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  1. 4 years already L4L!! Congratulations!! I hope you take some time to today to think about how awesome this achievement really is! We're all really happy for you! And, of course, remember your reward
  2. Happy Birthday, MQ...thanks for all you do.
  3. Congrats Kate!! 7 months is awesome!! Keep climbing that rope...you'll be on the lido deck before you know it. Remember your reward for this fantastic occasion! You have earned it! I hope you had a great day!!
  4. Congratulations Kdad!! 2 YEARS already! Amazing! I hope you reward yourself today and take time to reflect on how wonderful this achievement really is...feel it's power. That's freedom, my friend! We're all so proud of you!
  5. This is true. It's not marked as the drug it is because it's legal and sold in low doses. When I was first quitting, the thing that really got me was learning about how nicotine had changed my brain; nicotine receptors, how it's an antagonist. This is exactly what it does. Looks like you're writing your first commercial
  6. They did tell us those thing in school. We even had a teacher that brought in a fake lung with cotton filling and would let us pump this foot pump to suck smoke inside so we could see it turn yellow. But, I lived with smokers. Everyone in my family smoked, all the people I was around as a kid smoked so it didn't matter what anyone said. I started stealing cigarettes as soon as I could get away with it, my dad bought me a pack when I was 14. It starts at home...my kids are young and I'm already talking to them about it. They see my mom and my sister smoking and they need to hear it fr
  7. Every. Single. Thing. I loved the quitting process, learning about my addiction, how to recover from it, how to over come it...how to live again. I finally love me! My life completely changed; my husband too... quitting will always be the best thing I've ever done.
  8. Potts!! I'm so happy for you!!! Please do something to celebrate today! Take some time to smile and really feel good...you earned it! We remember your struggles, hold them close to remember to never go back, only forward from here! Big congratulations!
  9. "Always vigilant" another motto for the addict...I still have dumb ass thoughts. Not for smoking, but other vices in my life. I'm lucky to be able to laugh at myself. Good for you to recognize it for what it is...a passing thought, a smoky memory. Not a command, not a "craving", just a reminder of a life you once lived but have moved on from. I hope you reward yourself for this big step in your recovery!
  10. I googled plank challenge...I could only hold 20-30 seconds at a time when I started, but I heard a quote that said "Hang on 10 seconds longer after you want to quit" (I love a good motto) so that's what I started doing! I found songs that were right around that 3 min mark so I wasn't watching the clock. That helped mins fly by. After I could hold the standard planks with no shaking, I added in the side arm planks...those were the real challenge!! I tried to do the 100 squat challenge too but...well, no butt I like that you care as a cashier...I think as a smokers we make up the idea tha
  11. You can do anything you set your mind to, Kate!! I started setting weird personal goals too. I got into doing planks. I would do three 3 minutes planks a day. I try to compliment someone every day. I also want to try to start running outside...but I'm not good at running so... we'll see how that goes. Quitting smoking changed my life. It is the single best thing I have ever done. I'm so happy you're feeling it too! Get out there girl, do something new!! (Sadly wishing my black bean spinach salad was raspberry everything brownies )
  12. I've been sending prayers since I got up, Linda!! Keep your bubble wrap handy for the ride home! Sending all my love!
  13. I put my quit date wrong...again. It's in May...ALL of May is my quit day
  14. Layla, first I want to say good for you to take care of yourself the way you do. Mental health is very important; reaching out is the best first step. Is 3 your magic number? You could try to make a new ritual...like with frozen peaches or marichino cherries. Line them up on a pretty plate so you can see them, and if you are sensory seeking, you could make a noise before you eat each one (clap, snap, clink your fork) to mimick the sound of the lighter. I hate to suggest food, but it gives ex-smokers that serotonin dump, blood sugar boost and hand to mouth feel that we're "missing" in our

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