haircut...take time to get to know the new non-smoking you!
  3. c9jane29

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    Hey now! You knew this was coming right? You're prepared for this battle! You put on your NOPE armor and you fight! You are worth more than smoking. There is a light, I'm gonna tell you, the lights in Freedom City with blind you because you've only seen the world through a cloud of smoke. I don't know you, but please don't smoke
  4. c9jane29

    Do other addictions suck just as much?

    I think it all comes down to that vicious dopamine cycle and what pathways are created by the drug. I've read that some drugs change the survival part of your brain creating false instincts that can over ride your primal need for survival...thus causing people to abuse use knowing they could die. As for the cravings, I think a def yes on that...I mean, our brain loves dopamine and short cuts and if we've created false pathways in our brain "to feel good is to abuse drugs" then we will constantly seek out this source of pleasure. I've never used heavy drugs, or had a underwear sniffing problem. I've smoked a fair share of weed, I drank heavily in my late 20's, but easy to give up once I started having kids so my knowledge is also limited.
  5. c9jane29

    What are you doing right now

    I know! I was stationed in San Diego, close to the beach we would get a bit of rain but it's gotten worse over the years. I'm in Tx, so it's not like we get that much either...that's why I'm taking advantage of both the weather and the husband😉
  6. c9jane29

    What are you doing right now

    Watching the movie Coco for the 147th time, it's currently THE bedtime movie...also waiting on hubby to come home from work so we can sit on the porch and kiss each other in the rain😘
  7. There are been so many wonderful changes, but the change in my self worth and self respect is the most important to me...I've spent most of my life feeling not worthy of anything really, but now that I've learned to care and celebrate me and my strength I feel like I can take on the world!
  8. Amen!! High five johnny5, you are alive!!
  9. Yes! I still keep my quit list on the fridge...I quit because: 1) I WANT TO! 2) I DO NOT want the kids to grow up to be smokers. 3) Our family health 4) Expensive waste 5) I do not want to die a young cancer ridden death that my kids have to watch. 6) I LOVE MY FAMILY! I stay quit because of one little broken heart...a precious baby girl, knocked out, strapped down, tubes to machines I don't even know what they are for...crying and driving and praying...then one day, my prayers were answered, tears wiped, the car parked and I know that my quit is Divine. I will never smoke again. Just NOPE.
  10. c9jane29

    August Roll Call !!!!

    Here... I hate it when the camera opens in selfie mode
  11. c9jane29

    Encouragement poem

    Thanks guys! I'm just proud of every single person that commits to their quit! I love this feeling of accomplishment, pride, happiness...sometimes I just want to (try to) pass it on
  12. c9jane29

    Encouragement poem

    I'm so proud of us! Whether you are doing it the easy way or the hard way; I don't care! I only care that you love yourself enough to try! No Man's Land can be a lonely place but please know this: You are not alone. Freedom is right in your reach. NOPE isn't "just a word" that we preach. It's the magic word. The key. The only way you'll ever be free from those weeds that kill and destroy free will. Smoking only takes, it can never give. Quitting isn't winning until you begin. And, please take heart, as you trudge thru the sand, You are NEVER alone in No Man's Land. Those ahead and those behind; We will always be right by your side. Just take our hand because we understand the courage to took to start.
  13. c9jane29

    Sslip is 6 Months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations friend!! Keep on climbing that rope Shane cuz we're waiting for you!!🤗
  14. Thank you guys so much!! I'm SO PROUD, just so damn proud of myself...not just for one year of quitting smoking but for the growth in me. I'm a new person (I'm going to cry). Quitting fixed me. It changed the way I look at myself and my place in this world. I'm not a come in late and stand at the back kind of person, but smoking made me that person... I'm not someone who will tell white lies to go hide and use drugs, but smoking made me that person. But, like any abusive relationship, enough is enough and it's time to walk away. I found all those things about me that I thought were lost...confidence, self-esteem, joy, motivation...I was burning them away...20 times a day. Never again, never ever, always vigilant, always NOPE. Thank you guys for celebrating today with me, I'm proud of all of us. Thank you for being here for people like me who have no one else that really cares. THANK YOU! P.S. to anyone who cares, sorry I've been away. My daughter needed specific care that caused me to be away for the past 6ish weeks. But, good news is no surgery, significant improvement, follow up in Sept.

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