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  1. Congratulations on 6 months JohnQ!! I hope you are enjoying your first holiday season as a non-smoker KTQ!!
  2. Kdad, my friend, what do you think those nasty things are doing for you? You forgot the basics of quitting...you forgot your rewards, you let the romance build up, you forgot your NOPE. You have to hang on to the basics, you have to remember quitting is as easy as just not smoking. I'm sending you strength, I'm sending you hope because I really want you to quit again. I want you to find your power. Cigarettes do nothing for you. If you need a break from your day then walk away from what your doing, get a cold drink, eat a small chocolate. Remember H A L T (hungry, angry, lonely, tired).
  3. WhooooHooooo!!! Congratulations Jo!! Let's get this party started
  4. Congrats on 3 months, Layla! Remember your reward...keep feeling good, keep loving your quit...grow with it, learn with it, learn from it and it's sure to last! KTQ!!
  5. Oh, the addict would have thought it the Holy Grail to find those!! It's a wonderful feeling to be free of even the thought of stopping!! I love stories of power and confidence! I'm glad you're out getting in your steps, breathing in that good air....good day to you, sir
  6. High five Smoking dreams are pesky, but better when you can come away feeling good. Keep loving your quit, Kate!
  7. Congratulations Kate 18 This lady... won't even dream of smoking!! I say double reward! Keep the quit, friend
  8. We highly stress education and awareness of nicotine addiction. It's easier to fight an enemy you know. At the top of this page there are pages tacked with a green pin, go thru them, read everything...read it twice Education is how we gain power over things like "romancing" and "cravings" You will learn that nicotine has actually changed the chemical make up of your brain, and you have to push the reset button. We use sayings like Not One Puff Ever, Never Take Another Puff not because we're brainwashed, but because we've gotten to know our addiction. We know one puff will le
  9. Congrats BKPThanks for everything you do here!
  10. Congratulations Mona 7 months already!! I hope you find a way to celebrate today! These months in-between the beginning of your quit and the one year mark (no man's land) can feel lonely. The new quit shine has worn off for the people in your life; some days seem to trudge on. That's why these rewards are so important. They are the mental balloons for your party. Every day you are quit is a celebration!! Remember that! Today we celebrate you, Mona, and all your badass-ness
  11. Of course you do, we all feel weak in our addiction...but remember the power you felt in your quit? Remember the strength you found with in yourself? You can't listen to the nicotine receptors; they are full power right now telling you all the lies. " You're weak, you're overpowered, you can't quit again...who care? Why try?" These are the lies of the demon. You, my friend, are much stronger; I know! We've watched you climb the rope before, we remember the warrior in you. Yes, the task may seem more daunting (if you keep looking back), the land ahead may seem to stretch for miles, bu
  12. Well, put on your big boy pants and get to climbing, friend. The rules haven't changed... I hope every one of those cigarettes tasted like a smelly elephant butt. Glad you're back tho...you can't let the addiction win.
  13. Yum! Biscuits and gravy is a weekend breakfast special around here! I don't make lumpy gravy tho, unless you're talking about the sausage; which is the only way to make true biscuits and gravy If you want the whole breakfast bowl experience, add a little scrambled eggs on top
  14. Congratulations on 7 years, Joe!! What an accomplishment That sweet baby will never know you as a smoker, smell that smell on you, have to ask their mom what you're doing...it's such a blessing!

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