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  1. That crutch as you call it, is what is holding you down and holding you back. It isnt a crutch instead it is a ball and chain in the deep end of the swimming pool.
  2. I could only enjoy Marlboro Lights but would tolerate other brands if I had to.
  3. Long gone are the days in which the smell of a cig is good (to me). I met up with an old college buddy of mine of the holiday break and we were both saying how nasty it is now that we have long quits under our belts. Trust me there comes a time that the smell is nowhere near appealing and it will downright sicken you. Keep up the good work.
  4. Oof. The pure act of smoking pot gave me the desire to smoke a cig because that is what I did after. I quickly found out that I had to quit drinking and pot to make this work and I have now quit for a substantial period of time. To be honest, I did try edibles and they destroyed my stomach so I really think that I am over that as well. I wouldnt recommend drinking or pot during your initial quit as they are usually triggers for lots of people. Everyone is different though but to me the risk isnt worth it.
  5. Hell yeah man! You have over 7 months! You are doing awesome. Just keep up the good work and remind yourself everyday why you are doing this. As you know it is harder before it becomes easier and then it is just second nature. You have to take action to smoke but you dont have to take any action to NOT smoke. You got this.
  6. Hey Jillar!! Yay another "old" face! I was very lucky to have a great support system when quitting (which includes the online support system)!! I dont recall your health issues. Hope everything is going ok with you and you are managing them.
  7. I can relate to this. I think I had about 3 months quit prior to my sticky quit when I had a night of smoking. I remember that first one and GROSS but I had another and thought EWWWW what am I doing, and then another YUCK. Then the taste the next day, that feeling inside your throat, the smell of your clothes and hands, I shudder at the thought of it. Boy am I glad I am not doing that anymore!!
  8. Wow! It has been a while and for some reason today I had the urge to find my old quit thread so here I am. Actually it was because an article came up on my google feed about the benefits of quitting smoking. Weird! It was refreshing to read it especially when it said that if you quit before the age of 35 you can eliminate almost all the bad things smoking did your body and mind. I havent touched a cig since I quit over 5 and a half years ago when I quit at the age of 34. The previous 2 or so years before that was a long battle with quitting and starting and quitting and starting. But I can confidently say I dont think about smoking anymore, or at least I dont think about WANTING to smoke anymore. When I do think about smoking I think how gross it is, wondered how I ever smoked before, and cant imagine doing it now. And look at those prices! Holy Cow! I was in line at a gas station to get a soda and the lady in front of me bought 4 packs and I couldnt believe how much they were. This is my sticky quit, it has to be as I cant ever go back to smoking again. For all those out there who are currently struggling keep at it. I dont remember how many times I tried or how many times I had 1 month, 3 months, 6 months quit. But what I do know is that I learned from each quit and used the tools I picked up to finalize my sticky quit. I hope you are all doing well.
  9. This, my sticky quit, i did cold turkey. I had tried previous ways and methods none of which stuck. The biggest thing to note is I had to WANT to quit. I had to want it. Secondly, I had to keep myself busy and change my routine especially things I did while smoking. For instance I stopped drinking because that was a big trigger for me. I also kept my mind occupied. I suggest picking up a new hobbyao that when the thrill of quitting is gone you have the thrill of the new hobby. Finally, I used people on these boards as a crutch.
  10. I too would smoke a cig after lifting weights or playing a game of flag football etc... amazing that we would chose to smoke after, at least me, coughing up all that crap while running around.
  11. As this day comes to an end... nope.
  12. To be honest I dont remember my quit date but the moral behind the story is the same... 2 years ago, before my sticky quit I was in trouble. I was struggling to stay quit, I had some good time under my belt including a good strong quit of half a year. Then bam out of nowhere a friend came to town... a friend I would smoke with, drink with, get high with... and my hard work went up in smoke. But before that time I had been trying to quit for a while. Those who knew me elsewhere knew the history. It's not a story that is unique as many people could call it their own. But it was unique to me as is each of your quits. No matter the similarities the quit is yours. Grab the bull by the horns and take ownership. No matter what life throws at you, no matter the struggles smoking is not the answer. That glob in your throat, that nasty taste in your mouth, that smell on your skin, in you car, on your clothes... its all trash. But my struggles turned to happiness. Turned to success. Turned into a high five!! I got serious... i knew i didnt have much else left in me. If now, it was likely never. Would I see my kids go to high school? College? Get married? Have a baby? Have a life? Maybe, maybe not but I wasnt about to take that chance. Would I grow old with the love of my life? No I wouldn't... I would leave all too soon. How many questions do you want in your life? I'd rather have more certainties than questions. And while nothing is certain I know this... my odds are better. How will you roll the dice? Id rather do it at the craps table than on the roulette wheels of life.
  13. I found that both the concept and the action is as easy or hard as you make it. I made it very hard at first obsessing over this and that. Once I just established as smoking not being an option it became easier. Do I still have hard days? Yes. But overall A LOT of says go by without even a thought about smoking. I would say as an average I think about smoking less than once a week.
  14. If counting time before I started to smoke i have 20 years smoke free and 15 years smoking. If NOT counting time before i started smoking I have 2 years quit 15 years smoking 13.33%

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