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  1. c9jane29

    Free insults

    Bakon, you didn't just get hit with a the ugly stick; you were drug thru the whole damn forest. Boo, your face is so ugly you make onions cry. I like this game🤗 Jane
  2. c9jane29


    I'll tell you a secret; my junkie brain tried a few times last week to get me to buy weed. I sat around for almost a whole day wondering who I knew that I could call. It went as far as trying to figure out if I could get to Colorado(where it's legal) and back while the kids were in school. 😵 or could my mom pick them up? I haven't smoked weed in a good 10 years and bringing any back would be a felony...junkie brain at it's best. It caught me by suprise; I'm glad that I'm secure enough that I could laugh at myself during it, but a 10year old memory totally halted my life. It reminds me to never drop my guard, always stay vigilant. Resolve forged in fire can not be broken! Sending strength of mind and heart your way🙃
  3. c9jane29


    I have monkey toes and pick up most of the house with my feet to avoid bending over🙈
  4. c9jane29

    Decided to quit smoking today

    Hey GM456! Wanted to check in on you and your quit... Hope you are taking charge and staying strong!
  5. c9jane29

    Day 1 again!!!

    Lilly, the train says hi!! Hope you haven't given up on your quit! Please give yourself this gift...it will change your life. Don't give up on yourself!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  6. c9jane29

    Fearing the Crave

    I've never liked the word "craving" when I quit. To me, a craving means something I want...I did NOT want to smoke. They were only memories. My dying addiction reminding(begging) me that I used to smoke at certian times. Just NOPE and find something else to do.
  7. c9jane29

    7:30 pm quit

    Dang, that's a good looking quit kdad!! Gold star for you!!
  8. c9jane29

    MLMR is 2 months smoke free!

    Congratulations MLMR!!! I'm so happy for you, friend!! Wear that quit with pride; you've earned it!
  9. c9jane29

    Post a Song you Like

    @notsmokinjo 🎶 🎤🎶 Incubus is one of my favorite bands!! Love it, thanks🤗
  10. I had heard about this too! I heard UK governments were pushing to ban single use filters and control unnecessary packaging. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/environment/cost-cigarettes-rise-tobacco-industry-smoking-environment-who-climate-change-pollution-a8564796.html%3famp
  11. c9jane29

    What are you doing right now

    Both, I have a big backyard😘
  12. c9jane29

    What are you doing right now

    My husband does not have looks...I married him for his wanker🙈
  13. c9jane29

    Wow...nearly six days

    Congrats on 6 days free from the chains of smoking slavery, Pumpkin!! Keep those doggie kisses coming, I love it!!
  14. I see you peeking in Lin!! Hope all is well :)

  15. c9jane29

    MissyCat is 4 years smoke free!

    Much respect to you, MissyCat! Congratulations and celebrate well; you deserve it!

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