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  1. A cigarette never resolves the issues we have. We are not perfect, we are always learning about ourselves and others.
  2. Not one puff ever regardless of my feelings or any situation
  3. Thank you, such a positive and happy post, with objective milestones which you have reached. Being thankful creates a loving journey.
  4. forestgreen

    True or False

    Wrong question maybe? TNP Going slow sometimes, not enough hours in the day sometimes
  5. forestgreen

    True or False

    Played hockey but kept getting hit with the sticks, they made me team scorer. TNP To be or not to be that is the question
  6. forestgreen

    True or False

    True ...people who don't like to show off play team sports TNP I played team sport once called pass the orange, the only team sport that allows you to get close up and personal without any violence.
  7. Thanks Sazerac, yes got onto my phone and found the blank square to he left, I could do this on my computer too. The problem is that the files are too large, I do have a programme which lets you resize, but its quite complex and I need to experiment first. In other words the message I am getting from both my computer and phone is that the file size is too large and was skipped. I will check again another time.
  8. I didn't realize I was romancing the cigarette, or that I am missing something, I am glad the cigarette is out of my life, I used to romance it, but then so did a lot of people on the movies in particular. I think my thoughts are mostly on trying to loose weight now, and this might be me romancing "my cake" I am missing my cake but I have devised a new Mantra for this. Called I love savoury eats, not sweet eats. I don't know how long this will last, but it might sink into my brain soon if I say it often enough. I can remember giving up sugar in my coffee and tea a very long time (decades) ago and was quite miserable for a while. Thanks for caring
  9. forestgreen

    True or False

    False Some animals are fussy, I like it though TNP Singing is my favorite sport
  10. Thank you Chrysalis, I too have relapsed, and was so envious of people who seemed to find it a lot easier than me. In one way I learnt more about myself the 2nd time around, but was searching for the reasons why in the end. Romancing is and was definitely on my agenda, I will need to create a different romance picture, at the moment I love my sweet little dog, and I sing and dance to her a lot. This will do for now because I am changing my eating behaviour once again (no cakes) this is a mental problem too. I am sure if I keep on reading and learning and listening I will be guilt free and continue to be smoke free too.
  11. Could someone tell me how to change the emblem (the small ID) I have tried several times, and can change the cover photo, but not the small square emblem (F) Thanks
  12. forestgreen

    True or False

    True April is for a fools day, TNP March is the best month of the year
  13. forestgreen

    True or False

    True The techie's love to keep us challenged TNP I talk a lot and smile a lot and eat a lot .... not all at once

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