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  1. Lol! um... That is classified information sir!
  2. I do believe I have the sticky quit this time! Thank you so much for being so welcoming!
  3. Hello yall! I am new to this forum here. I came from another forum kinda like this one. I am 36 years old, smoked for over half my life (21 years) started when I was 15 because I wanted to look older (boy was I in for a surprise!) I smoked socially for maybe a year. After that smoking just increased and increased.. :/ I quit smoking for 6 months and started back, a few small quits here and there everywhere... Quit again when I got a scare of being told I had COPD at the emergeny room. 2 months into my quit I see my dr and he says I did not have COPD that they had just taken the xrays wrong? well! I kept my quit for 2 years then. I have no real excuse why I started back up at that time. I then quit again a year or so later for about 6 months and thought I was strong and could handle just one. I really wanted to remember what it was like to smoke. Stupid me. I did not educate myself enough on my addiction back then, the only things I read up on was how to get past the cravings. and how it benefitted me. I had no idea I needed to know how the nicotine makes you think and how the addiction makes you think. I am now back and on a 6 weeks quit so far and do not plan on smoking again EVER! I am done. I will never let the nicodemon lie to me again. I will stay educated up. I am here for the long haul. I look forward to joining you all in quitting together!
  4. Today marks one month for me!

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