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  1. Thank you !!!! Not always easy but doable. Hubby quit 2 months ago, not easy for him or me...thanks to you guys I have made it!!!! Don't misunderstand.. Some days are hell....even now..but the benefits outweigh all else
  2. I celebrate EVERYDAY. Breathing . Thanks everyone and now a smoke free hubby!!!
  3. Doreensfree....you are the anchor to both our quits! Thank you!
  4. Hubby quit!!!!!! Was three weeks Thursday!!!! And........I am still alive He did a patch for 4 days, nrt gum for 2 weeks..... I am so HAPPY!
  5. Hi everybody! Just got back yesterday from a week trip to Florida! Was wonderful to travel as a non-smoker!
  6. Thank you! it's been a specially awesome of late not to be a smoker considering the temperatures are below zero everyday and every night. I don't have to drive with my windows down I don't have to go outside in the freezing temperatures to smoke. When there is a blizzard coming and we've had a few I don't have to worry about stocking up on smokes I can focus on groceries and ice cream.
  7. Yeah for you!!!! Best thing ever! Rewards....however small helped me so much!
  8. I had a moment like that recently, had to laugh...non smoking life is so good!
  9. Yes, smoking truly is difficult! Very much so ..the planning. covering the stench....breath, hair, clothes, truck etc So much time wasted, so many things missed....the LIE !!
  10. So many things!! Stronger, smarter, healthier, freer(more free),calmer,more productive, more focused, less distracted.......
  11. Thanks all!! Been a super great no smoking day!!
  12. Feeling so awesome in my quit!!!! merry christmas to me as a non smoker!!! and merry non smoking christmas to ALL of you!!!

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