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  1. So you want to go back to foraging in your bag for that lighter and packet of cigs again huh, and you want to end up going to the supermarket only to come out with that packet clutched in your hands and $$$ less in your bank account. So you want to feel happy you can go out and congregate on the corner to feel like you belong, and end up feeling like a criminal. Is this truly what you want? Is this truly how you want to live your life? You know you will be so disappointed in yourself, you know you will regret this decision so lets try to rethink this over and tackle whatever is bothering you. You value education so give yourself a certificate of value. and pride as soon as possible my dear heart. Don't go down this road again NOPE
  2. Great Jordan, I had no idea it was 5 years for you. Clear Head - Clear Mind - says it all Congratulations
  3. Sweeter apple lets animals dine fatty
  4. Sorry wrong page, good answer though Faulty answer involved the hindsight fixed
  5. Brighter Louder and sweeter trill tweet
  6. forestgreen

    Take Two

    No one missed anything its purely hypothetical nonsense -- oops "there it goes"
  7. Don't let Nicotine rule your life, you are worth more than Nicotine. Treat it like the scourge it is; Get rid of it forever!
  8. Mindless activities are just mind games in action
  9. Some Manufacturers do anything for money, what happened to fizz bars, where the joy was in the flavour and buzz ( without the nicotine.)
  10. forestgreen

    Take Two

    I am trying to loose weight which isn't happening, the only thing lower in calories is air for me
  11. forestgreen

    Take Two

    Only eat when you are hungry

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