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  1. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

    Ew. 😐 -1
  2. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

  3. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

  4. I Got This (T)

    Monday 18th June 2018

    Annnnnnnnd I'm back.....
  5. I Got This (T)

    I Got This is 2 Months Quit Today!

    Thank you all!!! I love this site and all the support!! Sorry I haven't been around much lately, been very busy with working extra hours (about 55+ a week) and taking care of little ones. Christmas time is always busy with working (gifts are so dang expensive!), decorating the house and tree, baking, making gingerbread houses, ect.... I can't believe I've made it this far and will keep on keeping on. I'll try to stop by more often when my work schedule is less chaotic. Thank you all again. I don't think I could do this without your support.
  6. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

  7. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

    -5...... >grabs rag and turtle wax and buffs Sonics head<
  8. I Got This (T)

    Tobacco just keeps p'ing me off.

    I had a really bad cellulitis infectin on my foot.... so bad I was in the hospital icu for 4 days.... was told if I would of waited much longer I could have lost my foot... or worse.... no fun at all...... mine got into my blood and turned spetic.. I feel for you, get well soon.
  9. I Got This (T)

    Pig Lover is 10 months free! oink

    This takes me back.... I believe it was from a Geico commercial... or Allstate..... we use to have to mute it when my daughter was a baby if she was sleeping or she'd instantly wake up..... this one and the J.G. Wentworth commrcial
  10. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

  11. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

  12. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

  13. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks

  14. I Got This (T)

    Pig Lover is 10 months free! oink

    Yay piggy!!!!!!!!
  15. I Got This (T)

    chicks or sticks


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