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  1. The police here are doing a great business, is there no stopping lawbreakers
  2. Rogues orbit below in nightime Rogue
  3. Suggest proper oil repair treatment Stink
  4. I have been reading this dialogue for a few days, and for myself would say, it didn't come easy, (not a lie) Why because I didn't have enough knowledge of the Nicotine factor in cigarettes, at the time and my self belief was not strong. There are so many confusing issues surrounding NRT The Medical profession for one advocates you use NRT this is a big deciding factor, why this is I cannot say except to surmise, that they think, you might get too aggressive in the process of quitting cold turkey I used Champix, albeit one per day and none at night, the difficulty came when I had to let go of the champix, it was the thought more than the actuality. I hung on for a week more than I should have because of this. Finally when I let go and went cold turkey, things weren't as bad as I imagined. I did find that I would be quick to temper at times, but I had to work on these things and change my view on various fronts without destroying my fighting spirit so to speak. I don't think whatever method you choose warrants an overzealous approach to helping another. Something will resonate within the knowledge presented for each individual person, but our own little voice is perhaps the best one to decide when and how. I was at odds with this dilemma simply because my niece (who is a health professional) and a beautiful person as one could ever meet was still using gum while I was home free. There was no desire to help her by telling her to stop the gum, or hitting her over the head. I had noticed she only used the gum at odd times, like a safety valve for her own stress levels. She is an adult, and has ceased smoking the cigarette which includes other chemicals like Tar, this in itself shows me although it has taken her quite a long time, she is committed to not smoking the cigarette.
  5. I was on page 58 for some reason?
  6. Forward lounge offers attractive times eases
  7. Every day Darcy, its just that I overuse some muscles which then produces the pain. I used to go to the Osteopath, he mentioned my lower back as the problem. Now of course I cant see him due to the Corona Virus, but I keep on doing as much as I can and am learning to pace myself. at this present time. I think its partly inflammation, so I started using ginger and Tumeric in my soup.hoping that this will smooth things out a bit. Not too bad really, I can cope with it this way. Love those health professionals though.
  8. I don't think there is any wrong or right way to quit, as long as your understanding of Nicotine is in place. Too many frying pans is not necessarily the right way to advise people. Support goes much further in the long run eventually you will gain the freedom of no nicotine. Be at peace with your decision, until you are ready to understand more.
  9. Now that I have it I really want to forget the plank. Just continuing on the same old 20 mins brisk walk, with around 15 mins flexible variations of my body including push ups on the wall. I have worked out it is better to keep the walk going every day and the flexible movements every 2nd day. Otherwise I feel pain too much. It's constant anyway.
  10. Better enjoy life leaving yesterday Today
  11. carpet english muffinsButtered crumpet
  12. Binges lots and hurts stomach Bloat

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