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  1. This is my 3rd day on the 14. I did feel a difference, not to horrible though, but I did feel the pinch. I have 9 left and plan on using all of them. My doctor would have a cow if I didn't. And I want to. I want to do everything I can to make sure this quit sticks.
  2. I never could have quit smoking without patches. They have been a tremendous help. I just stepped down to the 14mg. Felt a little hiccup, but nothing serious. I know a lot of folks are hard core CT. But that does not work for everyone. Exit High Horse.
  3. Yeah, Reciprocity, it's been ingrained for so many years. It will take some time to get to the new normal. I'm a long way from that. But I'm getting there.
  4. Filthy overflowing ashtrays. Rattling lungs Spending large amounts of money that I don't have Being an outcast in public Knowing full well what I was doing to myself and not caring.
  5. Scan done and results show me clean. I dodged a huge bullet. 38 years of heavy smoking. EFF YOU CIGARETTES!
  6. But, back to the OP's original post - I hid warnings on my packs also. And they say that scare tactics don't work anyway.
  7. Yeah, babs, I did that so many times - yuck. It completely ruled my life.

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