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    My pets. My grandkids. Beads. Drag racing. Gardening. . Embroidery. Cross stitch.
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    Aug. 25 2018

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  1. Parsley

    Check in Roll Call and Status check

    I am fine....good really c9jane29 ! Hanging in there....soon 3 months No patch of last Wednesday Like most others, good days and not too good days... But everyday I nope is progress forward...no I don't get my nope on here everyday but I try to read here everyday a few minutes and I NOPE everyday!!
  2. Parsley

    Newbies !!!! Come and tell us ...

    So far I am spending as I go so I feel the rewards immediately ! Sometimes on a daily basis sometimes on a weekly basis ! Raspberries, cappuccino, jacket !
  3. Parsley

    What a week!

  4. Parsley

    Thursday 8 th November 2018

    Still nope. Nope everyday. Have tough days. Tough hours. But!!!! Mostly good! Grateful for all the benefits!!! And there are SO many! Yesterday and today spent with grandkids....no smell, no urges, just happy! I stop in here most everyday, thank you all!
  5. Parsley

    Thursday 8 th November 2018

    Still nope!!!
  6. Parsley

    November Role Call.... who's here???

    Here....by a thread though the last few days...
  7. Parsley

    Linked Words Game

    Jump start
  8. Parsley

    Friday 2nd November 2018

    Happy to still be nope!
  9. Parsley

    Parsley is 2 Months Smoke Free!

  10. Parsley

    Parsley is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Thanks all. !!! It's been a good day. Manicure before work, great lunch! I ordered a coat hoping it would come today to celebrate and it came ! It's called coat of many colors, from the animal rescue site. I love! Breathing better and deeper everyday...
  11. Parsley

    Parsley is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Thank you! It does feel pretty darn good! And it gets easier every day, someday smoking will just be a bad memory
  12. Parsley

    How Does It feel to Quit?

    All of the above and much much more ! When I have more time I'll list all my " best " parts of quitting , there are so many !
  13. Parsley

    Still hanging in!

    Pretty happy! Many more good days than bad, and now most bad days are really only a few hours. Really going to be appreciative when the cold hits and I am not out in the freezing temps and wind and snow!! Happy! Just sayin'
  14. Parsley

    Still hanging in!

    Just a quick note to say, still here, still quit... good days, bad days but no smoking. I get here to read quick and get inspiration not much time to comment though... sorry

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