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  1. I Got This (T)

    I Got This (T) is 1 month Smoke Free

    Thank you!!! I can't believe it's already been a month!!! I'm finally starting to feel less shaky and more solid in my quit. Here's to 2 months!! Thanks for all the support!
  2. I Got This (T)

    New addiction....

    Yup. It happened. I told myself I wouldn't let it happen, and now here I sit. Traded one addiction for another. I mean full blown, raging mad winter green Lifesaver addiction. I've eaten sooooooooo many. And I want to eat soooooooo many more. And I really don't care if too much is not good for me... Imma eat them until my bathroom smells like a candy cane factory when I'm done using it. Hi my name is Mary and I am a mintaholic.
  3. I Got This (T)

    Feeling weird.....

    I am 26 days in and I'm feeling weird..... off..... like something's not right. My craves are few and mild, yet I have a sense of something is just not quiet right. I don't feel like a non smoker, but more like a smoker who is trying to quit smoking. I repeat it to myself that I don't smoke and I am a non smoker, and I can honestly say that I am not too worried about slipping, at least not right now. I do think about cigarettes a lot, not really about smoking them or reminiscing about them..... not really thinking anything in particular about them, just thinking about them. Like my brain is constantly on alert, even when I'm not craving or stressed or agitated. I feel I have this big red flashing no smoking sign deep in my brain.... and its constantly there, constantly flashing... no matter what I'm thinking about.... kids, work, vacation, sex, food, scented or unscented hair spray ... doesn't matter..... there is always the big red flashy no smoking sign in the background somewhere. Did anyone else experience the feeling of something being off??? I didn't post an S.O.S. or anything because I really don't feel my quit is in jeopardy.... I have no desire to smoke at the moment, I just feel blah.
  4. I Got This (T)

    Monday 29th October 2018

  5. I Got This (T)

    Feeling really...

    AMAZING!!! I don't know what it is but the past couple of days I've felt great. The craves have not been super intense and I have not been as irritable as I was the first couple of weeks. I've been really on my toes with this quit, like on edge 24/7.... always in a state of mind trying to tell myself not to smoke, not to give in. But the past couple of days I haven't felt on edge or like I could lose my quit at any moment. I feel good about my quit. And I keep reminding myself about the honey moon phase, and to not get too comfortable... but man am I enjoying this all natural high I'm feeling at the moment.
  6. I Got This (T)

    Saturday 27th October 2018

    NOPE!!!!!! Today is a great day!!! Guess whos bowel movements are back to normal!!????? Yay me!!!!!!!
  7. I Got This (T)

    2 weeks baby!!!!!

    Oh, thanks for reminding me!! I haven't posted a babe in a couple of days.
  8. I Got This (T)

    2 weeks baby!!!!!

    I have not smoked, not even a little cheat poot puff puff, in 2 weeks!!! It feels good. It's the second longest quit I've had. Still walking on egg shells and having mad cravings, but minute by minute I am making it as a non smoker. N.O.P.E.
  9. I Got This (T)

    Tuesday 23rd October 2018

  10. I Got This (T)

    Very very very.....

    Definitely not pregnant..... hubby is fixed and Aunt Flow just phoned and said she'll be here in a few days for a visit.
  11. I Got This (T)

    Very very very.....

    Very tired. Soooooo extremely tired. I got good sleep last night, but after I woke up I napped off and on until noon and have been lounging around ever since. I don't remember being this exhausted in my last quit attempts ( I have had 2... One lasted a couple of months and the other a couple of days.) On the bright side cravings have been minimal today, probably because I'm so freaking tired and getting my happy ass up to go outside is waaaaaaaay too much work.
  12. I Got This (T)

    Monday 22nd oct 2018

    Nope! Gonna enjoy my 2 days off work smoke free.
  13. I Got This (T)

    I've made up my mind....

    Thanks for all of your replies!!! I feel much better after sleep. One more 10 hr shift.... it's Sunday so there shouldn't be too many crazies out..... I hope.... but it's also my Friday so I will have the next 2 days off, yay!
  14. I Got This (T)

    I've made up my mind....

    Yup. It's official. Everyone in this ******* town KNOWS I quit smoking. Even total strangers. Even the people on tv ffs!! They ALL know!! And for whatever reason they are all purposely trying to irritate the hell out of me. They are all thinking " won't it be fun to try and make Mary crack!!??" Yup. Every. Last. One. Of. Them. 😐 And I know what you're all thinking... you're thinking I'm just being super sensitive because I quit smoking. Nope. Not it at all. Clearly everyone just has it out for me. Bastards.
  15. I Got This (T)

    Sunday 21st October 2018

    A pretty wobbly NOPE after dealing with drunk douche bags all night, but still a Nope!

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