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  1. Thanks @reciprocity!! I had a great day! I still love my quit! Every day I'm happy I quit smoking; it's still hands down the best thing I've ever done for myself. I do love glitter and Britney Spears...I'll throw in a little Bob Ross and really get this party started
  2. Hip hooray, Layla! 4 months already!! You've made it thru the holidays and now will bring in the new year as a non-smoker! You are awesome!!
  3. Happy Christmas everyone!! We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season...my heart is so full! I send my love and prayers to each of you.
  4. Congratulations, friend!! You have always been stronger than you gave yourself credit for...I'm glad you finally found your strength We love you, happy Christmas!!
  5. Congrats Kate18!! That one year is coming up fast! KTQ!
  6. I missed it too!! How exciting Angeleek!!! We're ready to have you in the one year club! We are so proud of your hard work, it pays off! I hope you remembered your reward...maybe we dancing shoes because you're on your way to your lido deck party!
  7. Welcome Back, SamDy! We're always here to support, but it's up to you to do the work! The rules haven't changed, once you quit you become a non-smoker...let that become your mantra when the stinking thinking creeps in. "NOPE! I'm a non-smoker now!" Then find something else to do. I used chocolate in the beginning as a supplement to redirect my brain, it also mimicked the blood sugar/dopamine spike nicotine gives us...that happy feeling. It helps to know your enemy... google every thing about nicotine; find out how it's hijacked your brain. It has basically changed your brain to override
  8. You just have to want your quit more. Your quit is what you put into it.. it's the best most selfish thing you ever get to do for yourself. You get to do it your own way! There is no wrong way, but the only way is to never put another cigarette in your mouth ever again. That's the only rule, the secret, the magic...NOPE. Take this time to mourn, grow up and out of you smoking life, emerge as a new non-smoking butterfly and just say goodbye. Get educated on nicotine addiction; understand the chemical changes that you are going thru to help you cope with the early withdrawal. Learn about H
  9. Hey! I made a pie for no reason...now it has a reason!! Happy birthday, my friend!! We love you!!
  10. Congratulations on 19 years, Christian! Thanks for all you still do here. We appreciate that you still come by to visit and give your wisdom. I hope even after 19 years you still remember to reward yourself; a 19 year quit might be its own reward, huh? I tip my hat to you, sir. Happy holidays!
  11. Congratulations Mac#23!! I hope you are enjoying your smoke free holidays! You are proof that an educated quit makes all the difference can't wait to celebrate you on the lido deck!!
  12. Congratulations on 6 months JohnQ!! I hope you are enjoying your first holiday season as a non-smoker KTQ!!
  13. Kdad, my friend, what do you think those nasty things are doing for you? You forgot the basics of quitting...you forgot your rewards, you let the romance build up, you forgot your NOPE. You have to hang on to the basics, you have to remember quitting is as easy as just not smoking. I'm sending you strength, I'm sending you hope because I really want you to quit again. I want you to find your power. Cigarettes do nothing for you. If you need a break from your day then walk away from what your doing, get a cold drink, eat a small chocolate. Remember H A L T (hungry, angry, lonely, tired).
  14. WhooooHooooo!!! Congratulations Jo!! Let's get this party started

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