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  1. Thank you guys so much!! I'm SO PROUD, just so damn proud of myself...not just for one year of quitting smoking but for the growth in me. I'm a new person (I'm going to cry). Quitting fixed me. It changed the way I look at myself and my place in this world. I'm not a come in late and stand at the back kind of person, but smoking made me that person... I'm not someone who will tell white lies to go hide and use drugs, but smoking made me that person. But, like any abusive relationship, enough is enough and it's time to walk away. I found all those things about me that I thought were lost...confidence, self-esteem, joy, motivation...I was burning them away...20 times a day. Never again, never ever, always vigilant, always NOPE. Thank you guys for celebrating today with me, I'm proud of all of us. Thank you for being here for people like me who have no one else that really cares. THANK YOU! P.S. to anyone who cares, sorry I've been away. My daughter needed specific care that caused me to be away for the past 6ish weeks. But, good news is no surgery, significant improvement, follow up in Sept.
  2. c9jane29

    Beazel Arrives On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Say hip hip hooray! The cat rules the deck today! Don't get used to it. Congratulations Beazel!
  3. c9jane29

    C9jane29 Is 10 Months Quit Today!!

    Thanks everyone!! I did get to celebrate! My hubby had a random weekday off (he hardly ever does) so we went out for lunch plus bowling/laser tag. Sorry I've been away; I'll get back on track soon. Thank you again for your kind words to lift my spirits! I wish you all strength and health!
  4. c9jane29

    Sslip is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    I can't believe 2 months already!! How exciting and I hope you feel good because you should!! Many more to come friend, just keep ETQ!
  5. c9jane29

    Stressful day

    Hooray Kate!! This is how quits are made...one hurdle at a time! Make sure to reward yourself (smoking would release dopamine) for all your hard work; eat a chocolate, spritz your fav perfume, walk your garden...find that happy thing and use it to get that same release. ETQ!
  6. (((Jo)) This is life. You can't for get that she is her own person. Where things might be nothing to you, it might be a huge deal for her. Kids are weird, my son will get upset about things that happened like 3 days ago, and have a meltdown Sunday night because someone said he had big ears Tuesday on the play ground so...just make sure you are really listening to her (not thinking of what to say when she gets done talking, but really listening.) Anyway, being mom sucks sometimes, but at least doing it non smoking is one less guilt trip to keep you up at night. ETQ!!
  7. c9jane29

    Non-typical thoughts of quitting?

    I read an article/interview with a tabacco bigwig and one line stuck with me so hard--"We do not need to advertise to children. Their smoking parents do that for us." Then 4months later the dr caught a murmur in my daughter's heart, echo revealed a congenital heart defect. I will never smoke again.
  8. c9jane29

    Roopy Is 1 Month Quit Today!!

    Great job Roopy! Holding it together thru the first month is hard! Remain vigilant and KTQ!
  9. c9jane29

    brand.new.ela is 4 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations Ela! Time is starting to add up! I hope you continue to embrace the quit!
  10. c9jane29

    Joe7 Is 10 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations Joe! I'm right behind you, don't let go of that rope buddy! You're almost to the top! KTQ!
  11. c9jane29

    Martian5 is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations on 2 months of freedom! Thank you for being so welcoming of all us new members; it really means a lot. ETQ!
  12. c9jane29

    Urgent Call To The Lido Deck!

    Sorry I'm late for sweepers!! Was checking the sushi bar...looks gooood!!
  13. c9jane29

    QuitTrain and QSMB !!!!

    I'm sure it's gonna be just fine...winkwink
  14. c9jane29

    Lin-quitting Is On The Lido Deck!!

    Congratulations Lin!! How exciting for you!! ETQ! She aint afraid of NO SMOKES!

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